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    Wine tastings, horseback riding, softball, and of course my mini


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  1. Brandy_Brown

    MINI on the Mack 2019

    I will definitely be going, doing college tour on our way. Don't know the days we will leave and come home yet though.
  2. Brandy_Brown

    June 2018 Board Meeting

    I am a maybe, Traffic at that hour is disastrous
  3. Corey is not available the 14th, eventually he will remember he will be on a family vacation
  4. Brandy_Brown

    Motoring to Magnolia's at the Mill

    I wish I could go on this but I have to work
  5. Brandy_Brown

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    It will probably be just him next year so he doesn’t need a big one. And I don’t need him bringing any pets home
  6. Brandy_Brown

    Dragon brain

    I am hoping that I kick this cold or I am going to be miserable, not sure if it’s just allergies but this head cold is killing me especially at work when there is nothing to do!! Uugghh
  7. Brandy_Brown

    Cherry Blossom Run

    Hahaha not sure we can call it a run, lol
  8. Brandy_Brown

    Dragon brain

    My car hasn’t even been started yet, Corey still needs to do the springs and new brakes, and cut my vinyl so I can put it on but I am Not sure I will even be able to attend now, so uugghh
  9. Brandy_Brown

    2018 Sunrise Drive on the Dragon - Thursday

    Laura I will go with you at any time, I am open and free other than those few things I am doing, corey is doing his own thing
  10. Brandy_Brown

    photograph your MINI at the Dragon

    Mine is available anytime as well!
  11. Brandy_Brown

    What runs are you doing?

    Ok my schedule is pretty light, I am doing wine and paint and bingo on Thursday the waterfall run Friday, I will be at the club photo also that’s my plan
  12. Brandy_Brown

    What runs are you doing?

    i am going to stay away from spirited runs for myself, we are bringing both cars, since my accident i am a little more hesitant and still have not gotten the feel for Nila. He on the on the hand is a driver so he and roxy will be doing those spirited runs. we are scheduled to be there on Thursday, travel plans and time of arrival are up in the air, right now i am definitely in on bingo, and wine and painting, i want to do the deep creek waterfalls run, maybe the ice cream or apple pie run. considering doing the dome run instead of the brew swap as well.
  13. Brandy_Brown

    Mini Cooper hot wheels

    It’s yours!
  14. Brandy_Brown

    Craftsman standing tool chest

    Corey is cleaning out his stuff, and since he got a new fancy one for Xmas he is selling this one! Good starting out or just looking to store a little stuff. Chest 54 inches high by 27 inches wide. 5 drawer with 2 additional storage sections, fully locking! Let me know if you have any questions or him! $50
  15. Brandy_Brown

    Winter Vintner Run

    Sent you Corey’s tasting money just now, I can’t do cider so I will pass