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  1. We have a save the dates in place, but Corey is finalizing the actual date and other details. He will post an event for RSVP shortly.
  2. Well if you're going to cheat on us with any other cars.... Have a great time!
  3. Fun update. I'm having cataract surgery on June 2 (Because I'm old apparently) I'm going to be allowed to be the co-pilot but I'm not allowed to drive. Going to be fun giving directions!
  4. Hi Mario, What we'd like to do is to direct you toward our Calendar Page where you can create the event. https://dcmetrominis.org/forum/calendar/ (1) Hit the blue "Create Event" button at the top (By the settings cog) (2) You will see a drop down menu that asks you which calendar you'd like to put the event on. (3) Choose "DCMM Club Calendar" (4) This is where you create the event: -Please label it as an "External Event" (This lets our users know that this is not necessarily a MINI event) And give it a good caption. -Make sure you put in as much detail as possible about the event. -Where you'd like to meet / Certain place? Or a certain time? -If you're going to drive down together etc... (5) When finished, hit the "Submit Event" button at the bottom of the page and it will then be on the DCMM club calendar *Once you've created the event with the details, I can then get it out on social media for you (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) We appreciate that you've reached out about this important (And fun) external event! ~Lorri
  5. Hi Mario, What date specifically? Looks like it's the first weekend in June?
  6. We are also home, had a great time and also met some new friends. We enjoyed driving the Dragon even more this year then last. The events put on by MOTD, Barry and his wife, were so much fun! Everyone involved with that endeavor, and all of the staff at Fontana deserve a huge THANK YOU. This has me pumped for a great drive season here at DCMM.
  7. I’m wondering if it’s just too far away for our folks? I’ll post again on social media, unless you think we should cancel?
  8. Oh no! Just saw this, I hope you were able to get moving again, let us know what happened.
  9. I went down to MINI of MoCo yesterday because I had a screw in my left driver's side tire. As I was heading down my MINI rolled over 20k (She's a toddler.) The service tech took one look at my stock tires and showed me how, not only the one with the screw needed to be replaced, but the back driver's side tread was also below spec. and needed to go. The other two were fine and could continue use. He said they were the worst tires MINI ever put on a car and they're constantly replacing them. (And yes, I do all of my scheduled maintenance including my all wheel alignments.) Luckily for me the two bad tires would be replaced under warranty. Unlucky for me, who the heck wants two good tires and two ticking time bombs on their car? Maybe I could have waited and got the other two replaced under warranty but I'm not driving the Dragon knowing those two bad tires were on my MINI. I really wanted to ditch the run flats at my first tire change but he only had run flats in stock . Thankfully they were not the same as the ones coming off. So I decided with The Dragon and MTTS coming up I'd just replace all 4 tires. With the new Goodyear tires on the MINI I have a much quieter and smoother ride. I also got a free wheel alignment and my first MINI swag out of the deal. So whatever....
  10. DAAAAAVIIID!! I got the run all posted up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There is also an event page on FB. Looks like a great run thank you David and Michelle for putting this together!
  11. Those really look great! I see the matching mirrors too. I can see just a hint of the roof, looks like it's also Black U-Jack?
  12. Beautifully stated Brandy, I can't wait for my first (Real) MOTD!
  13. Sounds like your sweet old lady can still hang with the best of them! She’s had a long week but she’s still killing it!
  14. It was def the angle of the photo, he's just putting the clips on the flaps, which you probably can see hug the outside of the tire well, he was not "under the car." I think my feathers are ruffled because it implies he's being stupid, when he's not, He knows his way around cars, and wouldn't risk getting under a jack by itself, we have all of the proper tools to lift a car, but it wasn't needed in this circumstance. We just needed the tire to rotate out a little more to reach the bottom clip, which he did from a safe place.
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