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Car Corral at SCCA Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series


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Event details

We are excited to announce we will be the attending the Car Carrol at Summit point again this year!! The Washington DC region (WDCR) SCCA will car corral for us at the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) event at Summit Point, WV on 24 July.


When: 25 July 2021, arrive at the track at 9am

Where: Summit Point Motorsport Park, 201 Motorsports Park Cir, Summit Point, WV 25446

What is a Car Carrol consist of?

-          Free Admission to the Days racing.

-          Reserved Corral Area with parking and seating

-          Water, Snacks, & Food

-          Pace car led ride around laps IN YOUR MINI ON TRACK!! (First 25 registered have priority with additional spots "as space/time permits")

-          Group photo opportunities on front straight

-          Access to the SCCA paddock, and opportunity see some of the cars and talk to the drivers about them.


Come out and experience some wheel-to-wheel racing, talk to the people that race in a series well with in your reach.

Do not miss this event!! Whether you just enjoy hanging out with the MINI community, watching racing, or you compete in time events and are interested in taking that next step there is something for everyone.


We also will have a drive to the event where we will enjoy a few twisties with both VA and Maryland pickup points (which ever works best for you). Please sign up for the drive below.



Additional Information


1)      For those joining the run, I will coordinate everything at the gate just follow the MINI in front of you.

2)      If you are arriving separately, tell the gate worker you are with the SCCA MINI Car Corral. 

         a) Any issues, have them contact Chris Doherty.

3)      You will be asked to sign the general waiver at the gate, and given a wrist band (don't lose it!)

4)      The car corral will be located directly across from the main entrance to the track.  There will be large banners and a popup 

         setup denoting the area.  

5)      Waivers - Chris will ensure everyone has signed the SCCA waiver in the morning, and we will provide an additional wrist

         band for the track touring laps.


During the event:

1.      Spectating: You are free to visit any spectator areas or grandstands within the track confines.  The outer parts of the track is

         a great place to watch the racing, and the Car Corral will be in a prime location.

         a.      I strongly encourage everyone to bring folding chairs, umbrellas, etc.  If bringing canopies, make sure you have a way

                  to secure them down if it is windy.  Use best judgement here.

         b.      We are still confirming if the group will have Paddock access while racing is going on.  This is TBD.

2.      A live audio broadcast from the announcing booth will be on FM 88.7


Lunch Track Touring laps:

1.      Lunch laps: Lunch time laps are limited to 25 and first come first served.  Chris will shuttle everyone to paddock and grid.

2.      We expect this will happen between 11:45 and 12:30, depending on track cleanup and race group schedules.  This could be

         earlier or later.  

3.      Lunch laps will follow the Track Tour rules here.


Food & Snacks: 

1.      We will also be providing light individual portion snacks and coolers with chilled beverages.

         a.      The 'Che Summit' concession stand will be open in the race paddock.  Burgers/dogs/nachos, etc. will be available for


         b.      You can bring their own meals, grills, snacks, etc.  There are no outside food restrictions at the track!

         c.       Your participants can bring beer, wine, alcohol, etc.  Just no intoxicated driving during lunch touring laps, which

                   should be fairly obvious.

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