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  1. 1975_mini

    MINI on the Mack 2019

    Starts saving you cans now, they are 10 cents a piece in Michigan. So it's about 1600 miles round trip from my house to the Mack. 1600 miles divided by 30 miles to the gallon (ballpark) = 54 gallons of gas, yes i rounded up. 54 gallons of gas x $3.00 a gallon (again ballpark) = $162.00 $162.00 divided by 10 cents a can = 1620 can The average can crushed reduces a can volume from 23 cubic inches to 10 cubic inches so that's 16200 cubic inches or 9.375 cubic feet A coupe has 9.8 cubic feet of cargo space leaving me like half a cubic foot for clothes. Lets just ignore the fact that it is illegal to return cans from another state in Michigan.
  2. 1975_mini

    DCMM Club Picnic Pre-Run

    I am stealing Laura’s idea and I will also meet you an the MD side of the ferry
  3. 1975_mini

    K&N Intake for F55

    I felt the same about the open cone filters, but my JCW came with the NM engineering designed one when I bought it. So I decided to feel it out before replacing with an OEM air box with a K&N panel filter. In my option there is a noticeable effect from heat soak when sitting at a light, it is a little flat till about 15mph until fresh air has been drawn in. When moving there is no noticeable difference. The F series one at least partially seals the cone off from the engine bay, that in combination with a little heat reflective tape/material may prevent the heat soak I get at lights.
  4. 1975_mini

    K&N Intake for F55

    Looks good!! Although it does not add power gains, it does assist in future power gains as it will allow more air to be drawn in increasing flow. Flow is the goal when adding power to a turbo engine. Minimizing air restrictions in always a good first step: high flow intake, larger inter-cooler, high flow exhaust. What is does do now is likely make the turbo wine more pronounced, so it sounds faster.
  5. 1975_mini

    Polo in Poolesville! CANCELLED

    Please post the updated date when available, we are interested in this
  6. 1975_mini

    WTB Used Hood - 2012 Countryman S ALL4

    can You post a picture of the scratches in question.
  7. 1975_mini

    WTB Used Hood - 2012 Countryman S ALL4

    The best price on a respray for just the hood would be a local body shop. If you just have scratches in the hood, how deep are they (to bare metal). Get yours resprayed is the best bet for cost if they are to the metal. If not through the base coat a paint shop may be able the get them out with some compound buffing.
  8. 1975_mini

    WTB Used Hood - 2012 Countryman S ALL4

    No, I am pretty sure it is lightning blue, but you can remove the bezels, scotch bright and get it resprayed pretty cheap. Unfortunately a lot of horizon blues out there.
  9. 1975_mini

    WTB Used Hood - 2012 Countryman S ALL4

    There is one at the pick a park up here in Maryland. Hood is $45. I can go pull if you would like. Will post if later
  10. Cool, does the it seem smoother at idle.
  11. An induction service cleans carbon on the fuel side of your engine, this does not touch the back sides of the valves. If you don’t believe the gen1 engine with SC (boosted) has blow by then the walnut bast is not necessary. Induction is a chemical cleaning method, like the detergents already in your fuel just more consintrated. Comparing the two methods are apples and oranges, they clean different parts of the engine one is chemical one is mechanical. Two different things, like comparing the price of a sway bar and coil overs. Both are suspension parts but different thinks
  12. 1975_mini

    Craftsman standing tool chest

    Sorry it is gone. I forgot the update the post.
  13. 1975_mini

    WTB Used Hood - 2012 Countryman S ALL4

    I haven't seen and r60s in the yards yet, but I will definitely keep an eye out.
  14. 1975_mini

    Carbon Cleaning Group Buy Event - GTPeace Auto

    I have not for doing it in craig's spot. I coordinated dropping it off Friday evening as I am going out of town for the week. So they can do it whenever they have an opening during the week.
  15. 1975_mini

    Carbon Cleaning Group Buy Event - GTPeace Auto

    Mine will be sitting in the parking lot, so they can alway use it to fill craigs spot