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  1. Right!? Every time I have to run an errand has become a little adventure.
  2. This is to cover maintenance, you can see what covered on the pdf above. I’m told the maintenance does convey with the vehicle when you sell it. I never asked actually what would happen if the vehicles was totaled in an accident or if it was stolen.
  3. Hi all, First time Mini owner (F56) here and was wondering what the collective thoughts were on the 7 year service plan offered by Mini (first three years are covered, so it’s really a four year plan) vs using non-dealer shops. I was quoted $3,300 by the NJ dealer where I found the car, but the MSRP on the Mini site says $2,900. I won’t be putting a ton of miles on it though, I have a work vehicle, so the Mini is just for getting around town and the occasional trip. I don’t have a commute as I live on a The Hill. Cheers in advance for the advice!
  4. Midlife crisis buy (I’m 48) was this little guy. Meet ‘Little Red’, first Mini and loving it.
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