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    I’m a roofing foreman, and my girls are my world.
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    My Mini and Car Meets and Shows and Football
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    Roofing Foreman


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    Cooper S (Hatchback)
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    Pure Silver
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  1. Ok here is my number 540-878-6645 let me know thanks Aeron
  2. What’s going on everybody hope everybody’s doing OK I’m interested to know is it is anybody’s it has a set of these wheels #1 would be interested in trading for these wheels #2 ?? If so just hit me up thanks let me know.
  3. Cool thanks I’ll check in to it
  4. Good afternoon everyone so my cars in the shop because there’s some wrong with the front end I took it to a performance shop but I know the guy he’s my friend so he’s not trying to get over on me and he told me that it’s the passenger side front ABS modulator isn’t working because the caliber isn’t releasing they told me they couldn’t find the modular anywhere and they called the dealership in Sterling and it’s $2400 just for the modular and it’s gonna take me two weeks to get because it’s coming from Germany does anyone have any suggestions. That I don’t have to spend that kind of money because hell I didn’t pay that much money for the car. thanks
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