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  1. GreenCactus

    R56 Wheel Locks

    I still have these... price dropped to $20!
  2. GreenCactus

    Cargo/Pet Liner

    I'm bumping this because I still have it and still haven't used it. Price dropped to $50!!
  3. GreenCactus

    Post Holiday Party

    I’m keeping an eye on the weather today. If it’s bad tonight, I’m not going to make it.
  4. GreenCactus

    MINIs on the Dragon 17

    I'm registered!
  5. GreenCactus

    Post Holiday Party

    I will bring Maple Bacon Muffins.
  6. GreenCactus

    OOOPS! MINI Damage-Recommend painter?

    The place @Edge used was D&V autobody in Sterling. Michael has used them as well and they do great work. They are NOT cheap, but you get what you pay for. When Gretchen was rear-ended, I took her to Poolesville Autobody and they did a great job. It was very reasonable (not that I cared, the at-fault insurance picked up the tab). A full bumper repaint was $400 and took about 3 days.
  7. GreenCactus

    CANCELED: PTuning Cars N Coffee Run

    Is it EVER going to stop raining???
  8. GreenCactus

    CANCELED: PTuning Cars N Coffee Run

    I'm going to skip the run due to the distance, but I'll see everyone at Ptuning!
  9. GreenCactus

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Drive

    Ill help with registration and take down/setup/move.
  10. I'm really, really not happy about this, but I had to cancel. The weather is looking even worse now and I don't want to go through all of the trouble to make the costume for it to be cancelled anyway. ?
  11. The weather looks horrible for Saturday.
  12. GreenCactus

    Happy Hour: Sine's, Pentagon Row

    I have an eye doctor appointment on Wednesday in MD, so I won't be able to make this.
  13. GreenCactus

    Run and Detailing demo

    I would definitely be interested in this!
  14. GreenCactus

    Pumpkin, Pork & Pastry Run

    I'm remaining a maybe, but it's really unlikely I'll make it. I will try to meet up for lunch or desserts, though.
  15. Dana is going, but she hasn't RSVP'd yet. She's not on the website much. I know she's going because I'm helping her with Miranda's costume.