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  1. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Sale items sent to me

    I think this came from a past member, sent to me through Instagram. He sold his first gen and is selling off some parts https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/pts/d/mini-cooper-items-boot-mat/6596558332.html
  2. Woo hoo did we make the minimum? Finding a date that works for everyone could be a challenge. Are they requiring us all to sign up or come on the same day?
  3. You're welcome to join the event I'll let @Shadow reply on the engine questions
  4. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    I brought home a little spider. He was re-homed to the backyard. Cabin 1720 needs to be tented, exterminated and then properly sealed
  5. TGGRRR (Ali)

    New cabin

    that one was reserved I think we're actually Welch roaders now
  6. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    I'm sure cabin 1720 is available, it comes with pets
  7. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    Did you see my post? We got a new cabin too
  8. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    This was the year to get moved, we got a new cabin too
  9. TGGRRR (Ali)

    New cabin

    After the year of the mice we have been upgraded permanently to a 3 bedroom Hemlock
  10. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Wahhhhhh!!!! I jammed my seat

    It's fixed thanks @Donross
  11. So Amelia is less than 2 weeks old and the cell phone charging cable got caught up into the seat rails and jammed. Mark tried and he can't get it out, it's in there good. I tried adjusting the lever and wiggling the seat, pulling on the cord etc. I'm guessing I need to take her to Passport and I doubt stupid things by owner are covered under my warranty
  12. TGGRRR (Ali)


    We can add comments on pictures now!!! Yay
  13. TGGRRR (Ali)

    The Hub!

    I miss the Dragon!!!!
  14. TGGRRR (Ali)

    New Member Benefit

    USAA offered 3.49% I got 2.89% with Congressional. Then we got a quote on our 4 MINIs and it was $300 cheaper for a 6 month policy. I couldn't use the buying service because I bought a 2019 and they're not in the system
  15. TGGRRR (Ali)

    New Member Benefit

    I've been with USAA for years. Congressional blew them away on my new auto loan rate and insurance rates. I didn't think that USAA could be beat.