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  1. What year and model and how many miles. You really need to pull the codes, with out those it is an educated guess at best. I can tell the the common failure for your make an model with that info. Hopefully one of our eastern Maryland based folks can give some places.
  2. Hey all, I was speaking with David (GM of Passport MINI of Alexandria) at MINIs Take the Beltway this past weekend, and he asked me to share these. They had an owner decide that they did not like the wheel tire package that came on their new MINI, and they were replaced. So now they a stuck with a barely used set of wheels and tires. The set are black 18" rims (36-10-5-A31-927 Jet Black) wrapped in summer 205/40R18 86W Pirelli PZeros. New this combo is $2300, they just want the space back in there service bay so they are letting them go for $600 These are 5 lug and for F chassis (Gen3) MINIs If anyone is interested please reach out to David Hellmuth at 703-461-6275 or email his at davidhellmuth@passportauto.com If you grab them please let me know and I will update this posting. -Corey
  3. Dominic, we received notification of your donation last night. You are registered and good to go.
  4. MC, I shot you a response just let me know if that solution works for you.
  5. Not at this point the pre-order has been submitted, but we will be allow people to sign up for a second after event order. If there is enough interest we will place the order.
  6. What year and model MINI do you have?
  7. Yes it is the post in Springfield
  8. Sorry we are going to miss you
  9. Here are the GXP files for the 3 Legs of the Tri-State run. Also you can find to a how-to on using these for turn-by-turn directions at the link below. TriState Run Leg1(Leesburg to Brunswick).gpx TriState Run Leg2(Brunswick to Shepardstown).gpx TriState Run Leg3(Shepardstown to Breaux).gpx
  10. Susan, It is not posted I can post it this evening
  11. Fixed, and Instagram post photo updated
  12. Which state are you registered in? MD and VA are both ODB2 tests (i.e. plug into the port under your dash, and check for emission error codes). The exhaust you have linked is post O2 sensors and therefore likely would have no effect on the emission readings the car checks. Most vendors are not going to say it will pass emissions test and the vary per state, you could ask if they can confirm the exhaust does not cause an emission error code from the vehicle. This is something that they can likely confirm, and in MD and VA is the emission tests on newer vehicles. Additionally in Virginia you can drive past RAPIDPASS testing stations on the side of the road, and it is pretty had to fail those. lol
  13. The overlook is the only good photo stop on the dragon. Here is a photo there.
  14. Hey all, here is a video of some highlights from the run out to summit point.
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