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  1. Welcome! Always good to have more two seaters!
  2. Got these two JCW embossed Recaro seats in today from a junk yard in RI. Will hopefully be swapping them in this weekend. Only issues is the base plastic on drivers side is cracked a little, and the other needs the loop reattached. Pretty darn good for $450 including shipping!
  3. Swapped out the bottom part of the steering wheel since it was peeling.
  4. A few of us are already starting to make plans for later in the year.
  5. http://www.minisonthedragon.com/2020-Cancellation.php From the page: There are commemorative shirts and badges on the page if you want them(available through the link at the top), also the option to donate to the event and the food bank.
  6. Memberships can be found In our store. Our official vendors list with discounts, plus a few more that are we only are in the areas that are unlocked with your membership.
  7. It's been moved back a week to the 17th.
  8. Event registration opens up this Friday!
  9. SneakyBaron


    I think this was for the wine tasting.
  10. All my pictures are up! Anyone can add their own to this album:
  11. All my pictures are up! Anyone can add their own to this album:
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