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  1. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Poolesville Day Parade

    I have one and am planning to bring it, now I just can't forget it
  2. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Poolesville Day Parade

    There's no maybe option, if it's raining bad I'm not coming.
  3. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Poolesville Day Parade

    Wooo Hooo it's almost parade time
  4. TGGRRR (Ali)

    MINIs on the Dragon 2019 Paint afternoon

    Thanks Craig
  5. Last year some of us went to the paint afternoon that was offered. It was fun but the lady in charge kind of bossed us around and well, it wasnt as much fun as we were hoping. Sooooo Sierra @Sollestia and I started talking about hosting our own paint afternoon at the Dragon. We're thinking on the front porch of our new cabin at Lower Shuckstack. Probably Wed or Thurs afternoon. I'm not sure how many people we can fit but we're hoping maybe 8 or 10? It might be really tight and you'll need to either bring your own chair or sit on the deck since I know we don't have a lot of seating. Here's what we're thinking It's not a class, it's just a gathering where we help each other paint something. We are not instructors We'll buy Acrylic paint, plates for mixing, paper towels and brushes and you guys pitch in once we have costs. I'm thinking this will be $10 or less pp. You buy your own canvas, an easel, an apron or crappy shirt that you don't care about and your ideas. If you print your image out on computer paper in advance we can use tracing paper to put the basic idea onto your canvas, I've done this before and it's not hard to do. Who's interested?
  6. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    Picnic was fun as usual @CarlB and Faith thanks for hosting!!! Your yard is awesome and I really liked having the MINIs be with us so we could see them. Thanks to @NYRican MC40 for grilling and @Brandy_Brown for shopping I enjoyed catching up with everyone
  7. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Club Picnic Pre-Run

    Thanks @wyretrip for organizing and leading the run today!
  8. TGGRRR (Ali)

    My new graphics

    Thanks to @1975_mini for designing and installing my new Dr Who inspired graphics. I absolutely love them!
  9. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Club Picnic Pre-Run

    Amelia and I are here
  10. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    I don't know what I'm bringing but it will likely be a veggie side dish
  11. TGGRRR (Ali)

    MINIs Take Mountain Lake (Smith Mountain Lake)

    I saw this and wanted to go then realized it's family beach week
  12. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Club Picnic Pre-Run

    Sounds like an adventure!!!
  13. I'm curious is the Induction service along the same cost?
  14. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    Yay!!! It's picnic time. I don't know what I'm bringing yet but it will be paleo I can also bring 2 banquet tables and a 10' tent
  15. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Club Picnic Pre-Run

    I LOVE picnic pre-runs!!!!!