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  1. Wehave too many sets of tires so the old S lites need to go. They're 17" and will fit a first or second gen. Just come get them, they're in Springfield in our garage. I don't have pictures right now
  2. Funny you ask, Tigger is losing his flames! He got rear-ended and I decided to go for a full repaint while he's in being repaired. I am not planning to add the flames back. He will just be a pure beautiful orange
  3. I tried these with Tigger and they damaged the actual mirror cap underneath it. The road dirt and grime gets in there and causes issues. Corey found cheap replacement caps at a junk yard for Tigger, it's a cheap options to consider
  4. Thanks! I didn't know they were still around
  5. Pepper white won't fade like orange. Tigger had a lot of paint fade at 4 years when I removed the stripes
  6. Pretty sure it will burn off but if the smoking is bad you should wash it off of the engine with some degreaser.
  7. If they don't come off easily try goo gone, and one of those plastic putty knives. They're very soft and work well
  8. The stock shift looks awesome I was looking at the Dinan exhaust, I heard it at The Dragon and liked it. But I'm all about sounding tough, I have no idea of specs.
  9. This year we did a YouTube video on the photography workshop. If you guys want to see it and get some tips it's right here
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