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  1. I love PTuning in Manassas if that's near you
  2. I always took my cabrio to these guys, they are reasonable and do excellent work https://polletauto.com/
  3. I don't know how to change my reply to the event. We have a family emergency; my aunt is in hospice and expected to pass tomorrow. I just can't go. I hope you guys have a great run
  4. I’ve got to ask Mark and see if he wants to. My MINI is all bundled for winter. If we come I’ll be in the Audi and Mark would bring a MINI. I know the rule non MINIs in the back Mark said it sounds fun where are you planning to start?
  5. I enjoy a lot of the roads around the Dragon just as much and sometimes more than the actual Dragon. You want to avoid the Dragon on weekends, it's crowded and full of police looking to raise funds. Hellbender is a really fun swoopy road between the Dragon and Fontana Village A really fun place to do photos is the top of the dam at Lake Fontana. There's rarely anyone up there and if the top is open you can park your car on the road that drives over the dam and get some awesome shots. There are scenic overlooks all over the area. Food options aren't great around there but if you have time to kill and don't care about good service Tapoco is nice because it's on a river and a really enjoyable location. The pizza is pretty good and the drinks are really good.
  6. I don’t remember the name of the business but they’re in Fairfax and are really good. All my phone has in it is Doug (703) 278-9436 they have worked on my R52 several times. Great work and reasonable prices.
  7. We've used Wardell in the past (571) 251-5735 He will come to you and he's hosted some of our parties
  8. PTuning is still honoring our club discount. I use it frequently with Tigger
  9. My knee isn't recovered enough for this, I changed my rsvp to let someone else go
  10. I had knee surgery and not walking too well. @MarkDDrew Tagging Mark in case he wants to go, I'm a big maybe
  11. Thanks Jono From what I googled this shouldn't be too bad. They're really busy so I'm patient.
  12. Wahhhhhhh I took Tigger out for a fun day on Friday and as I was almost home everytime I stopped the oil light would go on. Then as soon as I was moving it would go out. I got him home and later checked the oil, it was a little low. Mark topped it off but said it wasn't even a full quart low. Then he drove him again and as soon as he was warm the light came on. I called PTuning, they said don't drive him and bring him in. Soooo I'm waiting for AAA now to get him. PTuning thinks it might be the oil pressure pump, I hope it's not anything serious
  13. My F55 is 3 years old and had never had to go in for warranty work. I'm thinking I won't need an extended warranty because she's so reliable
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