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  1. Thanks 1975_mini! Definitely going to check them out.
  2. Thanks Baron! I'll check them out. Appreciate the tip.
  3. This question may have been asked before by someone else, but I'm still going through the many forum topics and posts on this great site. I just recently picked up my new 2022 JCW Mini Countryman and I'm thinking about making a few "minor" changes to it to help boost power, speed, etc., etc. Can anyone recommend any good and trusted shops in the area that know what they're doing with Minis and can maybe help with some upgrades? My JCW is already pretty quick and speedy from what I've seen driving it for about two weeks now, but I'd like to make some non-intrusive mods (chips, tuning, etc.) that can help maximize it's output. I'd really like to get back that old school "snap, crackle, pop" effect if anyone knows how to do that on the newer models. Thanks everyone for any input and I look forward to meeting you all in person at some point as a new Mini owner and a new member of the group. Take care and happy holidays! P.S. I attached a few pics of my new Mini for you check out. I love the thing so far. Makes driving in NOVA and DC so much more fun.
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