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  1. Room for a Miata to tag along?
  2. Hey gang, looking to buy stock strut assemblies that will fit my R53
  3. I need a hatch window tinted, but if there isn't enough time I'll just come hang out anyways!
  4. Very easy, I have one on mine.
  5. Bought my last set of pads from SpecR53- great price, great service!
  6. Thanks to everyone for coming out yesterday! I feel like we got a lot done!! :rock:
  7. Bump- two days out! Don't forget, please bring your own tools!
  8. Good question- I've only disassembled the struts on a mini to install lowering springs, so I've never needed to re-compress...
  9. I spoke with this shop about re-doing my headliner. He was courteous and gave decent pricing: http://craftsmanupholstery.com/
  10. I don't think it's a big issue on the turbo Mini engines...
  11. We have a Branick wall mounted compressor.
  12. We can put it on a lift and show you what's involved, but this wouldn't be a good repair for the Tech Day... Maybe a wrenching session at a member house where we have all day?
  13. Nope, the convention center gets loaded today. Can't get a car in after that.
  14. a clutch job with flywheel on an R56 is NOT CHEAP!!!
  15. I actually have an R56 here right now for the same problem... :idea:
  16. Two things- 1: being a 2012, it wouldn't surprise me if it's the original battery. 2: modern cars HATE low battery voltage. If the pcm senses low voltage, it will manage other systems to keep the vehicle running properly
  17. next time we get together, I'll take some measurements and get with the Safety Steward for D.C. Region. Gotta see how much lower we need to get it.
  18. I tried to buy this one, but I was too slow: I also bought a copy of this movie poster: It's sitting in a tube right now- I may take it to the local sign guy and see if he can scan/print that for me...
  19. Hey Colby! :rofl: I was able to do the big meatballs on the sides of my mini okay, but for something as big as the roof I think I'll pay someone to do it... too much risk in wrinkles and air bubbles for me...
  20. The march towards being more competitive in SCCA autocross continues!!! Last week I sold off my 15x8 wheels and tires- While the 205/50/15 Potenzas had plenty of tread left, I could tell their performance was starting to fall off. the replacement wheels and tires are 15x9 TR Motorsport C3M's that I got for an AWESOME deal! http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=wheelCloseUp&wheelMake=TRMotorsport&wheelModel=C3M&wheelFinish=Bright+Silver+Paint&tab=wheels For fitment checking, I lucked out because they had a set of 225/45/15 BFG Rival's mounted. Quickly found out there was no way they were going to fit without help. stacking big washers behind the wheel led me to ordering 12mm spacers, and converting to wheel studs instead of lug bolts! About a perfect compromise between clearing the coilover on the inside, and not hitting the fender on the outside :rofl: Before I mount up new tires for next season, I'll probably end up painting the wheels black. Next up is I ordered a set of 650 lb springs to make the ride a little more compliant, and smooth out the bumps on the lot at Fedex...
  21. Selling a set of gorilla wheel studs- brand new, just won't work with my spacers and wheels. 12x1.5 thread. $30 for the set
  22. It's not the cars fault, it's Bluetooth. Can't link to more than on thing
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