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  2. I can’t find a straight answer on this... Will wheels from a Paceman/Countyman fit an F56? I know the bolt pattern is the same, but I’m not sure if there’s more to it.
  3. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Sale items sent to me

    I think this came from a past member, sent to me through Instagram. He sold his first gen and is selling off some parts https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/pts/d/mini-cooper-items-boot-mat/6596558332.html
  4. Count us in!! the ‘07S only has 58K+/- but it’s never had a Detox, it’s time!
  5. Last week


    Have a family member interested in joining -- the family. Since the budget is dictating a used MINI, it would be great to find one that has a known history (read: club member) that would fit the bill. Only "must have" specs -- automatic (yea, go ahead and groan) -- looking at 2015 model year, but if it's close, send the details. Preference is 4 door, but if you've got a 2 door and you're moving out of the country next week so have a fire-sale price on it, it might be of interest. Send details and photos and I'll forward. I'll mark the post CLOSED when a MINI has joined the stable. It will happen, just a matter of the right deal ..
  7. EverydayGetaway

    Motoring to West End Wine Bar and Pub

    It's very likely that I will, the other stuff I need to take care of this weekend should be able to wait for Sunday/Monday
  8. wyretrip

    Motoring to West End Wine Bar and Pub

    Please join us! It will be a great time!
  9. EverydayGetaway

    Motoring to West End Wine Bar and Pub

    I've been an off and on lurker here on the forums for a little while, but I think I'll finally immerge from the shadows for this one pending some other stuff going on this Saturday assuming all are welcome
  10. Passport MINI of Alexandria Contact: Mike Yates - 703.461.6251 Offer Valid: May 2018 - June 30th 2018 to PAID DCMM Members ONLY! Must show valid club ID to receive discount! Offer 1: Buy 3 tires get the 4th free (up to $140) with free mount and balance on the set of 4. Offer 2:
  11. OK...sounds/looks like we are close if not over. I'm going to give Galen a call to see what the best way would be to keep this organized and efficient as possible for everyone. We have reached the minimum. That said, more are welcome to join in. Remember, I'll reiterate, we need 15 people that will absolutely do this. I do not want to waste Galen's time.
  12. Interested in this for my R53.
  13. Shadow indicated that they would schedule the individual cleanings with each person based on their availability.
  14. Woo hoo did we make the minimum? Finding a date that works for everyone could be a challenge. Are they requiring us all to sign up or come on the same day?
  15. You can sign me up for 2 cars, Shadow!
  16. Interesting on the walnut blasting, can't believe I haven't seen that before now. Do you know if they also run a chemical treatment for the rest of the engine, or just clean valves?
  17. Since you don't have the turbo, the issue isn't as bad. I wouldn't think you would need this, especially with the low mileage.
  18. GreenCactus

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    It needs to be burned down.
  19. I'd like to sign up. Its been 40k since my last cleaning and I rather have some one else do it this time. That's a great price too!
  20. You're welcome to join the event I'll let @Shadow reply on the engine questions
  21. Count me in! They've been my go-to shop for a little while now; great work!
  22. I'm assuming my '13 Justa with 60k miles could use it? What kind of cleaning do they do; the HHO treatment or do they just run seafoam? My wife's '06 Mazda 3 with >120k miles definitely could use some love too! Sidenote - I'm not currently a full member as I ended up letting it expire, is that fine to join in on the cleaning party?
  23. Yeah....that's exactly how I'm "torn".......only 33k miles....yet she's slightly over 8 years old.
  24. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you probably don't need it, yet, given your relatively low mileage.
  25. I'm interested. I have a 2010 with approx 33k miles. Is there a way to tell if I need this? Hate to waste the $$$ if I don't need to.
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