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    I'm been a gearhead as long as I can remember. Always loved Minis and finally bought one!
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    Cars, IPAs (the hoppier the better), Photography, Firearms, Ebay, Estate Sales, Airplanes.
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    Cooper S Clubman
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  1. Gearhead60

    Motoring to West End Wine Bar and Pub

    Dragon Hops looks like a good destination.....maybe after a few, we can spin over to Summit Point and take drive around the track!
  2. Gearhead60

    New Member Benefit

    Brain Cramp! I actually got my loan and pricing through USAA not PFCU, although I belong to both. I even priced my car through the buying service and got $4300 off the retail price.
  3. Gearhead60

    New Member Benefit

    Sounds like a great benefit to those who don't already belong to a CU. I would certainly look into belonging if I didn't already belong to Pentagon Federal CU. I had their financing in hand when I bought Lilli. Mini at the time was offering 0% financing, so Mini won on this one!
  4. Gearhead60

    It’s got how many miles??

    Here you are....I'll forego the $1.
  5. Gearhead60

    New MINI question

    With Waze you might need to go into the settings in the APP and choose Bluetooth for the sound output. It's a little screwy sometimes but I know on my 2017 it comes through the speakers if I hit all the right buttons
  6. Gearhead60


    Thanks for the info. Who should I talk to at PT about doing the alignment? I live close by, so schedule is not an issue....
  7. Gearhead60


    What did they charge for the alignment?
  8. Gearhead60

    Spring Fling 2018: Drive & Lunch in VA wine country

    I'm maybe right now...with one passenger....
  9. Gearhead60

    Will it fit?!

    This thread requires pictures as proof.....LOL... Please post pictures to substantiate this wild claim.....
  10. Gearhead60

    Coffee to Carbs 2018 Edition - Feb 24th

    Post run portrait.....
  11. Gearhead60

    Coilover Installation

    Keep in mind that an alignment is different than having the car corner weighted.... https://robrobinette.com/corner_weight.htm
  12. Gearhead60

    Coffee to Carbs 2018 Edition - Feb 24th

    OMG, we might melt!
  13. Gearhead60

    Coilover Installation

    I'm not sure who does it in Northern Virginia, but after doing the coilovers I would also get the car corner weighted, especially if you are going to track the car or run autocrosses. Someone like GT Peace might be able to do it.
  14. Gearhead60

    Will it fit?!

    Try this in your coupe.....
  15. Gearhead60


    OK, you can barely fit stuff in your Coupe, but wait I have a Clubman and there's more room.....