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  1. I really need to set aside some time to plan and pack. I have had none, every time I think I can something comes up (work, job interviews, etc...) his getting out of the military is way to much work.
  2. Bring a cooler and have your own happy hour at the meeting. I recommend putting Michael in charge of recruiting for the resistance. Home owners' association are UN-AMERICAN, Michael should be able to cut his grass naked on a riding mower while drinking a Margarita through a three foot swizzle straw is he wants. BECAUSE "MERICA
  3. You get dents before the dragon, I blow tires before.
  4. Steve, we got there a bit late, my fault. We ran into Rey, sorry we missed you. Thanks for coordinating, always good to have multiple types of events.
  5. Do they match his, and was he chanting "one of us, one of us" when you got them. Is the roof graphic a surprise, do we get a hint?
  6. Thanks a health list for the next month
  7. Sounds like a plan to me!! I saw at a few recent auto show photos, that the local MINI dealerships are doing setups with light support from MINI USA.
  8. Detail? I don't think that juice is worth the squeeze. It is going to be hard to get the outside as nice as that sweet upholstery on those new seats, lol.
  9. 1975_mini


    @NYRican MC40
  10. Great photos thanks for sharing
  11. The park service has moved peak bloom to the 1st, so there should be plenty of blooms for Sunday!!
  12. We look forward to see everyone joining us next sunday. Its an early start but should be great views, fun roads, and BRUNCH!!! Here is the route sheet for both legs and a map showing the blossom locations. I plan to get some stationary photos at the visitor center and out on Hain's point. I may also kick Brandy out with her camera to grab some shots as we do a parade lap or to around the tidal Basin that way she can catch a few monuments with your MINIs. Cherry Blossom Run.pdf
  13. New tires on and installed the JCW struts and Springs this morning. Giving roxy a day or two the settle before I ready run the new goodies through there paces. Just an alignment and an oil change on the checklist before the dragon. Both of those I am paying to have done. Some how the garage project list is empty, going to have to change that real soon.
  14. Good to know, I keep hearing both ways. Guess I am good for that mod now. You are making me what to go pick up a piece of exhaust tube and cut it out right now.
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