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  1. Hi Everyone: since i started rebuilding my N14 motor to handle more power, I've had to swap out my existing 6-speed transmission (open dif) with one with limited slip, I am selling my old trans for anyone who might be in need for one. Year Make Model: 2010 Mini Cooper S Miles on Transmission: ~140,000 Price: $300 Also available---Drivers and Passenger Side Drive Axles (140k miles). Price asking: $200 for the pair. Pictures Coming soon...
  2. oh, sorry, haven't been on the site lately. I did coilover on my mini back in march. huge difference.
  3. Hi all: I am in the market to replace my n14 motor with a high performance motor. Does anyone know who might be selling a built high performance n14 motor at this time? Ive already tried Sneed and revolution mini works. No deals.
  4. Hey Guys: alright so I think this is the last time i will ever consider taking my R56 to Mini Montgomery-gaithersburg. I get a quote to replace the radiator, flush, and thermostat for $1800 and change. I had the thermostat replaced 6 months ago so passed on it. The new quote $1400 and change. Anyone have any thoughts on how the dealership came to this figure?
  5. Wanted to see if anyone knows where I might be able to buy a used N14 motor Turbo? Mine is definitely on it's way out.
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. Already have Eibach sport springs. they're not bad on the track but i wouldn't mind getting a bit better edge over other drivers in the corners. I am looking at either KWv1 or BC Racing BR series at this time. I would like to get the Bilsteins but they are expensive. If we did a group buy then i might hop-on. Intercooler, GT peace suggested going with a Wagner-tuning. It was on sale so i just ordered it when i was at GT Peace for my Coolant Flush. I also ordered a hiflo-cat downpipe while i was there. BTW-do you know of anyone who is selling a VBox Sport data-recorder?
  7. I ordered the intercooler and downpipe yesterday. GT peace will have to retune the car. Btw do you have any recommendations regarding coilovers? Can't afford to buy Bilstein so a set that's a bit cheaper would be awesome as I drive this car on the street as well
  8. Oh, I was planning to go with a better intercooler in the long run and I figured the turbo kit might include a high-flow cat. I'm open to upgrading those two items first if that'd help me at the track.
  9. Hi Everyone: I am considering upgrading the turbo to my N14 motor. Can anyone give me an idea what's involved with the upgrade, and any particular turbo kit i should upgrade to?
  10. So my track-weekend with the DTC and the high-carbon rotors was a really good idea. They got up to temp. before the practice lap was over and it kept on stopping accurately. My next step would be to build cooling ducts so that they cool faster. Just wanted to see if anyone had gone with a bigger turbo and tune for the N14 Motor? I wasn't able to keep up with Golf R and Modded GTI on the straight-aways. Also if anyone is selling their Club Sport Coilover for the R56 that would be fantastic.
  11. Just out of curiosity do you guys change your coolant once a year or when they're normally due? I'm running water wetter with Royal purple coolant changed 1.5 years ago. Do you guys swap your fluids as often as possible or after a few track events?
  12. This is good to know. I did talk to the guys at GTPeace about tracking my R56 and they said brakes won't be cheap. The DTC60 pads from Tirerack and High Carbon rotors are the ways I am going with for my next track weekend. thanks for sharing SpecR53 site. They're so close to me i might just try to check the store out this weekend.
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