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  2. Poolesville has been doing “birthday parades” for kids in town who can’t have their birthday parties right now. I haven’t participated yet, but I’d like to. i thought I would see if anyone would be interested in participating. Obviously, it’s just driving around, no food/drinks or anything. If there’s an interest, let me know and I’ll post the details here.
  3. I don't know, it depends how safe things are. I actually have lung issues
  4. If Graham County & NC and everywhere else was to reopen by the end of April, would you go to the dragon even though MOTD is canceled?
  5. There's no where to go that's open. We were thinking late Sept
  6. Why later in the year when you already have approved leave now???
  7. Earlier
  8. I like where your mind is.
  9. A few of us are already starting to make plans for later in the year.
  10. Hypothetical question, if all this was to blow over and the world reopened, even though MOTD is canceled, would anyone consider going??
  11. http://www.minisonthedragon.com/2020-Cancellation.php From the page: There are commemorative shirts and badges on the page if you want them(available through the link at the top), also the option to donate to the event and the food bank.
  12. I'll second this. They did great work on Michael's car. I can also recommend Poolesville Auto Body, but that is a bit of haul for you!
  13. I used D&V Auto Body in Sterling with a previous car and was happy. I think they have two shops in Sterling now. Very professional, family-owned / family-run shop.
  14. Fair enough Any other recommendations from the club?
  15. I would HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND you go to the place I went to! The paint work itself was spot on, but the customer service was completely shady!!
  16. @MELO-R56, where did you have your side skirt fixed at?
  17. My fiancée's BRZ has picked up a few paint gouges from street parking, some reaching the metal underneath. Worried about rust, I'm looking for a shop that can do some light touch up work. Does anyone have any body/paint shop recommendations in Northern Virginia? We're in Arlington/Alexandria, but willing to drive a bit.
  18. MINI OEM R112 Challenge Cross Spoke 7x17 4x100 rims in silver, with Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors still installed. John Cooper Works center cap sticker. Set of three. $15 each or take all three for $35. DM me if interested.
  19. 205/45RF17 88W. One with 10mm tread depth and the other with 9mm. Sold as a pair. DM me if interested.
  20. We look forward to seeing all that are attending the run today, I will be arriving at 1230, I have attached the parking area will will be meeting in. Drivers meeting is at 12:45!!
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