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  1. The routes are posted if someone else wants to lead a Sunday version. They're pretty simple.
  2. You can also upload pics to the album, I have it set so anyone upload to it.
  3. Bummer, see you at another one! Looks like you figured out how to change the RSVP.
  4. Welcome! See you're signed up for the Antique Run tomorrow so will see you then!
  5. Yep plug and play. Got them because the top passenger part of the original lights died. No bulb out.
  6. RSVPs are now open and schedule set! Will be doing a test run next weekend. It's not a whole lot of driving since the focus is primarily on the shops.
  7. https://www.outmotoring.com/led-rear-tail-lights-union-jack-red-grey-gen-2-11-tl-r5611-rd-gr.html
  8. Yep sweeping from the bottom going up and out. The red when lights are turned on also do a cool startup sequence.
  9. Stopped at OutMotoring to get these Union Jack lights they had just gotten in while we were down at the Dragon last week. Also picked up the blackout light surrounds and received the GP2 shift knob for my birthday. We got home a few hours ago and figured while I have the energy might as well get it all done! Before: After:
  10. Because it isn't there yet
  11. Nope. Will open that up late September/early October since I'll be limiting it to 10.
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