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  1. @STXMINI New GPX file attached. NewYearsDayRun2023.gpx
  2. Try this link: New years day route I am going turn by turn to re-check it now.
  3. Checking now.... Yup something went wrong with the link, looking at it again.
  4. @STXMINI Great photos Camera car photos have been added to the album:
  5. In the shopping center you have these choices: McDonalds, Dairy Queen, King's NY Pizza, Food Lion Also Margaux and I will probably not be doing the 3rd leg of the run. We want to run down to Leesburg to catch the end of The Leesburg Car Show.
  6. Looking forward to this event. Quick question, one registration per car? Or is it one registration per person? Lunch is clear, one ticket per person
  7. First Can't wait, love the long run
  8. Agree, weather is looking great Looks like all my other car friends are busy this weekend. I will bump the head count to 20 incase more people want to join in. PS: you guys are chasing the BMW this weekend. My MINI met a rock it couldn't clear and is spending time at GT Peace @STXMINI When I edit the invite it throws an error. Can you bump the allowed to 20 please?
  9. Wrapping the pillars shouldn't be too hard. I polish mine about once a year. I swear they scratch if you even look at them.
  10. My pleasure to set it up. It was great to have all my car friends out at the same venue Thanks everyone for coming out
  11. All good, we will catch you at the next one. Everyone else, see you soon!!! Park around back
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