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  1. Too much to list, perhaps later on I'll just for a build thread, but Wolfgang is up for a face lift soon, and I can't wait. I have a set if you're interested. Not going to use them, and they are brand new.
  2. Look forward to this, and Wolfgang will have a his face-lift done by then!
  3. A few from the pre-run gathering.
  4. I'll be bringing something on the sweet side.
  5. Red R53 JCW on Chain Bridge, to Judicial, to Main Street...Yellow tag that I can't remember, should have posted earlier while it was fresh in my head.
  6. I love shooting out there. If I can make it, I will, but not for dinner.


    2006 JCW, just rolled over 14k Original miles.
  8. You can put me in as a maybe. Waiting to see how things pan out this week.
  9. It'll be me plus two other MINIs, couldn't get a way to note that in the RSVP.
  10. Fun leap frogging on 15n today with a custom forst get (I think), kid of an aqua silver color and white trim.
  11. Don't be sorry for the Kubo and the 2 strings! Great flick!
  12. Success!! Great to meet some new to me MINI folks! Thanks for your hospitality, NYRican and Fam!
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