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  1. I try to post external events especially those of our neighboring clubs. With everyone looking for summer plans I will be sure to post the ones I find. I know Dale with Hampton Roads MINIs is planning a summer run on the east coast since MTTS is cancelled. It is in the early stages so no details yet, but Dale does really good multiday runs and it may be a good alternative.
  2. For those that haven't seen the social media posts or are not on the MOTD emailing list, the event has moved to a non-official event. This means there will be not formal events (i.e. welcome dinner, bingo, brew swap, Farewell Dinner) and there will not be formally host runs. That being said Brandy and I will still be headed down as we have a cabin in Fontana Village and with so of the management changes lets just say I am "pot committed" to use a poker term. I know quite a few folks are also still making the pilgrimage, for surrounding clubs and like me will still be doing their run for anyone
  3. Steve, check your email UPDATE: if you are a yes RSVP please check your email, for important information about the Mistress run.
  4. I went with VIP custom's quad light bar, also available as a dual light setup. I included the link the the Gen 3 parts they offer below. The quad light bar is extra sturdy, their light set up mounts between the subframe and bumper making it very strong, might support a person. They also sell the setup will lights or I ordered Hella Black 500 Magic driving lights separately. http://www.vipcustomparts.com/F56 parts page.htm
  5. we use channel 7 sub 22. The weather looks good, and enough sun on Friday and Sat to clear whatever falls Tomorrow.
  6. I haven't done all that I wanted to. Roxy ('12 JCW Coupe) got new Haawk hps pads, slotted rotors, and steel braided lines front and rear. I also did a radio upgrade and installed a 15w radio with a external 3db antenna, no one can say they didn't hear the turn calls now. Watson ('75 MINI 1000) got a new fuel tank and lines.
  7. There is updated infomation in the event discription. The Main changes are: 1) event is limited to 20 MINIs! The 15 that already RSVP'd are locked in, so there are only 5 spots left. Don't wait to RSVP. 2) Due to hours of operation changes and COVID restrictions, the lunch stop is at a park and it is pack your own lunch, restroom are available. 3) The ending winery has shifted to Rappahannock Cellars, still in the Hume, VA area.
  8. If you are wrapping the entire hood you need to use a product like 3M's 1080 series vinyl wrap. When it comes to full panel wraps the quality and proper time of vinyl is very important. Using a sub-par product will never get you the result you want. If you are doing stripes or some other type of design, a sign shop can cut the pieces, make sure the are using a quality cast vinyl like oracal 651 or 751, as what the color waranty is on the material. Or you can always Plastidip.
  9. Can you give a little more detail are you looking to wrap the entire hood to include the incorporated front fenders a different color, or are you looking to change up the stripe/different graphic on the hood. Just want to be sure we are giving you proper advise on materials, etc...
  10. Awesome, I will be posting finalized plans early next week (Mon or Tues) Please follow the link at the top to RSVP, just so I am tracking you for my total numbers thanks.
  11. Absolutely, you just have to buy a single membership for yourself. You can find it in the website store. Your daughter is definately welcome to join you as your co-pilot.
  12. Thanks for pointing out, they got a new webpage. I have updated the link and it should be good now.
  13. Look forward to how it comes out. I have black on all the beezles and grille with the scope and door handles being carbon fiber. Also carbon fiber for the interior chrome.
  14. Ali threw me under the bus so I will weigh-in. Looking at your photo your common de-chrome points are the grille surrounds, door handles, beltline, headlight beezles, and MINI badging. there are a few ways to go about it: - the expensive way: they sell snap over or replacement pieces for the surround, beezles, door handles, and badges. This gets expensive very quickly exspecially on a gen 3 as everyone is still trying to make a buck off you. - cheapest option: plastidip, this is a spray on vinyl that can be pealed off when you no longer want it. advantages are cost, color
  15. Event Title: Premium Event: DCMM Scavenger HUNT Event Date: 03/21/2021 09:30 AM to 03/21/2021 05:00 PM Event Address: RSVP on the event here: Premium Event: DCMM Scavenger HUNT Join us for the first premium (Members Only) event of the year. We are bringing back a great event from the past the DCMM Scavenger Hunt. Spend the day gathering points by completely motoring activities in your MINI. We will have a morning leg to the hunt followed by a lunch break to enjoy each other company and see the leaderboard. Then we continue the hunt before ending in the afternoon with
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