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    Born-N-Raised in Houston, TX. Moved to the DC area in 2006.
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    Love seeing the sights and being seen with my MINIs and fellow MINIacs! :)
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    Factory JCW GP2 (Hatchback)
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  1. Looks like Corey intends on sending to the final participants right before the event this weekend.
  2. 1 Non-MINI in attendance.
  3. First 2020 posting! Saw Hilary and "Johnny" in Fairfax this AM! ::Waving::
  4. FAST060


    So excited for free Zin Burger!
  5. PawPaw is in town this weekend. Maybe SMOKIE and I can put some rubber on the road. It's only been like 3 years since we Autox'd! :: Facepalm::
  6. I am a huge fan of Prima Products and I wanted to spread the gospel. https://mailchi.mp/8b6014d811e1/10-off-storewide-prima-website-launch?e=ddf7d10511 This link is to their site launch and launch deals specifically! Enjoy! Cheers!
  7. Heading to the show today! ::Waving::
  8. Waving! Pretty sure that's my morning commute!
  9. Doing some after work retail therapy and came out to the ride to find some MINI luv!
  10. I must confess, I haven't been the best MINIac. I haven't been waving from SMOKIE but if I'm in THE ADMIRAL, I am a waving fool! Why is that? IDK. Anywho! Sending some virtual waves to everyone!
  11. My First MINI! Good old Blur! ??
  12. What is this Dragon you speak of?
  13. Was it you?!!! I've been spotting a lot of GP2s lately. It could be the same one but today the sparkling GP2 on Edsall Rd was all I could see in my salty, crusty rear window and previously on the Merrifield section of Lee Highway. ::Waving::
  14. Thought I was going to be proposal free this weekend! That's what I get for thinking! ::MotorOn::
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