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  2. If you end up breaking the set let me know. I'm looking for one rim as a spare.
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  4. Thanks Pres, I'll look into this. JAK
  5. Her is a video, replacing the cap is very easy. You can buy from MINI, or several of the vendors that sponsors our recent event sell them like MINIMania.com or OutMotoring.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hx7FfHOLts
  6. Thank you, I will follow up with them.
  7. When I went to GTPeace a few weeks ago, the discount was down to 5% off labor, FWIW.
  8. I've done the stick on door handles but they stuck out a bit too much for me so I eventually replaced the entire handle with real MINI door handles, (Thank you YouTube). But I don't have experience with the stick on mirror caps, hopefully someone else will chime in! I do know that you can find the stick on caps with the holes in them so that the MINI logo still shines. I hope you enjoy your new MINI! ~Lorri
  9. If you have any photos from the event feel free to add them to the album!
  10. Hi VP, Yes, I'm very interested in adding some flair (black jack), but there's just something a little fishy with the stick-on ones. I was hoping I could get new caps that are an actual replacement for the plain white ones that I already have. I heard that the stick-on ones cover up the Mini light logo on the driver's side. It's a brand new car - I can't give that up! Any of the Miniacs have experience replacing mirror caps and where to buy real Mini parts? JAK
  11. I bought a lunch ticket but cannot stay that long anymore. If anyone missed the deadline and needs it, please let me know. I will be at registration in the morning.
  12. Hi Jak, are you planning on adding a little flair by buying the stick on ones in a design or color, or do you plan to replace the entire mirror unit?
  13. Hey DC Minis, I'm a new Mini owner and would like to upgrade the look of my car. Are mirror caps something that you should buy from and have installed by the dealer, or can you buy them from a website like Amazon and install them yourself? You input would be greatly appreciated, JAK
  14. Count me in on the post event shirt order.
  15. That's a thought Geno, I'll make sure @1975_mini sees this, perhaps there will be enough interest to start an order post event.
  16. I would like to purchase a couple T Shirts of you decide to order after the event. Thanks Geno
  17. Hi everyone, since quite a few people have asked, we are NOT doing T-Shirts this year for MTTB#13, we did not have time to get them ordered.
  18. Ditto. Would appreciate doing either.
  19. Let me know if you still have this…I’ve got a 2008 JCW Sidewalk convertible & was planning to install a rear sway.
  20. That's more than we've usually gotten by this time each year
  21. Looks like we will have great weather for this event on Saturday. So far 10 going (including several first timers) on the Carlisle MINI Meetup page, join us!
  22. It can seem a bit counter intuitive, a rear sway bar prevents weight transfer to the outside rear on turns, this results in a more even weight maintained across the front drive wheel, allow then to pull you through the corner. Currently your understeer is most likely a result of the unloading of the front inside side wheel on a turn. There also some driving style mods to lessen understeer, we hosted a autocross school last spring that I believe helper a lot of folks in the club better understand the handling of the MINIs. Shoot me a message anytime!!
  23. No information yet except that the start will be in Albuquerque New Mexico next July
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