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  1. 1975_mini

    What did you do to your Mini today?

    No special tool needed unless you are doing a gen1. It is $200 to have the dealer do it, but the belt is only $15 all the cost is labor. It is pretty straight forward project: - undo front passenger inner felt wheel well inner, and fold back to expose the engine. - unload the tensioner, and engage to pin that holds it up. This is the most difficult part, if you try the muscle it with a pry bar. I put the pry bar in place with the handle on the pad of the floor jack. Pump up the jack and let it do all the work, push in pin and release the jack. - pull the friction wheel tab that drives the water pump, to back it off the belt. - slide old belt off pulleys and slide new belt in. -push friction wheel tab back in, push up on tensioner will release spring loaded retention pin and lower on the belt - reinstall wheel linner and you are done takes about and hour, in the garage. I have not check if it is the same on gen3s, but like only minor differences.
  2. 1975_mini

    What did you do to your Mini today?

    Today’s project was to replace the drive belt (aka serpentine belt). Was pretty easy, once I had the light bulb moment and used the floor jack to unload the the tensioner. Had to do this weekend because the dealership failed her on inspection for a worn cracked belt. Which seems odd as I had not heard an squilling on start up or any other time. Once I got the old one out it was pretty clear someone wanted to make $200 for a belt replacement. Jokes on them $15 and and hour of my time.
  3. 1975_mini

    In gear but going no where

    Going to need a bit more info to take an educated guess: are you able to shift to neutral with the car off and start it? (the car runs with the clutch not engaged) If yes, can you place it in first with the clutch engaged or is the a grinding gear sound or a stumble and stall? If you can shift into first with no grinding or stall, when you try to take off does it feel like it is in a higher gear or not in gear at all?
  4. I can make either day work
  5. Update: JCW areo parts are accessories, but GP2 aero parts are not accessories. Not sure how that works. and sense it is in the emoji list I guess this is ok to use.
  6. Does this apply to lifestyle and motoring accessories on the shopMINIUSA.com catalog or only products in stock at the dealership, current gen3 tuning products or gen2 items still in inventory. To receive the discount do products need to be installed by the dealer? Who do we contact for price quotes on items?
  7. @Shadow is coordinating the details with GTPeace, and then will provide guidance on how to proceed.
  8. They likely have a bore scope with the ability to capture still images. If you mention it to them, and say you are just interested in how your looks (not questioning their work) I am sure they may be able to capture some for you. Those bore scopes a fancy and expensive, so I don't have any of those fancy tools.
  9. It is cleaning of the head, focusing on the backside of the valves. Forced induction engines (turbo or Super charger) create blow by, this is when oil vapor in the engine is still moving to fast to settle out of the gases that a routed back to the intake to be combusted (to improve emissions). The oil vapor condenses on the backside of the valves resulting in carbon buildup. This build up begins affecting the seating of the valves, creating rough running and once bad enough does not let the valves seat causing the engine not to start. Many people add a catch can to allow oil vapor more of a chance to settle. This is a good idea to do after the blasting treatment. Just my opinion it is a more of an issue for N14 but if you are running a reduced pulley on your supercharger you are creating more boost and therefore likely creating more blow by.
  10. 1975_mini

    Paceman Wheels on an F56?

    5x112 is used by VW/Audi if you want to watch for people that pulled those off, also popular cars that people switch rims so likely lots of 3rd party options
  11. 1975_mini

    Paceman Wheels on an F56?

    They are both 5 lug, but a gen2 countryman/paceman have a 5x120 pattern, the new gen3 are 5x112, and are not a match. a gen3 countryman has the same 5x112 so those would work. I have no idea why they changed from the standard BMW 5x120, wait I do they were tried of gen2 countryman and paceman owner buying BMW wheels from craigslist. No money in that.
  12. 1975_mini

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    I need to call and try to lock on a room today, I saw they were releasing non-renewed placed on the 19th
  13. 1975_mini

    Wahhhhhh!!!! I jammed my seat

    Is it caught in between the two sliders or between the seat base and the floor
  14. We also may want to reach out to C3M and include them. I will be at their quarterly M&G tomorrow if you would like me to bring it up to John just let me know.
  15. I would be interested, not a bad idea to have done. Just passed 40k and my driving style may promote blow-by. I plan on installing a catch can afterwards to help prevent future buildup