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  1. My knee isn't recovered enough for this, I changed my rsvp to let someone else go
  2. I had knee surgery and not walking too well. @MarkDDrew Tagging Mark in case he wants to go, I'm a big maybe
  3. Thanks Jono From what I googled this shouldn't be too bad. They're really busy so I'm patient.
  4. Wahhhhhhh I took Tigger out for a fun day on Friday and as I was almost home everytime I stopped the oil light would go on. Then as soon as I was moving it would go out. I got him home and later checked the oil, it was a little low. Mark topped it off but said it wasn't even a full quart low. Then he drove him again and as soon as he was warm the light came on. I called PTuning, they said don't drive him and bring him in. Soooo I'm waiting for AAA now to get him. PTuning thinks it might be the oil pressure pump, I hope it's not anything serious
  5. My F55 is 3 years old and had never had to go in for warranty work. I'm thinking I won't need an extended warranty because she's so reliable
  6. I put it in my calendar but can't figure out the rsvp on the phone
  7. It sounds like B.A. is singing a happy song
  8. I can see the picture now. I see the little box but no idea what it is
  9. There's no image, just a gray circle with a white line
  10. My experience has been to just pay them. Even if you find a cheaper fob, you have to have them code it so you won't save much if anything.
  11. PTuning totally hooked me up with Trickle charging for Dummies. They set up a trickle charger in the boot with an adapter. It's basically plug and play. I plug the trickle charger to the house and run the wire to the boot. The big thing to figure out now is if I can lock up the car or not. I may just bungie the boot closed. It's unlikely anyone will try to steal him since he's a stick shift and there's nothing of value left in the car.
  12. It was 2 years ago so I don't really remember but I thought it was around $500ish. Tigger is an '06 and I'm not mechanical like I used to be. I just pay for the repairs and he has something every year. The repair costs start to blend
  13. When the AC compressor went on my 06 I took him to PTuning in Manassas. They give club member discounts
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