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  1. Sale is pending. If it falls through, I will notify here. -STEVE
  2. FS: John Cooper Works Strut Tower Brace-$150 Performance upgrade for your suspension This performance strut tower brace made of aluminum and adjustable at the ends mounts to the strut towers and bolts down with hardware nuts. JCW emblem engraved into the center of the brace arm. Reduces body rolls and torsion for a better feel. This Part Fits the Following Vehicles: R55, R56, R57, R58, R59 This costs $234.00 NEW from ECS. I'm selling this for $150. It is flawless and basically new with zero scratches or marks of any kind. Save some money and the hassle of shipping for what is essentially a new strut brace. I will be at several DCMM events this season, can arrange the sale for then, or we can meet up at your convenience. Prefer local pick up, not interested in shipping. TEXT me at my cell: 301-651-1656, or DM me here. -STEVE
  3. Don. I'll send some pictures your way tonight! -STEVE
  4. PRICE REDUCED! $100 The front brakes are off the car and ready to go. Can provide images if you contact me. Everything is in great shape and the pads and rotors have a ton of life left in them. Let me know if you are interested. -STEVE
  5. I'm in the process of a front brake upgrade to my 2009 R56. I'm selling LEFT and RIGHT front calipers, pads and rotors. These will fit any 2007 to 2014 R55, R56 or R57 with no modification. These were also used on the 2002 to 2006 MINI Coopers as the upgraded JCW brakes. Would make a great upgrade to any R53! The Calipers have roughly 55,555 miles on them, and the pads and rotors have less than 20,000. Everything is in perfect working order and will be removed by mid March and ready to go to a new home. Can include brake lines if interested. $300 for everything. Local pick up only. Contact me here with a PM, or on my cell via text if interested. 301-651-1656. -STEVE
  6. Hey gang. While jacking up the car in the garage, the jack tipped over and gouged my lower panel on the drivers side. Do we have a paint vendor that fixes this sort of thing? Looking for recommendations. I’ve already got one estimate for a place in Sterling that was highly regarded. I already have on order the black trim that goes below the painted panel. Any help is appreciated! -Steve
  7. looks like they are planning a reschedule. Stay tuned.
  8. I'm now a maybe. Keeping an eye on the weather.
  9. Thanks to all for putting this together and making it happen! And a BIG thanks to Devon for leading the pre-ride! I really appreciate your efforts with putting together runs this year. It's been a blast!
  10. The 14th work better for me. Or another date after if others want to go first, I don't mind being scheduled separate.
  11. Legit question here. Will they provide or have any kind of visual for the before and after. I've seen where people post a before and after photo. I know it's kind of a tough area to view/work in, so not sure if this is plausible. I'd just like to see what kind of build up there is and what the cleaning removes. This will not in any way change my mind about the service, I'd just like to see the end result to know it took care of the build up. Thanks!
  12. It used to be Freddy, but he has recently left PTUNING. In general, anyone who answers the phone, however Mike the manager is a MINI owner and is very knowledgeable.
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