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  1. We will meet you at Point of Rocks.
  2. Michael and I are registered for 10am at MINI of Montgomery County.
  3. I went yesterday and it was pretty crazy. Lots of great cars and it seemed like most people behaved.
  4. This event is back! The Potomac Cars and Coffee got shut down due to people doing dumb things, so that event is now combining with the Poolesville Cars and Coffee. The first one is this Sunday, May 9 at 19701 Fisher Avenue, Poolesville, MD 20837 from 9-11am. Here is the updated link: https://fb.me/e/26eSjiWW5 I'm planning on being there if the weather is decent. *Please note: Whites Ferry is still closed, so you'll either need to come up River Road or through Point of Rocks.
  5. Michael uses a Battery Tender on Sonja.
  6. R56 Service Manual Free to good home. I will NOT ship. Pick up in Poolesville or Tysons.
  7. I have the OEM ones on my F56 and on Michael's Roadster. Mine came with them and he installed his own, with the OEM kit. I LOVE them! I drive rural roads at night and I really don't know how I would see without them.
  8. I hit a deer and Gretchen lost her front stripes. She's getting new ones once I make a decision on what I want. I also bought spark plugs, but it's been too cold to change them. Stupid winter.
  9. Michael and I are possibly interested. One of the reasons we stopped going to BMW NCC events is that most of them were in Waldorf and that is 70 miles each way for us, making for a VERY long day. They were a great group for beginners when I started. I know there has been a lot of turnover within the organization, so I'm not sure what it's like now. Michael autocrossed with CDC and really liked them. We both liked the format of their events and that they had events in Frederick a couple of times a year.
  10. Depending on the weather, I may stop by the brewery at the end, but I will not be participating in the drive.
  11. Sold! (Given away, but it's gone!)
  12. Bumping this up! FREE!!! If it’s not claimed by Thursday, it’s going in the trash.
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