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  1. Still any chance to get a t-shirt?
  2. I may go as this is very close to my home.
  3. XL or XXL Men’s short sleeve any color.
  4. Anyway to still get a tshirt?
  5. I’m confused. There’s three of us. Would I have to pay $34 just so I can meet you all in their parking lot?
  6. Who is still going? We’re leaving on 8/1 and getting to just north of Ann Arbor on the first day. The next day, we’re driving over to near Lansing to meet up with a group that’s going to drive the Tunnel of Trees on the way to Saint Ignace. On 8/4, we’re going to meet up with the Canadian Bacon group and will run with them until the ferry to Newfoundland. After that, we’ll work our way home.
  7. What is still needed for the picnic?
  8. I’ll be in Orlando Friday Afternoon. Going on the dinner cruise tomorrow night in Clearwater with MINIs takes Florida.
  9. My Nav and Comms guy is my 12 year old. This will be his 3rd MTTS.
  10. As much as I’d like to start out in Portland, it’s just not practical for us. At this point, we’re planning to take the Auto Train down to FL and go all athe way to Keystone. We’ll probable go down Monday night 7/9 in order to participate a little bit in MINIs Take Florida.
  11. NUTTY

    MINI on the Mack

    Who's on the road today on the way to St. Ignace? We're on the Ohio Turnpike now and will be stopping just North of Ann Arbor tonight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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