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  3. I agree with everything Corey said, but also want to add that there are insurance policies available that will cover your vehicle while participating in autocross, if that's something you're interested in. I participate in the full NCC autocross season each year and have never carried one of these policies, and I don't believe many people do, but it is an option. To me, the risk of damage is so low that it doesn't seem worth it, but that's everyone's choice to make on their own. I can't recommend any specific insurers since I don't have experience with them, but from a quick search, it looks like at least Lockton and Hagerty offer policies like this.
  4. This is an excellent question re: insurance, particularly if the club will be scheduling future autocross events. In this particular case, I wonder if it might be a bit different since this might be considered a training exercise/class. I plan to call my insurance company this week and check. Better safe than sorry…
  5. The club has liability coverage for the event, but this covers the club for any resulting damages to the facility. Driver sign a liability waiver at the event, if you have participated in a BMW NCC autocross event in the past it is the same one. Driver's should review the own insurance cover as most all do not cover track events, and you could get additional coverage for the day if you would like. That being said, autocross is conducted in a large open area with cones as the barriers of the course with plenty of run off areas. Additionally there is no side by side racing, you are racing th clock in this event. Accidents are very rare, but as with anyware not impossible. The most common car injury is a scuff mark from a cone, which usually just rub off. Flock, Thank you for mentioning this, and I hope I provided a good understanding that will be having there first experience. We understand most attendees will be at there first event and we have very experienced instructors and have a crawl-walk-run approach.
  6. For those who have maybe done this before, is there an insurance consideration to be aware of? I'm not necessarily worried about an incident in the described course, but it's probably best to be informed. Thx!
  7. As I see there are a decent amount of folks following this thread the MINI novice autocross school tickets have gone on sale. Paid members can purchase now at the link below, and tickets sales will be open to all on 8 Feb. Hope to see you there. https://dcmetrominis.org/forum/store/product/56-bmw-ncca-mini-novice-autocross-school-ticket/
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  9. If you are an MINI SE owner thinking of taking part there are chargers at Summit Point Motorsports park
  10. We sold our R53 when we got the R60, clearing out some left over / unused parts. *BRAND NEW* $225 Picked up in Alexandria VA / Wash DC area I have a full garage - I can also install if needed for agreed price. Product Details 2 way adjustable 19mm rear sway bar / swaybar for MINI Cooper and Cooper S. Includes bushings. Reduces body roll Highest tensile strength available H&R Sport Sway Bars are designed for drivers who desire improved handling without lowering or affecting ride quality. H&R Sport Sway Bars increase your suspension’s roll stiffness—or its resistance to roll in turns—while maintaining ride comfort and dramatically increasing cornering control, lateral stability, and grip. A unique feature of H&R Sport Sway Bars are the smooth, machined-like forged ends that, for specific vehicles, allow for adjustability in stiffness—giving you an unmatched level of precision and performance. This item fits the following BMWs: 2002-2006 R50 MINI MINI Cooper 2002-2008 R52 MINI MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper S Convertible. 2002-2006 R53 MINI MINI Cooper S
  11. Registered users, if you have found your way to this post looking for information to sign up for the Autocross school, registration is currently only open for paid club members as a benefit of their membership. We will open registration for all on February 8th. If you have been considering a DCMM membership anyway, individual yearly memberships are $26, and couple's yearly memberships are $35, membership purchase can be found in the DCMM STORE
  12. DanP

    The Mistress Run

    We just joined, and we plan on coming!
  13. I will be there
  14. Hey friends! I may be missing some people when sending out the monthly newsletters each month, so I'll be posting them as PDF's on the public events page, just in case you didn't get it. (If you didn't please make sure you let me know so that I don't miss you the next month.) The newsletters are a condensed version of everything that is happening with the club each month, and for those that are not on social media. DCMM February Newsletter.pdf
  15. This is a great upgrade or replacement for anyone with a Gen1, the Bilstein is who makes MINI OEM struts and shocks and the B4 are the commercial version of the upgraded JCW suspensions(not standard on JCWs) in the Gen 2 MINIs.
  16. We sold our R53 when we got the R60, clearing out some left over / unused parts. BRAND NEW Full Set of 4 Shocks / Struts for Gen 1 Mini Cooper 2002-2008 R50 R52 R53 BILSTEIN - Made in Germany 1x 22-119186 Left 1x 22-119193 Right 2x 19-119205 Rear $OLD Picked up in Alexandria VA / Wash DC area I have a full garage - I can also install if needed for agreed price. Bilstein B4 OE Replacement dampers are specifically engineered to be the best choice for maintaining the original ride quality of your vehicle, while meeting or exceeding OE standards. These dampers are the ideal choice for the driver looking to restore the original performance and handling of their vehicle, with the added benefit of world-famous Bilstein quality.
  17. I should be able to attend
  18. I'm interested as well. Would need a helmet
  19. Excellent, thank you for the info!
  20. Yes, I spoke with GTPeace and they are providing 10% off labor. You just tell them you are a DCMM member when scheduling and you will show your membership card to verify your membership
  21. @1975_mini I just found this thread as I'm making plans to get my MCS walnut blasted this spring. I've never been to GT Peace but it seems they're the best Mini shop in western Nova. Did you ever get any clarity on what discounts they offer?
  22. Welcome! And congratulations on such a fine looking MINI. Looking forward to meeting you at one of monthly events soon!
  23. Thank you so much! I appreciate you sharing both events with me! See you February 18th!
  24. Welcome, and great looking MINI. You time up finding the club page perfectly as our drive events start up in February. We have the MIstress run on Feb 18th, which is a fun drive starting in Burke and travels a lot of the twisty roads out through Stafford, Manassas, and up into wine country off US-17. You can find more details and RSVP at this link: Additionally, on March 26th we are having a special event out the the Summit Point Motorsports Park with a driving school. Tickets will be going on sale shortly and here it this link to the information on that event. We look forward to meeting you and your MINI at an event soon.
  25. You are not to late tickets will sale date will be posted this weekend The event will be 26 March the ticket sale date will be announced later today
  26. Definitely interested depending on where the date lands…I’m a novice and may need a loaner helmet (considering buying one though as I think I’m going to like this!). —Bill
  27. Hi DC Metro Mini friends! I’m so excited to join this group! I learned how to drive in my parents’ 2006 five-speed coupe. I’ve watched my parents go through a few coupes and clubmans. I’ve driven in Mini rallies in upstate NY and have done the Mini wave for as long as I can remember. Now that I am in my early 30s, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a black on black 2021 JCW Mini S (now accepting names and custom license plate ideas). Also looking for some suggestions for custom shifters- ideally looking for a q-ball one. I would love to also participate in any events/drives that are planned in 2023. I’d like to fully embrace my Mini pride
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