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  1. Crap. I gotta take our dog Finn to away camp for training in Pennsylvania that day. Was hoping to come out!
  2. Great run @SneakyBaron! I think we should call it the Pumpkin, Pork, Pastry, and Pounds run next year.
  3. Super excited! I will probably arrive closer to the driver's meeting time and I gotta run after Monk's.
  4. Damn, wish we could go but have Miranda Lambert tickets in Baltimore. =/
  5. Great Run! Had a great time visiting with all! Thanks for putting it together @Goose
  6. What I really what to know is... what did you replace them with?
  7. Not too creative here, I just follow where Google Maps takes me.
  8. Update: Added Route Sheet and Route Map! See you today! Route Sheet - Route Sheet - DCMM Picnic Pre-Run 2019.pdf Route Map - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D13MJUWe8E4RN8J4Rug6ERs2mzn7mI9D&usp=sharing
  9. I would estimate between 12:50 and 1pm.
  10. Yeehaw! We'll be driving to Sandusky, OH 8/1 and arriving in St Ignace 8/2. I can create the group text when we head out! If you want to be included on the chat, send me a private message with your cell number!
  11. Quick Update: I had the times correct in the event, but the summary said approximately 2 hours instead of 3 hours. This year will be a longer run than last year! Finalizing the route today! GET EXCITED!
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