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  1. It is, which is why I buy the hoodie
  2. Make sure you show her the ladies vneck options, they're pretty and form fitting
  3. That works it keeps us away from the ice cream run, it's in the opposite direction of where we're going. maybe we do the boat ramp parking lot so that were making a right instead of left turn onto the road. Up to you, I'm just getting helpful ideas
  4. Where are we meeting for this run? We don't want to be near the ball field. Maybe line up at the old registration building??? It's still 11:00 right? I'm updating my calendar
  5. How many more do we need? I can't order more
  6. We're leaving Sat Afternoon driving about 4 hours and spending the night somewhere. Does that work with you guys? @AzFlower @wyretrip
  7. Wow! Total 180 from last year
  8. We're considering leaving Sat afternoon. Still trying to find a house sitter for the dogs. We've done this trip plenty of times in one shot, I just prefer breaking it up. If we have to use the professional dog sitter, who's $70 a night we'll probably just leave Sunday morning.
  9. I can't remember if I ordered a hoodie. I can add to my order with one if I didn't get one.
  10. I created a pinterest board of painting ideas https://www.pinterest.com/AlicynD/dragon-painting/
  11. Wed afternoon at the DCMM cabin, probably after lunch, like around 2:00 You'll need to purchase brushes and canvas. I suggest Michael's first go here and get the coupons https://www.michaels.com/home?cm_mmc=SearchBrand-_-google-_-MICH_National_Branded_Search_Branded_Exact_Trademark_General-_-Trademark+-+Coupons&&cm_mmc=SearchBrand-_-google-_-MICH_National_Branded_Search_Branded_Exact_Trademark_General-_-Trademark+-+Coupons&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwc7jBRD8ARIsAKSUBHJ6wXOPFtdyH8mVELH9AsopFHpNHMyA_j4JGzf7jmOjM_7a3gCFj0UaAoClEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds For brushes (I have some but not enough for everyone) Pick a set of brushes that are not the cheapest (they shed hairs). This pack looks good https://www.michaels.com/premium-wash-all-media-variety-paintbrush-set-by-craft-smart/10514929.html#q=paint+brushes&pmpt=qualifying&start=14 They have a huge selection of canvas - if you get the ones that are cheap they'll do fine but sometimes the first coat of paint is hard to get good coverage, not a big deal Here's an apron https://www.michaels.com/pacon-30in-x-21in-denim-blue-adult-art-apron/D083202S.html#q=apron&start=24 Here's a cheapo Easel if you want one, I got one so that I can easily stand my canvas up https://www.michaels.com/artists-loft-compact-table-top-easel/10194059.html I have plenty of paint. Does anyone want me to get some specialty paint like glitter or Iridescent paints (gold, silver)? Does everyone know what they want to paint yet? If you need help, post an image of what you want to do and I can attempt to help or sketch it for you. I'm no expert. You're paying $5!!! Any questions?
  12. Are you going to change the date here? Do we need to RSVP again?
  13. Are they the same tires from the Dragon? They were screamers for sure
  14. I'm still on those stupid run flats but I can keep up!
  15. Amelia will go, it's hard to move Tigger from his spot. She's been on runs last summer. She's a beast!!! I her
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