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  1. 1975_mini

    First Road Trip...Limped Home

    Does the history mention walnut blasting, as carbon build up on the backside of the valves could definately contribute to rough idle and if enough build up intermittent misfires that would create lack of power. The High Pressure fuel pump is a common fail part, if it is going bad that could explain some of the issues under load. Both are just guesses, did you pull the codes being thrown that caused the CEL? if you have access to the service history look for HPFP replacement and Timing chain/tensor bolt replacement. Let us know what the shop says.
  2. 1975_mini

    First Road Trip...Limped Home

    Good detailed description of your issues, as opposed to the common I have a CEL, its making noises, whats wrong. I do have a few follow up questions: 1) how many miles on your MINI? 2) did you check the oil, once the issue happen or when you got home? If so what was the level? Thanks
  3. 1975_mini

    Pumpkin, Pork & Pastry Run

    Great run craig, even though the run gods have to a Honda for turn left out of the parking lot. It was great catching up with the regulars, and awesome to have some new folks join us.
  4. 1975_mini

    Pumpkin, Pork & Pastry Run

    I will be there in time for the drivers meeting.
  5. 1975_mini

    Run and Detailing demo

    I wanted judge the interest in the run that started near the VA/MD line and explored some of the twisties on the MD side end in Glen Burnie. There is a detailing supply shop there that I have been visiting recently. They are donating a prize for the MTTB and also mentioned an interest in host an event to demo so techniques and products and also offer a discount on products during the event. I will also be offering this to C3m as a collaborative event if there is enough interest.
  6. 1975_mini

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Drive

    MTTB 10 SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT:Our next sponsor is new to our event this year and we are happy to have the join @my.petrolbox PetrolBox is a monthly subscription made by automotive enthusiasts just like yourself! Each month we carefully select items such as tools, detailing supplies, apparel, novelty items, garage gear, and stickers, and send them right to your doorstep. Subscribe for yourself or simply give one as a gift! Don't forget, we also give away a set of cast Rotiform Wheels to one lucky subscriber, each month!Check out their website were you can see previous months boxes and sign up for a subscription www.mypetrolbox.com PetrolBox has been amazingly generous and donated 6 Premium boxes for this years raffle. Check out there site to see what all comes in a premium box to will not be disappointed
  7. 1975_mini

    Cabin fun

    @SneakyBaron is a recovering orange person
  8. 1975_mini

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Drive

    FREEBIES AND MORE CHANCES TO WIN!!! Are you joining us for MTTB 10 on Nov 11th Give yourself more chances to win and extra goodies in your registration bag by pre-donating online. All guests receive a registration bag with vendor goodies, discounts, and 10 raffle tickets for their $20 registration fee. Those that pre-donate using the link below will receive a MINIs Take The Beltway decal (a $5 value) in their Registration bags. Additional raffle tickets are available for a $1 each at the event, but for every additional $5 over our online registration fee we will add 6 tickets to your bag. THAT 1 FREE CHANCE TO WIN FOR EACH $5!!! Example: An online donation of $30 will get: Registration bag, Beltway decal, and 22 raffle tickets The Same $30 donation the day of gets a registration bag and 20 Raffle tickets. Go to dcmetrominis.org/mttbdonate to make sure you get the most chances to WIN while supporting a great cause.
  9. 1975_mini

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Drive

    MTTB 10 SPONOR SPOTLIGHT:WE have another amazing sponsor to announce TPepinPhotos Ever wonder how they get those crystal clear action photos for car ads, the answer is rig shoots. T. Pepin Photos specializes in these and has donated a shoot for the raffle. Get an amazing image of your MINI that would make the MINI marketing department jealous. Check out his work on Instagram at @tpepinphotos and at www.tpepinphotos.com
  10. 1975_mini

    First Time Mini Owner

    First welcome and congrats on your MINI. I agree with Carl, belt first. It is pretty easy to do yourself. The belt is $10 and it took me like 45 minutes to do. It’s between $200 and $250 for the dealer to do. Brake wear sensor is another easy one, take of wheel unplug and plug in new one. I am always looking at the brakes so I don’t need a sensor, so when the brake I just cut off the sensor and twist the wires to complete the circuit. All the oil leak demend on severity. The valve cover maybe more that the gasket, the plastic weld on the vacuum line fails often. This can be an issue because it tends to leak on the friction wheel causing the belt to slip. Whether gasket or cover it is a very easy DIY job the worst in effort and cost is the the oil housing gasket. It is a pain to access so it is between $800 and $900 to get replace with all the cost being in the labor. Good new is it does really effect anything other than getting some oil on the front of the engine. friendly advice the N14 in your mini is a thirsty little engine regularly check and top off you oil. This will prevent costly repairs like the timing chain. please reach out if you need any help
  11. 1975_mini

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Drive

    MINIS TAKE THE BELTWAY 10 SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT!!! Alicyn Drew Photography has donated a car shoot for this years raffle. Get that glamor shot of your MINI that makes the internet jealous. Check out her work at: www.alicyndrew.com MTTB 10 SPONOR SPOTLIGHT:We have another amazing sponsor to announce MiniManiaMiniMania has been in the business of providing parts and accessories for the original Classic Mini Coopers since 1974, and as a result Mini Mania is the largest US supplier of parts for the Classic Mini. They developed performance parts for the new MINI Cooper and Cooper 'S' in 2001, a year before the car was released in this country, and continue as enthusiasts and a leader in providing parts and accessories for the MINI Coopers.Whether you drive a Classic Mini Cooper or a modern MINI Cooper, their dedicated staff works hard to provide you with a great selection of products and prices to meet your budget and your Motoring needs.They have donated some great gifts that we will be turning into two prize packages that have everything you need to make you and your MINI look great. Also expect a little something extra for MiniMania in your registration bag. Check out the all the high quality parts and accessories they have for you and your MINI. ‪ https://www.minimania.com/
  12. 1975_mini

    Timing Chain and Camshaft Adjustor

    See that you are in woodbridge, PTunning in Manassas your be the closest you you. They have work with the group for quite a few years and I have never heard a bad word. @MarkDDrew and @TGGRRR (Ali) can speak about them if you shoot them a message. There is also GTPeace in Chantilly that again have great reviews, I known @Shadow has had work done there, if you would like to get someones first hand experience.
  13. 1975_mini

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Drive

    MTTB 10 SPONOR SPOTLIGHT: We have another amazing sponsor to announce CRAVENSPEED. CRAVENSPEED is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, all sharing a passion for customer service, quality, and cars! With almost a decade of Aftermarket Auto manufacturing experience, we know quality, performance and value. They have donated 3 gift certificates for this year’s raffle. Check out the all the high quality accessories they have for your MINI. https://www.cravenspeed.com/mini/
  14. 1975_mini

    Timing Chain and Camshaft Adjustor

    Knock sensor and Camshaft adjuster and pretty easy and straight forward and are easily accessible. Timing chain is a bit more of a process requiring special tools to lock the engine components in place, an N14 is an interference engine meaning moving components occupy the same space at different times in the engine cycle. If they get off things start touching each other violently. Also if the guides have begun to brake you will need to fish all those components out, not fun. I would say unless the can borrow the locking brackets from someone and are very comfortable with the inner working of an engine I would defer to a 3rd party mini shop there are several in the club vendors. If they are doing the timing chain, there would probably be little to know labor increase for the knock sensor and cam adjuster. You could save a bit sourcing and ordering the parts yourself, then just having the shop install it. Detroit Tuned sells a very good replacement timing chain kit. Please let me know if I can help anymore. Sorry, probably not the answer you are looking for.