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  1. Schedule: 11:15AM - Meet at Helipad at Bottom of Fontana Dam 11:25AM - Drive to Lakeview Parking lot on top of Fontana Dam for group photo 12:10 PM - Drive to Anthony's Derailed in Bryson City, NC. (48 min drive) (Menu) 1 PM Lunch at Anthony's Derailed. Return on your own after lunch.
  2. Welcome! I'm a former BMW convert as well. I tell everyone that I really don't feel like I gave up anything in comfort or quality by jumping over to a Gen 3 MINI. Love it! Hope to meet you at a club event soon!
  3. Oil change done.. detailing on Wednesday! Getting jazzed!
  4. Ungh. That is crap.
  5. I'm pretty much out of free time before the dragon and I don't mind having them work it while I am there. It isn't super noticeable unless you are used to how the car is supposed to look.
  6. I got a new dent to bring to the Dragon! Gonna get that guy fixed while I am there.
  7. I was thinking down by where we took the club photo last year. The Helipad in front of Fontana Power Plant.
  8. If we are up for driving 5 hours, we can end up in Tazewell,Va and be able to say we went to "the back of the dragon"
  9. Still leaving Sunday to head down? I heard you might be breaking it up for Saturday / Sunday. @AzFlower and I have been thinking about that as well and trying to find a dog friendly place to split the drive up with. We're bringing both MINIs this year and two dogs so we cannot switch off driving like we did last year.
  10. We've signed up for NOTHING! GWAHAHAHAHAHA Just going to float to whatever strikes us..
  11. I'm volunteering for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run in DC earlier that morning. I might be able to join if it starts before I have to leave DC!
  12. @1975_mini Don't forget to update the Facebook event as well!
  13. Will this be Emelia's first run or are you waking up Tig?
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