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  1. Our anniversary is the 3rd and we’ve decided to head to NJ from the 2-4. We’ll do our best to join, but not sure if we’ll make it.
  2. Yes, we can do 7:00. Not sure why I had 2 pm in my head.
  3. I think we can make 2:00pm on the 2nd. We do long road trips often and are probably planning longer days than most. We’re also planning a few additional stops to and from, so might be traveling a different route from others. I look forward to chatting and our upcoming adventure!
  4. We are heading to Albuquerque from Fairfax Co & returning from Seattle as well. We’ll need to connect. I can’t think of anything other than to get radios of you don’t already have them. There’s also a good chance you’ll be traveling through areas without cell coverage.
  5. Jason & I are still planning to go. All hotels except Seattle are booked.
  6. Jason & I plan to attend. I’ve researched total costs, just need to book hotels.
  7. Jason can bring two coolers with ice.
  8. Jason will bring a dessert.
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