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  1. Last couple installs & vacuuming Sunday and the ducks ready to get loaded up!
  2. ME! I have my canvas & brushes, hopefully I remember to bring them
  3. I get off at 530, depends on traffic and if I actually get out on time
  4. things that are done disc brake conversion gauges & tac installed turn signals & flashers fixed painting 2 out of 3 mirrors things to do stickering & detail install new headlights install new passenger seat oil change install passenger mirror rewire radio gather all spare parts & put them in the car Then run around and do all the things I forgot last minute
  5. We'll be rolling out at 5 Sunday morning, with the trailer and the classics who knows when we'll get down there, hopefully before it gets dark
  6. I’ll volunteer for tie breaker runner
  7. We might do the lunch stop, STKRS 2 is back in storage and the duck isn't ready for a trip to VA yet. I wouldnt want the poo car to break anyones lens
  8. I'm gonna try to make it, I'll be in the Poo car so Ill be sure to park a couple spots away lol
  9. If there is any miscalculation and someone ends up homeless the other bed in my room is open if you need it. Im cross town in Katies cabin.
  10. Ill be heading down Sunday morning down 81. Im usually an hour infront of you guys but if I end up getting a late start maybe I'll jump in the line.
  11. Im in just let me know which night
  12. I got another crab eater! My dad is coming!
  13. since only 2 of us are actually getting crabs I think the run should be renamed to The Great DCMM Treck Across Maryland :motor:
  14. Im game for crabs, if I can get Derrek out of bed he'll probably want snow crab but I can try and sway him to get Blue.
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