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  3. Sounds like it could be a speed sensor going bad. Without pulling the codes that’s just a guess based on abs error but no noticeable lose of braking ability
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  5. The above warning lights have an intermittently come on and off at various speeds, car runs and stops well without issue. Looking for some good advice. Thank you
  6. Quick update, I finished up my work on B.A. back in the Spring. Two things related to cooling system: CSF aluminum radiator Dorman fan control resistor I haven't done a writeup on them yet, but after installing both, coolant temps are staying where they should (~191 F), both fan stages are working as intended. I can use the air conditioning again!!!!!!
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  8. I'd be up for it! My suggestion would be https://www.themainstreetpub.net/menu. It's in Clifton, looks low key and cheap, and there are often cool cars around on a Sunday morning. I would go out west too, I just don't know any brunch places out there.
  9. The routes are posted if someone else wants to lead a Sunday version. They're pretty simple.
  10. @tpomalley Looks like they don't plan on a second run
  11. At this time, we are not planning on doing a 2nd run.
  12. It looks like more people want to join this run. Is it possible to have a second run?
  13. Well Walter is the cutest, isn't he?
  14. I had knee surgery and not walking too well. @MarkDDrew Tagging Mark in case he wants to go, I'm a big maybe
  15. Hey all, Colin is going to be in town this coming weekend and he wanted to know if anyone wanted to get together. Reply if you would be interested in a bunch on Sunday. @TGGRRR (Ali) @Edge @MarkDDrew @GreenCactus @NYRican MC40 @CHILLIN please tag anyone you might think would be interested
  16. Hi DB, while this is not a DCMM sponsored event it looks like there is some interest by other members for this. We are thinking of meeting somewhere and driving together to St. Michael’s. Let us know if you’re interested in that.
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  18. Oil pump shouldn't be to bad, hope he's back up and running soon.
  19. Thanks Jono From what I googled this shouldn't be too bad. They're really busy so I'm patient.
  20. Hopefully an easy fix, Ali! I know the gang down at PTuning will get you sorted.
  21. Never been on DC mini run/meeting before. That being said .. -do I just show up at museum. -anything special other than myself do I need to bring. Thanks James
  22. More options before I list elsewhere: If anyone wants the wheels and tires alone, $750 for: 4 R90s, 4 new center caps, 4 Alpin tires. If anyone wants me to get the Alpin's mounted and balanced on the old S-lites, how about $450 for 4 Slites, 4 old center caps, 4 Alpin tires? I'm not sure, but I think the wireless TPMS sensors can be moved and fresh batteries installed in the process. I'm just brainstorming ideas.
  23. Just as an FYI the restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. Well also be bringing the fluff (Walter).
  24. Looks great. We have club discounts with PTuning and GTPeace. We will be working to re-establish agreement with other vendors in the near future.
  25. Wahhhhhhh I took Tigger out for a fun day on Friday and as I was almost home everytime I stopped the oil light would go on. Then as soon as I was moving it would go out. I got him home and later checked the oil, it was a little low. Mark topped it off but said it wasn't even a full quart low. Then he drove him again and as soon as he was warm the light came on. I called PTuning, they said don't drive him and bring him in. Soooo I'm waiting for AAA now to get him. PTuning thinks it might be the oil pressure pump, I hope it's not anything serious
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