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  1. Just some guesses. Have you checked your cabin filter critter can nest and leaves can make their way there and restrict air flow. Less air means little to no heat. Is your coolant level good, low coolant would hamper heat transfer. if those are all good then likely the heating core. Does it smell sweet when the heat is on. May just be clogged from age and you can flush it out.
  2. This is why I hate the they can now put up the 10 percent ethanol in gas. If I want ethanol I will buy ethanol! The vapor eats the fuel system on older cars. The gas gauge had quit working on Watson. I was pretty sure the fuel sender was bad. This is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the tank.
  3. You show a guy how to pop off one door card and next thing you know we is just taking off all sorts of trim. lol "Accidentally" breaking a part so you a justify an upgrade, I like what you did there.
  4. I like where your mind is.
  5. @MELO-R56, where did you have your side skirt fixed at?
  6. We look forward to seeing all that are attending the run today, I will be arriving at 1230, I have attached the parking area will will be meeting in. Drivers meeting is at 12:45!!
  7. Just finished the pre-run, the are plenty of good roads and doing a quick test of the brewery now. We fulled check out our events for our members.
  8. The are plenty of gen1s in the pick a parts. you can get one for a few bucks as long as you are willing to pull it. http://lkqpickyourpart.com/ the price list says ABS Unit (complete) $62.32
  9. Mario, You may also want to consider calling one of the two third party shops that offer club discounts. GT Peace automotive is located in Chantilly and PTunning in Manassas. Both are very familiar with MINIs and many members of the club use then for both basic maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. They are a very good option to save some money compared to dealer prices.
  10. Welcome, you do not need to buy a membership to attend runs, or access the forum. I encourage people to attend a few events and see if they enjoy it before buying a membership You do have to buy a membership to get a membership card which is what vendors will ask for to give you the club discount. A paid membership also opens up a few extra threads on the forum. what are you looking to have done to you MINI?
  11. I jokingly now call it MINIs take the Colonies 2020!!!
  12. What legs are you thinking? I am thinking picking it up in Pocono and going through Roanoke maybe Abingdon.
  13. Or we can do it Wed evening, in place of the welcome dinner. We can find somewhere to work it in.
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