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  2. Wow, that's a lot of work and impresses me (cost vs benefit)! Thanks for sharing the details. Your MINI does look fantastic, too. Definitely gonna file this NV Coating info away for future thought...
  3. So I just put a cover over them since it is cheaper. But the cover snapped in place so well I dont think i even needed to use the 3m double sided tape that came with it. If they start to come off or look bad i'll definitely just replace the full handles. You should let us know how easy/difficult it is when you get around to it.
  4. Thanks. Did you actually replace the door handles or wrap/cover them? If you replaced them, is it as easy as it looks in various videos? I'm probably ordering my handles soon and will attempt to replace them myself. Looks like the toughest part is making sure the retaining screw does not fall into the door panel.
  5. Looks fantastic! Ive always loved my black rims and just did my beltline and door handles myself and im currently waiting on some more pieces to blackout the rest of mine. Those center caps really make them pop as well!
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  7. NCC just announced their 2021 calendar. I'm planning to sign up for the season, unless anyone has recommendations for a different series. Full text since I don't see it on their website or Facebook yet. --- All, We hope the New Year finds you well. We are excited to announce our Season Schedule for 2021. This year we are going to hold 1 Test and Tune, and 5 Points Events. This year we will re-institute the season Points/Championship (more details to be posted later). All events this year will be held at Summit Point Motorsports Park. NCC Autocross is back for the 2
  8. Looks great. Love the black rims. But I might be biased because your MINI is my smaller twin
  9. The wheels were the stock silver color. They removed the tires and sensors, did a complete chemical strip followed by a sandblast, bringing the whole rim to bare metal, repaired some minor curb rash (no extra charge), powder-coated (not paint) the entire rim (barrel and all), and remounted and rebalanced all 4 tires. Total cost with tax was right about $700. The powder coat is flawless. I dropped the car off on a Monday and it was ready before noon on Wednesday. I’m totally pleased with the job, the cost, and with NV Coatings.
  10. I've used NV Coatings a few times myself, they are excellent to work with! Just curious, what color were your rims before, did they paint the entire rim in black inside and out, take them off the tires or leave them on, and what was the price per wheel or total? I always see wheels I Iike, but would prefer them a different color, and would consider having all 4 refinished if the price is reasonable.
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  12. Here's Coopah on Day 1 (April 2019)and today. Lots of simple mods.
  13. Got Coopah's stock 17" Tentacle rims powder-coated at NV Coatings in Chantilly (great service, great price; highly recommended). I also added the red center caps to break up the black. Next up: gloss black door handles and OEM gloss black belt-line trim. A couple of additional pics...
  14. I'm a "Maybe" - so far no Co-pilot but that could change. Also not on FB or social media so if that's a requirement to participate, I'm likely out. Sounds like fun!
  15. RSVP = Yes, but I will be weather permitting. Thx!
  16. Event Title: February Board Meeting Event Date: 02/20/2021 02:00 PM Event Address: RSVP on the event here: February Board Meeting Zoom meeting details to follow RSVP on the event here: February Board Meeting
  17. Zoom meeting details to follow
  18. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3193901777296480&id=100000300670813 My last run in El Paso before I moved here.
  19. I did AutoX last year in El Paso with both the SCCA and Boderlands racing. I also had a track day at ASR in New Mexico. Did helmets to heros at Summit Point after moving here. Hoping for more AutoX and possibly track in the future. This year I have volunteered to work with VETMotorsports as well. Hopefully we can have some fun this year. Tomorrow I am switching out my rear sway bar to a 25mm thanks to the $600 stimulus.
  20. Thanks for pointing out, they got a new webpage. I have updated the link and it should be good now.
  21. Just an fyi, got a warning when clicking on the pizza place link.
  22. Michael and I are possibly interested. One of the reasons we stopped going to BMW NCC events is that most of them were in Waldorf and that is 70 miles each way for us, making for a VERY long day. They were a great group for beginners when I started. I know there has been a lot of turnover within the organization, so I'm not sure what it's like now. Michael autocrossed with CDC and really liked them. We both liked the format of their events and that they had events in Frederick a couple of times a year.
  23. Look forward to how it comes out. I have black on all the beezles and grille with the scope and door handles being carbon fiber. Also carbon fiber for the interior chrome.
  24. At some point, I’m going to order the black door handles. They go for about $180. I’d also like to get the complete OEM gloss black belt line (as opposed to the tape/vinyl), but that goes for about $500. A little steep. My wheels are getting powder coated gloss black in January. Good luck with your project. Post pics as it progresses.
  25. These pics are perfect for me, gives me such a good idea of what mine could look like! I noticed when going over my chrome points one of my headlight trims has a bit of deformation so im tempted to just get the clip on replacement part for both of them and then go with the vinyl/plastidip for just about everything else save the handles.
  26. I bought some 3M gloss black vinyl and did the headlight and taillight trim in about 30 minutes for less than $30. A hair dryer and an Exacto knife are all you need. For the grill surround, I went to "outmotoring" and ordered the gloss black stick-on plastic trim for about $100. Goes right over the existing trim surround. Very happy with it. Looks original.
  27. I also learned the hard way, do not apply beltline tape on a hot summer day!
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