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  2. It took a few hours but google photos synched the 24 minute video my phone captured while mounted on the dash for the 8 (I think) laps. before I upload it, I feel like I should ask @GreenCactus so sign a release or something.
  3. Thanks all, I am always happy to coordinate new opportunities for the club. That being said I put up the details on the "My Track Time" event that was mentioned yesterday. check it out under the event feeler section and let us know that you think.
  4. Took almost 900 photos yesterday. Pruned it down to ~200. Will be going through and getting the better ones tonight and will post em up.
  5. Last week
  6. Agree, It was a great day. Editing photos now, should have them on facebook tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for getting this event setup.
  7. This was so much fun Big thanks to Chris and Corey for setting it up!
  8. I will also be meeting up at Point of Rocks
  9. Thanks for the details. Can’t wait to see everyone Sunday.
  10. Additional information for our day at the track. Arriving: 1) For those joining the run, I will coordinate everything at the gate just follow the MINI in front of you. 2) If you are arriving separately, tell the gate worker you are with the SCCA MINI Car Corral. a) Any issues, have them contact Bob Crawford (race chair), Chris Doherty, or Scott Merker. 3) You will be asked to sign the general waiver at the gate, and given a wrist band (don't lose it!) 4) The car corral will be located directly across from the main entrance to the track. There will be large banners and a popup setup denoting the area. (a) Chris will be wearing a BRIGHT GREEN polo shirt. He will be hard to miss. 5) Waivers - Chris will ensure everyone has signed the SCCA waiver in the morning, and we may provide an additional wrist band for the track touring laps. 6) I've attached a map of the track to indicate the main gate and the Car Corral location. During the event: 1. Spectating: You are free to visit any spectator areas or grandstands within the track confines. The outer parts of the track is a great place to watch the racing, and the Car Corral will be in a prime location. a. I strongly encourage everyone to bring folding chairs, umbrellas, etc. If bringing canopies, make sure you have a way to secure them down if it is windy. Use best judgement here. b. We are still confirming if the group will have Paddock access while racing is going on. This is TBD. 2. Technical: We've asked one of our racers (Scott Luttrell) to bring his STU race car MINI by the Corral during the day. Assuming it's running, he'll be stopping by! 3. A live audio broadcast from the announcing booth will be on FM 88.7 Lunch Track Touring laps: 1. Lunch laps: Lunch time laps are limited to 25 and first come first served. Chris will shuttle everyone to paddock and grid. 2. We expect this will happen between 11:45 and 12:30, depending on track cleanup and race group schedules. This could be earlier or later. 3. Lunch laps will follow the Track Tour rules here. Food & Snacks (COVID): 1. There will be coffee and doughnuts waiting when you arrive. 2. We will also be providing light individual portion snacks and coolers with chilled beverages. 3. Due to the continuing uncertainty of COVID and logistics, we won't be able to provide a grill for lunch: a. The 'Che Summit' concession stand will be open in the race paddock. Burgers/dogs/nachos, etc. will be available for purchase. b. Your participants can bring their own meals, grills, snacks, etc. There are no outside food restrictions at the track! c. Your participants can bring beer, wine, alcohol, etc. Just no intoxicated driving during lunch touring laps, which should be fairly obvious
  11. Do you have a VIN you could share. Is this Mini re-VIN as a 1973. Can you add a picture of the engine bay? thanks
  12. Thanks! It’s a great car and I’m sad to sell it. I’ll leave it here for a few more days then advertise it elsewhere. Thanks again!!
  13. Man do I wish I had some disposable income right now. Your classic looks amazing and I would pick it up in a heartbeat if I could!
  14. Yesterday I installed the smart pulsar for my third brake light! Its got a few settings controlled by jumpers which are included and is super tiny! https://youtube.com/shorts/CG-OCFQn_qM?feature=share
  15. The August board meeting will be virtual. Any member can attend but you need to be a board member to vote. Zoom meeting details to follow.
  16. Event Title: August Board Meeting Event Date: 08/15/2021 02:00 PM Event Address: The August board meeting will be virtual. Any member can attend but you need to be a board member to vote. Zoom meeting details to follow. RSVP on the event here:
  17. Spent the weekend finishing up my new painted ghost stripes after removing the deteriorating stock vinyl.
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  19. Paul R

    MINI Together

    Hello, Mini Friends! If you have time on your way to or from a dealership in the morning, I hope you'll please stop by our monthly Cars and Canines event in Springfield which just happens to be this same day. As for our part, we expect to have a 2010 JCW, a 2013 GP2, and a 2021 Convertible Sidewalk Edition. Would love to see what you all bring out. We'll be around from 9-11 am, most likely with coffee and donuts (the fried dough kind, not rubber on the pavement). You can see more details here on our FB event page: https://fb.me/e/1Dk1yWNLN. Happy motoring. Paul

    MINI Together

    MINI of Naptown @10a .. a little bit more of a drive, but since I recruited my sons to be my co-pilots, figured they'd enjoy seeing the area. Have fun, everyone! I gave up two other MINI events scheduled the same weekend to be able to participate -- my theory always being if MINI USA sponsor it, show up .. to encourage them to keep sponsoring!
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