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  1. Both have the airbags intact. Don't have the rails for either because I had intended to turn them into office chairs. One is missing the cable coupler for the occupancy sensor and airbag. They were in the car for maybe 20k miles. $100 and need to be picked up by 6/15.
  2. My R58 and @SierraRoses 2019 F56 are both those specs so would assume yours should be the same
  3. Two trips but 30 security cameras, their accessories, and the server.
  4. Not sure since it is the new model year how much they'll know what to do but you can check with GTPeace in Chantilly. Only place I take my car for anything.
  5. Those side markers are pretty cool.
  6. The hop skip and a brew runs are on the club member calendar. That calendar becomes available after purchasing a membership.
  7. Make sure to go into the event itself(up top) and RSVP!
  8. You can add photos to this album if you'd like:
  9. We have one spot that has opened up if anyone else would like to join tomorrow!
  10. The limit isn't anything to do with the capacity of Monks, we had twenty MINIs last year. It's my personal preference to keep runs I lead to this size.
  11. The routes are posted if someone else wants to lead a Sunday version. They're pretty simple.
  12. You can also upload pics to the album, I have it set so anyone upload to it.
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