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  1. I did a quick search and this is apparently a known issue on cars with larger sunroofs and there seems to be a class action lawsuit against BMW (it was not clear if MINI was included). It would probably be worthwhile to call MINI USA to make sure they are aware of the issue. I agree that your insurance should take care of it though. I'm glad you're ok. That had to be really scary.
  2. I think it’s your car and you should do what you like. You’re putting red trim on it, not putting a JCW decal. Personally, I think the red will look great!
  3. As of now, the weather looks pretty good for this! I'm looking forward to finally getting to really clean up the cars.
  4. I'm planning on doing this too. I took the grill off of my R56 and it was just a couple of clips, so pretty easy. I have a set of plastic tools that are meant for removing trim pieces, so hopefully that will help make sure I don't break anything.
  5. I'm really curious about this stuff. How difficult was it to apply?
  6. Longest workday of the year...
  7. I need to pick up beer for the brew swap and wash the car again. The pollen is just insane.
  8. I’m not opposed to not having coffee in my coffee mug. Our association doesn’t do much other than snow removal and mowing the common areas. I’m annoyed because the decided to start enforcing parking rules. Except they don’t. Don’t make me put an ugly sticker on my car and then let my neighbor have a broken down, pile of unregistered bolts taking up a visitor spot! <insert Ali-like swearing here>
  9. New wheels/tires are on! Tomorrow is detailing day. Sunday is laundry and packing. Dragon Brain is seriously impeding my ability to be productive at work.
  10. I’m now a “no”. I just found out our homeowners association meeting is the same night. We’re having a lot of issues, so I really need to be there. Boo.
  11. The dent guy at the Dragon does a good job. He fixed a couple on Cricket one year. He also fixed a scratch.
  12. Ugh... I have such bad Dragon Brain today...
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