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  1. We will be there. Not sure what we'll bring yet. I'll update when we decide.
  2. I’m here! I parked on level 2 of the garage across the street.
  3. I have a meeting at one of my other buildings this afternoon and it happens to be closer to Caboose! Yay!!
  4. Just a heads up... Brion's double charged me for my drink on Sunday. I have no doubt it was an honest mistake, but be sure to check your cards!
  5. Be sure to brush up on your MINI/Mini and general car/racing trivia! You could win a $25 gift card for Cuginis!
  6. I hope they come near our area!
  7. Here’s the link to Cugini’s tap list. Check often and don’t get your heart set on anything, as it changes fast! https://untappd.com/v/cuginis-restaurant-bar/863949
  8. I hate to back out at the last minute, but I’m not going to make it tomorrow. I’ve just run out of time to put anything together.
  9. We need to get the windows on the truck tinted, so if we're going to do a tint party, I'm in. (I might have two other cars interested, too).
  10. That's kind of annoying. I'd rather go to Montgomery County because it's a lot closer, but I'll go to Alexandria because I'll know people there. It will also split the participation that is already pretty low. I hope more people come out tomorrow than have RSVPd.
  11. PTuning in Manassas is a really good shop and I know they work on BRZs. GTPeace in Chantilly is good too, but I'm not 100% sure they work on BRZs.
  12. Did I see on Facebook that Montgomery County is having a Halloween party at the same time?
  13. I’ll meet everyone at Monk’s.
  14. I’m in Roadster Negotiations right now... Gretchen doesn’t want to go, so I have to see if Sonja is available.
  15. Event Title: MINIs Take Poolesville Drive and Fundraiser for MTTB Event Date: 11/02/2019 02:00 PM to 11/02/2019 06:00 PM Event Address: RSVP on the event here: MINIs Take Poolesville Drive and Fundraiser for MTTB Let's raise some extra money for MTTB by showing off our MINIs in Poolesville! We will be meeting at Starbucks in Leesburg (1011 Edwards Ferry Rd NE, Leesburg, VA 20176) and then cross over the Potomac on Whites Ferry. (The Ferry is $5 CASH one way). We will then take a scenic run though the backroads of Poolesville before heading to Cugini's where we will show off our cars and hopefully raise more $$$ for Operation Second Chance with a 50/50 Raffle. Timing: 2:00pm - Meet at Starbucks in Leesburg (1011 Edwards Ferry Rd NE) 2:30pm (approx) - Meet at the Maryland side of Whites Ferry 2:40pm - Begin Poolesville Run 3:30pm - Arrive at Cugini's End time - I said 6:00pm, but you are welcome to stay later or leave earlier. There are several other restaurants in Poolesville if pizza isn't your thing. Also, Markoff's Haunted Forest will be open later in the evening for anyone who wants to be scared. *Cuginis is a bar and kids are not permitted on the bar side, however, there is a back room and a dining room where kids are allowed. We will likely be in the back room. Dogs are only permitted on the patio which is very small and also the smoking area. RSVP on the event here: MINIs Take Poolesville Drive and Fundraiser for MTTB
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