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  1. Great shop that does awesome, honest work. Congrats on the install!
  2. Rad, thanks! Don't know why my brain went right to Great Falls.
  3. I'm a maybe, but won't be doing the scavenger hunt as I have no +1 and still playing things safe. I will try to come out to Katie's pre-run...I'm getting shot number 2 on Saturday, so I'll see how I'm feeling. Would just be nice to hit up C&C and see folks. Hope you all have a blast on the Hunt, these were one of Dana and I's favorite events.
  4. I use to run fogs on the outside and driving in the middle, worked out great. The fogs were simply tinted yellow, similar to what I'm running on the JCW. You want your driving lights to be more of a beam, hence the center location. Also depends on spots or floods. Floods on the outside, spots in the middle.
  5. Just an fyi, got a warning when clicking on the pizza place link.
  6. Here's a link to some of the shots I got. Sorry to those of you that I missed!
  7. Got the boys out a couple weekends ago.
  8. Up for grabs is a M7 heat shield sold to me as a r53 part, but alas, it is NOT. It was used for 3 months, is dusty and only has 2 small signs of wear, nothing that effects the shield, at all. Includes all the mounting hardware. This is the product: https://new.minimania.com/part/G2NME9011/Mini-Cooper-Turbo-Heatshield-M7-Gen2-R55-r59-2011 My loss, your gain. $100 OBO.
  9. Hrmmmm...very tempting, was thinking about a winter set.

    Misstress Run

    FYI Restaurant link is bad. https://slicelife.com/restaurants/va/bealeton/22712/m-p-pizza-restaurant/menu
  11. Too much to list, perhaps later on I'll just for a build thread, but Wolfgang is up for a face lift soon, and I can't wait. I have a set if you're interested. Not going to use them, and they are brand new.
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