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  1. I went to P Tuning the other day and got a 10% discount on labor. They have also informed me that the discount has been discontinued but they still gave me it because I asked.
  2. Oh wow, thank you so much! I did not expect it to be this detailed. For tires, I just got a new set of Kumho Ecsta 4X II a few months ago to replace the original run flats and I felt an immediate improvement to the driving experience. However, I don't think the tires that I have gotten are performance-level tires, and will look to replace them with a better set when they wear out. With brakes, I have also been looking at them recently and I want to get the JCW Brake Kit but I am currently running a new set of 16" wheels. It would cost me way too much to get an entire new set of 17" for the brake kit. Moreover, I want to get a whole new set of rotors and pads for my F56 but I'm afraid that I might get something that is worse than OE and underperform since I don't know that much about brakes. I checked Hawk HPS+ out but they don't seem to have options for 3rd gen. For the rear sway bar, I didn't know it would be that efficient against understeer since the initial reason that I was looking at strut and chassis braces was to eliminate understeer. The price point is a bit high for me atm but I will definitely get them sooner or later. With the suspension part, do you think lowering springs would be a bad idea since I only look to lower it a tiny bit (about an inch lower than OE)? Lastly, do you mind if I contact you directly later on if I have any specific questions? Promise I won't barrage you with questions. Once again, thank you so much for the recommendation!!!
  3. I see, my MINI is mainly for daily driving and backroad driving with some occasional track days (once every few months). Thank you in advance for your recommendations!
  4. I am planning on buying the front strut brace from Racing Dynamics and I want to ask if I should prioritize getting strut braces for my car first or chassis braces first. Thank you in advance!
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