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  1. I can’t find a straight answer on this... Will wheels from a Paceman/Countyman fit an F56? I know the bolt pattern is the same, but I’m not sure if there’s more to it.
  2. Since you don't have the turbo, the issue isn't as bad. I wouldn't think you would need this, especially with the low mileage.
  3. GreenCactus

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    It needs to be burned down.
  4. GreenCactus

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    Did you get a cabin?
  5. GreenCactus


    I just talk to whoever answers the phone. I'll usually ask if Justin can do the alignment, though.
  6. GreenCactus

    What a great week and an idea for next year

    There were a few years where Katie hosted a DCMM "party" at her cabin on Wednesday after the Welcome Dinner. That was usually fun and lower key than a run. Of course, a run that's just our group and isn't advertised to the public wouldn't be as stressful. It could be more of a "drive to this place and do something" than an a "plan the twistiest run to the craziest place possible" run. I like the boat idea that I saw somewhere on Facebook, too. Maybe we could get some carrier pigeons to help with the communication issues?
  7. GreenCactus

    What a great week and an idea for next year

    I'm happy to help especially if it's just DCMM (or friends of DCMM). I'm having Spaghetti Dinner flashbacks with tons of people wandering in and out of the cabin.
  8. GreenCactus


    They book up fast, especially if you need to go on a Saturday! It took almost a month for me to get Michael's car in.
  9. GreenCactus

    Dragon brain

    Ooh! Good idea!!
  10. GreenCactus

    Dragon brain

    I remember why I usually come down for the whole week. I'm not getting ANYTHING done at work today. I suspect tomorrow will be even worse.
  11. I'll ask Michael if he would be interested in this.
  12. GreenCactus

    Dragon brain

    Here's a webcam: https://tailofthedragon.com/webcam/
  13. GreenCactus

    Dragon brain

    How is anyone getting anything done? I cannot focus at all and I still have two more work days!!
  14. GreenCactus

    Going down [edited] now Wednesday

    I’m leaving Tuesday after work and staying in Salem, VA. I’ll arrive early afternoon on Wednesday!
  15. GreenCactus

    Spring Fling 2018: Drive & Lunch in VA wine country

    This is the first year that I can remember that the weather is actually going to be nice!