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  1. My building is having a blood drive through Inova on July 24, 2019 and we are very short of people. Here is the link if you are interested in donating: https://www.inovabloodsaves.org/index.cfm?group=op&step=2&opid=23676&opidh=BB6232B6974726461B98D2432C860E7C&idt=43663.4627662
  2. Free!!! I have a Thule roof rack that I used on my R56 a couple of times. I bought it second hand and it’s in rough shape. Includes the fairing, but I don’t have the keys for the locks.
  3. Set of Hawk HPS brake pads. HB560 F. 677 Purchased for a 2007 R56 S with stock brakes. Box is a little beat up, but pads are still shrink wrapped. Detroit Tuned is currently selling these for $110 (same as I paid a few years ago). Asking $65
  4. You should come anyway! Not necessary to have the MINI with you.
  5. I got a wave from a Volcanic Orange 2-Dr F56 on the beltway this morning. It had black stripes and "37" on the side, like the JCW Racing Team cars. I think I've seen that MINI around Poolesville, too. Is it anyone here?
  6. I just looked at the website and it says they are sold out. :(
  7. He tinted mine, too. Highly recommend!
  8. Is this still happening tomorrow?
  9. I did a quick search and this is apparently a known issue on cars with larger sunroofs and there seems to be a class action lawsuit against BMW (it was not clear if MINI was included). It would probably be worthwhile to call MINI USA to make sure they are aware of the issue. I agree that your insurance should take care of it though. I'm glad you're ok. That had to be really scary.
  10. I think it’s your car and you should do what you like. You’re putting red trim on it, not putting a JCW decal. Personally, I think the red will look great!
  11. As of now, the weather looks pretty good for this! I'm looking forward to finally getting to really clean up the cars.
  12. I'm planning on doing this too. I took the grill off of my R56 and it was just a couple of clips, so pretty easy. I have a set of plastic tools that are meant for removing trim pieces, so hopefully that will help make sure I don't break anything.
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