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  2. NOTE: Due to MOTD, May's HSB, and the Crack Pie run already scheduled in May, we have moved this run to June. (For those who have already signed up)
  3. I got a crack in the windshield on my '17 F55. I still don't know how it happened, but it started around 6 inches and quickly grew, so I had to replace it. I had Safelife in Bethesda replace it for $407. No complaints about their work. If you request a quote from Safelite and then sit on it, they'll keep emailing you with bigger and bigger discounts - I got $60 off from that.
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  5. We have had issues on both the clubman (R55) and countryman (R60), seems to be a pretty common issue with the rake of the windshields in MINIs. I have been luck and not had an issue with it in my coupe (R58), but those windshield are raked back a bit more.
  6. "Look out" ?? I will sleep outside before my Mini does. All ribbing aside, enjoy your new ride!!
  7. I have 46,000 on my 2010 R57 Mini and my windshield is quite pitted. Mini dealer wanted $1350 to replace.....er, nope.
  8. Let us know how well it works. Smudges driven me nuts.
  9. No more nav screen smudges... Trimmed down an iPad "paperlike" matte screen protector to put on the MINI's screen. Not a perfect first attempt, as you can see in the pic, but will use this one for awhile to see how it works out before I cut another. The before: The after (and having touched all over the screen): (I was holding a bright LED toward it... besides lack of smudges, I think I may have less glare when driving. Time will tell.) When on: The supplies:
  10. I'll pile on... another NV Coatings fan. Plus I am mildly ashamed to admit that the road rash was a bit more than what I would call mild on one wheel. But you can't tell now...
  11. +1 for NV coatings! I had some minor rash when I had my rims powder coated. Perfect job and very nice group to work with.
  12. I've used NV Coatings on 3 occasions and they do incredible work. Had them fix one of my wheels that had road rash and it came out perfect!! Can't recommend them enough! https://nvcoatings.com -STEVE
  13. David, Not familiar with the Evolve tune. I'm familiar with Dinan and their reputation on BMWs, so feel comfortable sending my ECM to them. Not sure about dealing with an overseas outfit, as Evolve looks to be located in the UK. Also, for my vehicle, the tune is $250 more.....
  14. I haven't used them yet, nor do I know who they are, but MINI of Montgomery county said that they use a contractor (Who is supposedly excellent) to contract out their wheel work. I know this because I too have to have my wheels done. If you call the service department and ask for Brian Metheny he could probably give you the name of the shop that does the work
  15. Sounds interesting! I have been contemplating the same modification but looking at the Evolve tune as opposed to Dinan. Anything specific that swayed you to Dinan?
  16. Welcome to the club/ Good lookin' rig you got there!
  17. Hello everyone. My new Countryman came with a little road rash on a couple of the wheels and I am looking for someone to either in Maryland or a mobile service that can come to me. Any recommendations?
  18. Thanks Corey, we're looking forward to having you. And thanks for calling out the MINI classes. As Corey says, we have a dedicated MINI class with 5 sub-classes to help even out the competition. MINI S3: Stock, non-S & non-JCW MINI S2: Stock, S or JCW MINI T3: Tuner, non-S & non-JCW MINI T2: Tuner: S or JCW MINI M: Modified, any model Put simply, Stock classes allow very few modifications, Tuner classes are mostly open but require 200+ treadwear tires, and Modified is for any car running stickier tires with few limitations. The full list of restrictions for each class is listed here: http://nccautocross.com/about/vehicle-classing/mini-vehicle-classing/ When registering, just let us know which sub-class you fit into.
  19. One thing you can say about Porsche, and the 911 in particular, I don't care if it is a 1966 a 1982 1993 2022 you know its a Porsche and you know its a 911...
  20. I am just beginning my love affair...But every time I look out and see the BRG beauty sitting there it makes me smile. I take the long way just to get a little more time behind the wheel...
  21. I just submitted my registration for the season, who wants to join me. As a sister company to BMW they have MINI classes, lets make it a fill it up will fun MINIacs. I have been wanting to do this for a few years, and signing up for the season not only saves a few bucks it also grantees I get out there.
  22. Congrats, hope to see you at an event this spring
  23. The platypus mounts work well to mount a front plate without requiring holes in the front bumper.
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  25. So my new (to me) F60 comes from PA where front plates are not a thing. The dealer gave me one of the stock front plate brackets, but I don't think I am so keen on poking holes in my beautiful car's bumper. How many peeps have experience with the Platypus? Does it work well? Any other suggestions worth looking into?
  26. realistically the answer it, It depends. Is the downpipe you are looking at a cat deleted one or does it have a free flow cat? Have you changed the exhaust system and modified the second cat from OEM? 1) if it changes the emissions enough to trip a code, automatic fail at an inspection station. Clearing the code before driving will result in a no test due to the ecu "ratting you out". You will have to drive about 100 miles to reset. 2) If it removes the downpipe cat, then by the law it fails, but that requires the inspector to know the car hasa second cat, and checks to see if it is there. So depending on the inspector or day it could pass or fail. Now if someone was you pass through a rapidpass mobile test, they would be able to go to the website and for a small convenience fee pay for their emission test if they passed (I have never seen a failed one), and there would be no physical inspection. Where might these tester be? https://rapidpassvirginia.com/VaPublic/Locations
  27. I ran into the same issue with my Jeep Wrangler TJ when I added the turbo kit - FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY - means it WILL NOT pass emissions. Change the registration to a county in VA south of Prince William county, emissions not required.
  28. I'm looking to put a sports cat in my 2018 F56 S. Of course the vendors all say the downpipes are for off-road use only. Does anyone have experience with emissions on a sports cat? Will it pass in VA? Thanks so much!
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