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  1. I am not sure when we will get there, Corey is installing vinyl currently since yesterday did not go as planned. We will text when we are there
  2. Brandy_Brown


    Some of them did, These are the non edited ones. I am working on editing at home in the evenings. Your car just parked in the perfect spot
  3. Brandy_Brown


    @NYRican MC40
  4. Brandy_Brown


    @NYRican MC40
  5. Brandy_Brown


  6. Brandy_Brown


    @NYRican MC40
  7. I just placed Corey's and mine. Thats 3.
  8. The Tavern at the Inn is now open, So if we can't get a reservation we can try there.
  9. Good you added the restaurant on there, just have to remember we have to make reservations this year
  10. Our biggest issue is we have to have 2 rooms since all 3 of the girls will be with us. Unless Caylee gets into the summer program at USC. The hotel we stayed at last year is 170 a night per room and we are staying for 3 days. Plus a day/ night in Detroit or Ann Arbor for college tour if she is with us. this year is going to be a tough year for anything
  11. Holy Crap, we just looked at prices for hotels and they are considerably higher than we paid before. This is looking like an over a $1000 trip for us.
  12. Of course Faith can come! You guys are welcome anytime!
  13. Welcome, so glad to have you! We will see you then
  14. I am a maybe, I already have plans that day (Six Flags Haunted Houses) bit if we are not going until late then I will be coming
  15. I also have the one we take to the Mack, I think it is already in my car, that way we have a backup
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