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  1. me & Kyle are in, Kevin is a maybe
  2. Are there bathrooms at the lunch stop and are any of your winery’s open yet??
  3. If Graham County & NC and everywhere else was to reopen by the end of April, would you go to the dragon even though MOTD is canceled?
  4. Why later in the year when you already have approved leave now???
  5. Hypothetical question, if all this was to blow over and the world reopened, even though MOTD is canceled, would anyone consider going??
  6. i know the service can be slow at The Hub but I like the food, I just checked their hour and it might not work out unless we do breakfast later in the week We did the fancy place Saturday last year and I think it worked out. Everything is usually packed up and your tired of eating at Wildwood by then.
  7. are we doing dinner at The Hub any nights or the fancy place in the lodge??
  8. I’m not sure what our plans are yet but I’m leaning more towards Wednesday
  9. We plan on rolling out at dawn Sunday, full circus, both cars & a puppy hopefully we’ll make it by dinner
  10. I wish, we’re leaving around 430 Sunday morning
  11. I have to work tomorrow
  12. Drunk Ali!! WHOOP WHOOP!
  13. Last couple installs & vacuuming Sunday and the ducks ready to get loaded up!
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