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  3. Jill arrives at 5:09pm from Dulles via Denver.
  4. 2nd the small cooler idea -- especially if you are staying in hotels that include breakfast .. too much food between hotel breakfast and MINI R&R breakfast, so nice to have the cooler for the spares .. Likewise on the radios - could have done without them, but they will take up space regardless because wouldn't want to not have them. Blanket vs chairs for any outdoor seating option is personal preference. Fingers crossed the driving app has been improved .. surely with the technology we have these days ...
  5. Welcome! We're happy to have you and hope to see you out there on the road. The best items I had for my first MTTS in 2022 were: -My purple waffle seat cushion (I have old bones ) -Driving gloves -Gel squeeze ball (Also for the hands) -Small cooler for snacks & a cold drinks For 2024 I'm going to add: -Paper maps -Smart water to help with the elevation changes -Making sure I pick up the paper route sheet at each morning's rally because I found the MINI MTTS driving App hard to follow and would like to have a backup Brought on 2022 but only used once: Outdoor chairs and my radio (I'll definitely bring my radio on MTTS24 for safety)
  6. I am flying out to ABQ on the 12th also from BWI. Spending the extra $ to fly non-stop arriving at 3pm. Jill? There are 2 dedicated FB pages to the event - including one for "newbies" and there are lots of questions, answers, and lists I will say that every time I have gone (this will be 7th) I have packed entirely too much stuff ..
  7. We’ll also be doing the entire route of MTTS this summer. Hopefully, we’ll see you at one of our local drives in the near future!
  8. We are heading to Albuquerque from Fairfax Co & returning from Seattle as well. We’ll need to connect. I can’t think of anything other than to get radios of you don’t already have them. There’s also a good chance you’ll be traveling through areas without cell coverage.
  9. Hello to all! I just joined the group and registered for the MTTS, my nephew and I will be enjoying the ride! Can I get advice on items such as, I wish I would of known that before, or should of brought that, and items you thought you needed and never used. We will be leaving from Prince William Co. headed to Albuquerque, and returning from Seattle.
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  11. We're excited to have you here at DCMM. I think I've chatted with you in one of the MTTS FB groups, happy to have another MTTS veteran heading out there. What day are you both arriving? I'm thinking of doing a DCMM dinner on the night of July 12th in ABQ
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  13. I'm planning to leave on July 6, arrive in Albuquerque on July 11. Will spend the off day in Jackson Hole, WY. I registered for Leg 1, only. Will probably go to Bozeman but no further. Will return home from there. I'm fairly new to DC Metro Minis, but this will be my 4th MTTS. My Mini is a red 2010 Clubman S.

    Pie Run 2024

  15. Thank you, we've got a nice group going to what looks to be an awesome breakfast spot .. hoping after that point some folks heading east will stick together, and MINIs heading northeast will too!
  16. Kiernan and I are in. I just rsvp’d on FB.
  17. One of my very good friends is hiking the AT this year. He is scheduled to spend two nights at Fontana during MOTD. He will likely be there Mon-Wed and is staying in the lodge. Some of you have met him, his name is Chuck. Here’s a link to his blog: http://www.trailjournals.com/CstumpAT2024/
  18. I also only use GT Peace, and can't recommend them enough! They know their stuff and will treat you right! Change your oil every 5,000 miles! Just be sure to book at least a couple weeks in advance as GT Peace gets pretty busy during prime driving months.
  19. I am leaving Virginia on 10JUL24. Staying in Nashville, Oklahoma City, and picking up Jill at the airport in Albuquerque on the 12th. We have all the hotels booked and will be in Alpine, WY on the 17th (non-rally day). Haven’t completely decided if we will continue to Seattle or head back from Bozeman. We will decide that a few weeks out.
  20. Thanks for all the replies. I am in DC (Foggy Bottom). I saw another thread yesterday recommending GT Peace so I booked an appointment with them. It's half what the stealership quoted so that seems reasonable. One more question. My Mini is a 2021 Cooper S with 20k. I've only driven it 3000 miles since I got it (and it's 95% highway miles) too. I am a photographer and mostly use it to go to the places I am taking pictures at. The guy at GT Peace said that they recommend changing the oil every 5000 miles or one year, though Mini clearly (and loudly) recommends a change every 6000 miles or 6 months. So I am due based on the latter. Do you guys follow the Mini recommendations or does the GT Peace recommendation make more sense (in which case I could probably wait another 2-3 months). BTW, it's not really about the cost but more about what makes the most logical sense.
  21. Quite a few of us use GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly.
  22. I love PTuning in Manassas if that's near you
  23. Hi @TotallyMinnie Welcome to DCMM, we're happy you're here. To answer your question, what area do you live in? I have a good place in Frederick MD, but I know most of the club lives in VA. Maybe @1975_mini can help with VA shops
  24. What are you doing for your free day?
  25. Jason & I are still planning to go. All hotels except Seattle are booked.
  26. Hi everyone! New to the forum (just found it) and owner of a lovely 2021 S in Solaris Orange. It's time to do the first maintenance (and I am new to Mini) and just called the dealership and almost fell of my chair $550 for engine oil and air filter. Wow. So was wondering if anyone can recommend another place to do the maintenance that is not the dealership? Thanks! Photo of "Nemo" below
  27. This makes me so bummed, glad you're getting to MOTD though, you'll have a blast.
  28. My new position does not have the flexibility I had in January, so we have to pull out. So bummed to miss it. I cancelled all the hotel reservations this weekend, I was dragging my feet, but there is no way I can be gone from work that long.
  29. It's a few months later, who is still going to MTTS for sure? Mike is driving me out to ABQ, our route is pretty much set. Due to my hEDS I can only tolerate days of 7 hours of driving or less, so we're driving slowly to ABQ starting on the 5th *I'm also doing Lava Hot Springs as my non rally day/overnight on my way to Bozeman. Would be interested to hear what everyone else is doing? *And lastly, some of us are doing Mt Rainier on 7/21 between Yakima & Seattle and we got the 1:00 entrance time (It's reservation only this summer) if anyone would like to join us.
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