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  1. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Happy Hour: Sine's, Pentagon Row

    I work in DC but I carpool so going in this direction after work is just impossible. I hope you guys had a good turn out
  2. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Tire Opinions?

    I love those tires and when I upgrade my tires will get 215s
  3. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Cabin fun

    There's nothing to recover from here!!!!
  4. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Tire Opinions?

    I just remembered on the Countryman I had Bridgestone Serenity and loved them
  5. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Tire Opinions?

    Lots of people like the Continental dws, I don't. They're very chirpy from a spirited start and they slip. I think they're summer version is good but I don't like the All Seasons
  6. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Cabin fun

    Well Craig @SneakyBaron and Sierra @Sollestia found this baby. Craig is an orange person too
  7. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Cabin fun

    We're bringing a little friend to guard our cabin this year. Keep away mouses or you'll be dealing with this guy
  8. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Timing Chain and Camshaft Adjustor

    We love PTuning. They treat us well, have great customer service and I totally trust them. One of our MINIs is there right now getting a calipers upgrade I know that @SneakyBaron has used GT Peace a lot and he's very happy with them. Our vendors rock
  9. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Timing Chain and Camshaft Adjustor

    We have several people that work on their own MINIs. @1975_mini
  10. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Where ya staying?

    ? Is it time yet????? ?
  11. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Bingo volunteers

    K, Barry needs to know by Feb if we can fill the slots or if we'll need others to help
  12. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Bingo volunteers

    Awesome thanks you guys
  13. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Bingo volunteers

    Last year I offered to take over bingo We need firm volunteers to help out. If you're interested here's the jobs. I'm considering calling because I'm loud enough but not sure yet. Please reply if you would like to volunteer and what position. If you volunteer I'm counting on you. We need: 1 Caller Ali 2 tie break runners 3 or 4 people to check in. Hilary, Craig, Sierra
  14. TGGRRR (Ali)

    MINIs on the Dragon 2019 Paint afternoon

    I've been using the 40% off coupons at Michael's and buying us big 1 quart bottles of paint with a dispenser. I'm planning to buy black, white, red, yellow and blue. If you want a specific color just buy it and bring it. Technically work these comes you can make anything you want. If everyone coming supplies their own canvas, brushes, easels and apron I can do this for $5 pp for paint. If you want me to also but brushes I'll need to work out pricing. I would highly suggest signing up for the Michael's app and let the discounts roll in, is much cheaper than Amazon with the coupons We're going to bring a banquet table and set up on the porch of our cabin.
  15. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Where ya staying?

    We have a new hopefully mouse free cabin on lower Shuckstack