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  1. I've been really pleased with my set of Cross Competitions.

    Wolfgang AKA Wasabi

    2006 JCW, just rolled over 14k Original miles.
  3. Looking forward to see everyone tomorrow. I will be using the lunch break and winery for some photo and drone ops.
  4. Getting all cleaned and preened for tomorrows run.
  5. Scangauge, UltraGauge and Torque are probably the big 3 out there that I can think of off top of my head. I have an UltraGauge in both of my vehicles and like them just fine for what I need. I know that they can be swapped between vehicles. Torque is an ok inexpensive option to check things out, clear codes and whatnot but it can be finicky in my experience. I know a lot of track people swear by Scanguage, but I have no first hand experience with them.
  6. Finally got my green JCW signature puddle lights in
  7. I'd be in for a couple if they come in my size.
  8. Just throwing it out there if anyone else wants to roll out. We'll be getting there close to 9 and just going to hang out for a bit and see what shows up.
  9. License plate 3nee in Fairfax City today on North St. . .of course the ONE time I see a DCMM member in FFX City, I'm in my daily and not Wasabi.
  10. Great shop that does awesome, honest work. Congrats on the install!
  11. Rad, thanks! Don't know why my brain went right to Great Falls.
  12. I'm a maybe, but won't be doing the scavenger hunt as I have no +1 and still playing things safe. I will try to come out to Katie's pre-run...I'm getting shot number 2 on Saturday, so I'll see how I'm feeling. Would just be nice to hit up C&C and see folks. Hope you all have a blast on the Hunt, these were one of Dana and I's favorite events.
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