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  1. Another amazing run today!!! Thank you all!! Looking forward to the next one!!
  2. Toni and I will be going to the winery!
  3. That looks really nice!!! If I didn't have a speaker in that location, I'd look at doing this.
  4. Welcome! I'm also 48, and just got my MINI at the beginning of July. So much fun!!
  5. Nice touch! If you redo it, spray the window down with windex (or better, a water/dish soap combo (about 5 drops of Dawn to a bottle of water), then place the decal while the window is wet. Once it's exactly as you want it, use a felt-lined squeegee, from the center out to get all the liquid out. Should end up with no bubbles or wrinkles. I only live about an hour away from Fairfax if you want some help with it. I also already have silver vinyl if you'd like me to cut you a new one.
  6. Got my Borla S-Type axel-back exhaust installed. Vroom-vroom!!!!
  7. Today I replaced the blue/purple bumper piece with a new shiny black one, re-wrapped my grill stripe, swapped out my puddle lights, then went for a drive up through Skyline Drive. It was a good day!
  8. I'd definitely order a few!
  9. I haven't yet looked into tuners, as I want to upgrade my brakes and suspension before I add more power, but I'm going to follow this discussion for future informational purposes. Also, you need to post a good picture of your F60 so we can all see what it looks like! And I have to ask, Mand00....??? Star Wars related, or something else?
  10. Thank you! It's all one custom decal. I do all my own designs, cut and install them myself as well. It's a hobby that I enjoy. Most of my vehicles go through multiple decal sets/themes throughout the time I have it. We'll see on this one. As far as the badges, I just made decals to put over the MINI circle in the middle, then bought the black surround covers off Amazon to cover the wing portions. If you look close enough, you can still see the embossed MINI through the symbol.
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