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  3. Also as DINA has a partnership with BMW their parts do not void your warranty.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'm not going with their exhaust but apparently Dinan makes a good ecu tuning kit that I'll be looking into.
  5. Rescheduled date has been confirmed for June 30th.
  6. The stock shift looks awesome I was looking at the Dinan exhaust, I heard it at The Dragon and liked it. But I'm all about sounding tough, I have no idea of specs.
  7. So.... with the interior pretty much wrapped up at this point (with the exception of an audio overhaul).... I'm now looking for a killer exhaust system any suggestions? I've been looking at the AWE touring cat back. Link: https://www.urotuning.com/products/awe-exhaust-mini-f56-f57-s-jcw?variant=12543937544247
  8. So I got my Mini back and no glass in the car plus new sun roof so yay for that.... Oh! and also new shift mod is installed:
  9. Last week
  10. Looking good, looking forward to your progress.
  11. And just picked up some Black Jack side scuttles from Mini of Alexandria...
  12. Added a Black Jack gas cap and interior Black Jack trim pieces. Very satisfied with the high quality and perfect fit of the pieces. Next up is my red slat on the front grille. Later comes blacking out the chrome. Not sure if I am going to wrap it or replace the pieces.
  13. This year we did a YouTube video on the photography workshop. If you guys want to see it and get some tips it's right here
  14. Don't forget you can upload your pictures to the shared album!
  15. Got nothing but great things to say about there cellphone mount.... granted I've only gotten a chance to use it twice before my sunroof exploded....
  16. At the moment we have five people. I've emailed Daryl to see if he could do a shorter clinic based on what people that are there would like to see or it he would rather just reschedule. Just heard back and we're going to reschedule.
  17. Craven Speed has quality products, and has also supported MINIs Take the Beltway with prizes for many years.
  18. I've PMed the four maybes, if at least two of them confirm they are going to make it by noon then it is still on, if not then I'll reschedule.
  19. Glad to know that its a quality product! I can tell you what the materials are "The core is machined from stainless steel, the outer sleeve from acetal. The cap on top is aluminum finished with a textured black powder coat." <- from craven speed. Great info!
  20. I have the Craven Speed shift knob for my R56. It's a really nice piece, nicely constructed, well thought out and has been holding up really well. Plus, you can order more than one cap and customize it any way you want. Not sure what the material is, but no issues with cold or heat and it has a great feel in your hand.
  21. Just placed the order and spoke to Derek at Craven Speed, they'll be able to do a black union jack for me. Here's the links (Reminder links are for an auto Mini F56): Shift Knob: https://www.cravenspeed.com/black-automatic-shift-knob-for-mini-cooper-f56-2014-2019/ Custom Cap: https://www.cravenspeed.com/shift-knob-cap/
  22. Nice! When my 06 was my daily driver I installed a carbon fiber stick shift knob. It looks great but the first really cold day it was freezing. I had to go onto Amazon and get a little neoprene cozy until Spring. It was funny, but it worked. Anyway your mod reminded me of that.
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