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  2. Ok here is my number 540-878-6645 let me know thanks Aeron
  3. Fresh R53, I think we met a one of the rally's but I can't remember which one. If you are looking for the V-Spoke 16"x6.5" wheels then I can help. I have four of them posted which I just reduced to $200.00 for all four. I don't need to trade but we could work something out. Scott C.
  4. What year Mini did these come from? They changed TPMS sensors during the Gen 2's Thx
  5. I bought my 06 Cooper S in 2008 and in the first few months I went on a DCMM rally from Wegmans through Loudoun stopping for lunch at Griffin Tavern. I bought my mini just a few months prior and had never owned one before that. I knew how to drive a stick but I didnt know how to drive a Mini. My two boys and I joined the rally at Gilberts Corner. My youngest was ~4 years old. I hopped in line and just followed the driver in front of me. If they took the turn at 40 I took the turn at 40. It was to this day the most fun I've ever had driving my Mini, I live in Loudoun and dr
  6. Earlier
  7. Up for grabs is a M7 heat shield sold to me as a r53 part, but alas, it is NOT. It was used for 3 months, is dusty and only has 2 small signs of wear, nothing that effects the shield, at all. Includes all the mounting hardware. This is the product: https://new.minimania.com/part/G2NME9011/Mini-Cooper-Turbo-Heatshield-M7-Gen2-R55-r59-2011 My loss, your gain. $100 OBO.
  8. Hrmmmm...very tempting, was thinking about a winter set.
  9. easiest way is use either index cards or playing cards to create a break between the wheel and tire. very easy to do, just pull the cards once finished. build up the pastidip in thin layers to get a smoother finish as a good ideas to set the can in the driveway in the sun for a bit or submerge in hot tap water for a bit. Great looking set, they give the classic mini lite look. Also a great price, brandy would kill me if I put another set in the garage. Some one should grab these, its always good the have a spare set.
  10. I hope this isn't a stupid question. How does one plastidip the rims only? I'll google but does anyone have experience trying that? Asking for a friend with similar wheels.
  11. Selling FIVE 17 inch Rota B Rims with tpms sensors. Four ContiProcontact All season non-runflat tires (two are in bad shape and useable only short term. One is like new while the last is still good). Last two photos are the same tire. Didn't bother with pics of the bad shape tires. Full disclosure - the outside of the rims (not spokes) have some curb rash but some bug left squiggly trails on the aluminum. Best option IMO would be to plastidip the rims and leave the spokes gunmetal). I haven't had time to clean them up so there are cobwebs and stuff. Hope to find them a new home soon.
  12. Event Title: October Board Meeting Event Date: 10/11/2020 02:00 PM Event Address: RSVP on the event here: October Board Meeting More details to follow. RSVP on the event here: October Board Meeting
  13. More details to follow.
  14. DCMM Logo Face Mask

    • 100% Cotton
    • Washable/reusable
    • Soft and breathable
    • Stitching may vary slightly
    • Comfortable ear loops
    • Do not add chemicals or disinfectants to this product
    • Not for children under the age of 2
    • Meets CDC Guidelines
    • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low
    • Contains silver and copper, some individuals may have skin sensitivities to metal and ions incorporated in this product. If skin irritation occurs stop using the mask immediately and consult your primary care provider.
    • Disclaimer: The mask should not be used (1) in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; (2) in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high; or (3) in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. Manufacturer and Custom Ink, LLC make no warranties, either express or implied, that the mask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.
  15. Ok, thanks for info That's the $16 membership in store, correct. Thanks again
  16. You will need to be a paid club member in order to create new topics in the Marketplace forum.
  17. Hi all, been a member for year or so. Never posted to marketplace. How do I do that? Just a few little things trying to clear out of garage. Thanks for your help. James/DBCOOPR
  18. We order some extra you are all good
  19. I'm coming (just me, not the family), but due to the late RSVP, I understand if I do not get food due to catering already being arranged.
  20. I didn't receive the start location, can you resend to me?
  21. Al, I will send out tomorrow morning
  22. Looks like Corey intends on sending to the final participants right before the event this weekend.
  23. Where is the starting place in Frederick for the Ice cream run?
  24. I’m a maybe. We have plans to be out of town for Labor Day Weekend. That may change, though.
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