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  1. Thanks Corey! I'll be there, and I think @Garrett is coming as well. NCC is also hosting their first club race on Summit Point's main circuit after the autocross event, and everyone is welcome to stick around and check that out.
  2. It took me an extra week to find time to try those Cerakote wipes out, but I can report back on the first attempt. Overall I'm pretty happy. Here's a few photos of the before and after and what I did. I didn't have time to do the whole car and I wanted to test them out before committing to a bigger job, so I tested the drivers side mirror and the drivers side rear wheel arch. This is the wheel arch before I did anything. This is after cleaning (first with Armor All Bug & Tar and then a mix of blue Dawn dish soap and water), masking, and immediately after application. And these are a couple hours after application. The side skirt is cleaned but not coated, so you can see the side-by-side. I'm pretty happy with the wheel arch, barring one spot I missed. There's a bit of streaking on the mirror - it was hard to apply even strokes to such a small, contoured piece. But it still came out good enough, and I'm hopeful the streaks will fade. This was all done with 1 wipe, and it likely had a bit more in it. Like I said, I'm pretty happy with it and will definitely do the rest of the car when I get a chance this week. The masking is the most time consuming step, but important since it'd be difficult to not get coating on the paint otherwise. Let me know your thoughts (or if anyone else has done this and has tips, I'm all ears).
  3. No worries, looking forward to seeing you at the next one.
  4. @TATTRAT @twakefield will y'all be there this Sunday? Could post a new event thread and see if anyone else wants to join.
  5. NCC is hosting the fourth (of five) autocross event of their 2021 season on September 11th at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Registration is open through September 9th. The cost is $35 for the morning or afternoon session and $55 for both. This year they are requiring all participants be members of the BMWCCA (NCC is the local chapter). There are loaner helmets available if needed (let me know if you would need one and I can connect you with their organizer). @Garrett and I are signed up for the whole season, and it'd be awesome to see more MINIs out there. The first three events were a lot of fun. They run rain or shine (except if there's lightning), and the rain last time out certainly made for a new experience. Let me know if you have any questions or if you'll be there! Registration link: NCC MotorsportReg The location: The Washington Circuit My runs from event #3: Video link
  6. I'd be happy to drive out to Leesburg this Sunday. Do they host a C&C every weekend?
  7. I just picked up the Cerakote ceramic wipes. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but they look promising. They form a ceramic coating that bonds to the plastic and lasts much longer. The reviews are mostly positive. The complaints I've seen have all been about botched applications, which I'm hoping I can avoid. Take my time, get the trim super clean, and mask everything off. Don't take this as a recommendation until I can give them a shot though. I'll try to remember to follow-up on how it goes, maybe next weekend.
  8. NCC is hosting the second autocross event of their 2021 season on June 26th at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Registration opens today. The cost is $35 for the morning or afternoon session and $55 for both. Note that, this year they are requiring all participants be members of the BMWCCA (NCC is the local chapter), and there are no loaner helmets available due to the pandemic. @Garrett and I are signed up for the whole season, and it'd be awesome to see more MINIs out there. The first event was run well, and the Washington Circuit at Summit Point is a pretty cool location for it. Let me know if you have any questions or if you'll be there! Registration link: NCC MotorsportReg The location: The Washington Circuit
  9. My morning and afternoon runs put together: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rfdVLC1UL5ugELtq9 Garrett got me by 1.4 seconds in the morning, so I've definitely got some catching up to do. They put us in the same class since we're the only two MINI signed up. I'd love to see some more folks join us! I've got a stock JCW F55, so I'm up on power but also heavier and lacking the tires/brakes Garrett has. I need to work on my lines so I can get on the power earlier.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'm also not going to the Test and Tune. My first event will be on May 1st as well.
  11. Awesome, looking forward to meeting and autocrossing with you!
  12. That'd be great. It's fun on your own, but so much better with a few folks you know. I'll post back here a few weeks before the first points event to see who all's coming.
  13. NCC accepts all entries, BMW, Mini, or other. They have 6 classes for BMWs, 5 dedicated MINI classes, and then a few "other" classes. The current attendee list is split about 50-50 between BMW and non-BMW. I'm currently the only MINI. The MINI classes are explained here: http://nccautocross.com/about/vehicle-classing/mini-vehicle-classing/. I'll be running in the S2 class. This is my first year running with them though, so I only know what they have online. I think some other people have been before and might know more.
  14. NCC just announced their 2021 calendar. I'm planning to sign up for the season, unless anyone has recommendations for a different series. Full text since I don't see it on their website or Facebook yet. --- All, We hope the New Year finds you well. We are excited to announce our Season Schedule for 2021. This year we are going to hold 1 Test and Tune, and 5 Points Events. This year we will re-institute the season Points/Championship (more details to be posted later). All events this year will be held at Summit Point Motorsports Park. NCC Autocross is back for the 2021 Season, and Mark5 Racing joins RRT Racing (RRTRacing.com) as our program sponsors. Due to the continuing COVID-19 situation, we are (1) not holding a novice school this year and (2) we are continuing the suspension of our loaner helmet program. The 2021 Season Schedule is as follows: 2021 Autocross dates: April 10 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) - Test and Tune May 1 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) - Points Event #1 June 26 (Summit Point, Potomac Circuit) - Points Event #2 August 14 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) - Points Event #3 September 11 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) - Points Event #4 October 2 (Summit Point, Washington Circuit) - Points Event #5 Season Subscriptions: Season Subscriptions (Points Events)- $115 for AM or PM session/ $215 for all day session Season subscribers save the cost of their membership by buying the season Season Subscribers are guaranteed their number for the whole season Season Subscriptions require a BMWCCA membership Season subscriptions are for all 5 Points events and do not include entry to the Test and Tune or School Reply to this email for season subscription signups with: Car (in MSReg), Car number (top 3 choices) and Class Individual Event Fees: Test and Tune - $100 All Points Events - $35 AM or PM session/$55 all day session (BMW CCA Members) Non- Members $45/$65 respectively
  15. I'm definitely interested. This year got away from me, but I'm hoping to attend an AutoX series regularly in 2021. I'd heard good things about the NCC series, but if the club picks a different one, I'd try to make that work.
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