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    Wine tastings, horseback riding, softball, and of course my mini


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    Cooper S All4 Countryman
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  1. Brandy_Brown

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Lunch

    Of course Faith can come! You guys are welcome anytime!
  2. Brandy_Brown

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Lunch

    Welcome, so glad to have you! We will see you then
  3. Brandy_Brown

    Pumpkin, Pork & Pastry Run

    I am a maybe, I already have plans that day (Six Flags Haunted Houses) bit if we are not going until late then I will be coming
  4. Brandy_Brown

    Poolesville Day Parade

    I also have the one we take to the Mack, I think it is already in my car, that way we have a backup
  5. Brandy_Brown

    MINIs on the Dragon 2019 Paint afternoon

    As of right now I am not able to attend this coming year. ?
  6. Brandy_Brown

    MINI on the Mack 2019

    I will definitely be going, doing college tour on our way. Don't know the days we will leave and come home yet though.
  7. Brandy_Brown

    June 2018 Board Meeting

    I am a maybe, Traffic at that hour is disastrous
  8. Corey is not available the 14th, eventually he will remember he will be on a family vacation
  9. Brandy_Brown

    Motoring to Magnolia's at the Mill

    I wish I could go on this but I have to work ?
  10. Brandy_Brown

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    It will probably be just him next year so he doesn’t need a big one. And I don’t need him bringing any pets home
  11. Brandy_Brown

    Dragon brain

    I am hoping that I kick this cold or I am going to be miserable, not sure if it’s just allergies but this head cold is killing me especially at work when there is nothing to do!! Uugghh
  12. Brandy_Brown

    Cherry Blossom Run

    Hahaha not sure we can call it a run, lol
  13. Brandy_Brown

    Dragon brain

    My car hasn’t even been started yet, Corey still needs to do the springs and new brakes, and cut my vinyl so I can put it on but I am Not sure I will even be able to attend now, so uugghh
  14. Brandy_Brown

    2018 Sunrise Drive on the Dragon - Thursday

    Laura I will go with you at any time, I am open and free other than those few things I am doing, corey is doing his own thing
  15. Brandy_Brown

    photograph your MINI at the Dragon

    Mine is available anytime as well!