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  1. Room for a Miata to tag along?
  2. Hey gang, looking to buy stock strut assemblies that will fit my R53
  3. I need a hatch window tinted, but if there isn't enough time I'll just come hang out anyways!
  4. Very easy, I have one on mine.
  5. Bought my last set of pads from SpecR53- great price, great service!
  6. Thanks to everyone for coming out yesterday! I feel like we got a lot done!! :rock:
  7. Bump- two days out! Don't forget, please bring your own tools!
  8. Good question- I've only disassembled the struts on a mini to install lowering springs, so I've never needed to re-compress...
  9. I spoke with this shop about re-doing my headliner. He was courteous and gave decent pricing: http://craftsmanupholstery.com/
  10. I don't think it's a big issue on the turbo Mini engines...
  11. We have a Branick wall mounted compressor.
  12. We can put it on a lift and show you what's involved, but this wouldn't be a good repair for the Tech Day... Maybe a wrenching session at a member house where we have all day?
  13. Nope, the convention center gets loaded today. Can't get a car in after that.
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