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    I'm been a gearhead as long as I can remember. Always loved Minis and finally bought one!
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  1. Gearhead60

    CANCELED: PTuning Cars N Coffee Run

    I might try to stop in after the Manassas Christmas parade. Got priorities.......
  2. Gearhead60

    Happy Hour: Sine's, Pentagon Row

    I could probably make it to the Sine's in Richmond before I could make it to this one.....LOL.
  3. Gearhead60

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Lunch

    I'll have +1 also.......
  4. Gearhead60

    Happy Hour: Sine's, Pentagon Row

    Sorry, but too damn hard to get there from Manassas.....
  5. Gearhead60

    Tire Opinions?

    I've had the Continental DWSs, the Pirelli P7s, and now Michelin Premiers on my wife's Mazda 5. The Contis did not wear long enough in my opinion. The Pirellis actually got to 35,000 before I replaced them for losing wet traction. They were probably still good for 10,000 miles and sold them for $50 on FB market place! We're now on the Premiers and they are working really well. On my Clubman, I have the Pirelli P7 runflats. Dealer had to replace 2 under the Road Hazard warranty. I don't expect to get more than 25,000 miles on them. Traction has been good in all conditions. I've not had to run them in any serious accumulation of snow, but expect the all wheel drive to help with that. When looking forward, I will look at non runflat options, likely looking at what the current Pirelli or Michelin options might be. I worked for Goodyear for many years, but haven't been impressed with their offerings lately. Just remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for". This holds very true in regard to tires. I recently bought tires for my son's car and put the VREDESTEIN QUATRAC 5 on his Mazda 3, https://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?zip-code=20110&width=205/&ratio=45&diameter=17&rearWidth=255/&rearRatio=40&rearDiameter=17. So far they seem to be a reasonable tire for the price and are holding up well. Vredestein has been around as long as I can remember and my dad put them on his BMW more than 30 years ago, replacing the self destructing Continentals. They are well regarded in Europe. Where to buy? Try Tirerack or Discount Tire. Tirerack has a network of installers that you can have them sent to once you decide. Not sure about Discount Tire. I've bought countless tires from Tirerack and have never has an issue.
  6. Gearhead60

    Was it you???

    Nothing but blank stares out here in Manassas......
  7. I do the oil changes between the warranty ones. Mini says every 10,000....I say F that. I change it every 5,000. I have a shop with a lift at work and I can do it relatively easily. Add in I'm 45-60 minutes from any Mini dealer so the aggravation of taking it there outweighs doing it myself. As far as other fluids I only have 12,000 miles on the car. I haven't even added windshield washer fluid yet, although I just ordered BMW concentrate from Amazon. Damn warning chime, I must finally be low. I haven't figure out how the change the headlight fluid yet, but am open to assistance....
  8. Gearhead60


    Nice Asses!
  9. Gearhead60

    K&N Intake for F55

    Apples to Oranges in my opinion. Read this article, especially down at the bottowm where they cover the F series cars.... http://www.motoringfile.com/2018/04/20/need-cold-air-intake-system-mini/ If you are looking for relatively inexpensive performance gains, buy a Dinan Dinantronix tuner ($300 new, or less used) or the NM Module. I have the Dinantronix and it is a noticable gain in power and performance that is worth the money. I have the earlier model which increases HP by about 30hp, but they now have what they call the Elite model which is a lot more money with substantial more HP.
  10. Gearhead60

    K&N Intake for F55

    Looking at the picture, it would seem that the area where the cone filter sits is sealed by the hood. Assuming this is correct, the feed of air is still coming from the air snorkel, that directly fed the old air box, positioned in front of it. So, it follows that the amount of air the CAI can pull in is no more than when the air box was installed. The only way you will see a chance of increasing performance is by increasing the volume of fresh air to take advantage of the bigger surface area of the filter. I now see why no one publishes a measurable increase in performance with a CAI on the F series cars. BTW, CAI is really a bad label for this part as no more cold air comes into this area than before..... On the issue of heat sink, I would think with the factory air box supplying fresh air through the snorkel, it likely provides an insulating effect from the engine heat, thereby cancelling out any effective heating of the air from the engine, especially at idle. Aside from the difference in sound, the visual appeal and the butt dyno feel, I would have to conclude that for performance sake, these intake systems are a waste of money....
  11. Gearhead60

    K&N Intake for F55

    I wasn't willing to spend the money for the CAI so I opted for the AFE filter. Butt dyno says about 1% increase in power and sound quality.....
  12. Gearhead60

    K&N Intake for F55

    My concern about these open air filters under the hood vs. drawing from the outside is the temperature of the air. We all know that a cooler, denser charge makes for more power.....
  13. Gearhead60

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    We'll bring Brownies.....
  14. Gearhead60

    Found something to code

    Not a problem....always have adapter with me.....
  15. Gearhead60