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  1. I'm curious is the Induction service along the same cost?
  2. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    Yay!!! It's picnic time. I don't know what I'm bringing yet but it will be paleo I can also bring 2 banquet tables and a 10' tent
  3. TGGRRR (Ali)

    DCMM Club Picnic Pre-Run

    I LOVE picnic pre-runs!!!!!
  4. TGGRRR (Ali)


    Hey @SneakyBaron can you make one of these an option for the header images?
  5. TGGRRR (Ali)


    I love a good bootie shot
  6. TGGRRR (Ali)


    This is a great spot and the yellow really stands out against the brick
  7. TGGRRR (Ali)


    Actually it is, I simply adjusted the exposure and color with a gradient filter in Lightroom
  8. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

    I had a great time at the run and photoshoot. just realized, I never actually shot my own car. poor Amelia, her first run and I didn't take pictures of her.
  9. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

    You bring that poo car to the run!!!! We'll stick you in the back behind Craig. Pretty sure he's got the clutch down by now
  10. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

    Will be great seeing you!!!
  11. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

    No Worries. I didn't make reservations since we are a small group
  12. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

    @SneakyBaron are you bringing the new jcw?
  13. TGGRRR (Ali)

    rare find 06 Cabrio for sale

    It is weird. Mine had 8 when I picked her up but that doesn't add much to the math. Supposedly it never left Manassas
  14. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

  15. TGGRRR (Ali)

    Photography run

    I looked and don't see a code I would like but maybe I didn't see them. What I really would like is when I turn the car off, all doors would unlock. I always toss my purse on the seat next to me or the back seat. Then I turn off the car, get out and go to get my purse and the door is locked. I haven't been able to find a way to set this. It unlocks all doors on unlock when entering the car, but not when shutting it off.