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  1. Thought I could go, but now have to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend from the airport tomorrow, thanks to SW changing their flight time. Have fun to those that can make it!
  2. Where was the key to the car? In the house with you or in the garage or in the car? Could it be related to that?
  3. I’ve had a work issue come up overnight, not going to make it. Really bummed about this one. Have fun today everyone!
  4. Hi @1975_mini is the run GPX file available for this? I didn't see it under the Run Repository, maybe I missed it?
  5. Works great! Thanks Craig!
  6. Sorry @Egadd - looks like I'm not going to make it tonight after all thanks to a late work meeting just scheduled. Maybe we should try to reschedule this for next month instead?
  7. SCH

    September Happy Hour

    Silver Spring on 9/28 or 9/29? Sounds good to me.
  8. SCH

    Ice Cream Run

    I’ve had a work project come up tomorrow that will overlap this run so am not going to be able to make it. A slot is open if someone else wants to go. Have fun tomorrow, enjoy the ice cream. And Happy Birthday @Brandy_Brown!
  9. Will see you at Point of Rocks.
  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like everyone had a fun time! Love Natural Bridge and Dinosaur Land - brings back fun memories.
  11. SCH

    Run For the Roses

    Had a great time yesterday seeing everyone and enjoying the twisties! Felt good to be able to do a run again. Thanks Lorri & Mike for a good day. Jackie wants to come back and play sweep car again.
  12. Thanks for the info. Don't believe the mirrors are heated. I do know the part that is hanging is what displays the Mini logo on the ground at night as I go to unlock the car door.
  13. My Mini was hit and run this morning outside my house on a street in Frederick. Luckily only broke my driver’s side mirror - broke cover off and broke up mirror frame some. Didn’t find it until I went out to leave for an appointment. The entire until will probably need to be replaced. And may wind up being out of pocket or impact my insurance since it was hit and run. Any recommendations on where to take it for repairs?
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