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  1. YES! January might make the most sense with the heavy load of the Holidays.
  2. Where will you get it tuned? Manic seems to be less and less used these days, Mario Plaza seems to be the go to. Grey Goose mentioned he got his f56 JCW tuned at GT Peace. Wonder if they tune the R model Gen2's?
  3. What's next? A tune? Downpipe? FLAMES!!!??? Curious what the initial idea was behind the FMIC upgrade? I know it helps with engine temps thus resulting in better performance on hotter days, but is there any other gain without a tune to go with it? -STEVE
  4. Hey Craig. Other than the parking lot at the meeting point, is there any other dirt/gravel roads on the route? I plan to join, but will likely be closer to the route departure time of around 10:15.
  5. Everyone be sure to bring $5 cash for the ferry ride!
  6. Any dirt or gravel roads to contend with on the route?
  7. I have the Craven Speed shift knob for my R56. It's a really nice piece, nicely constructed, well thought out and has been holding up really well. Plus, you can order more than one cap and customize it any way you want. Not sure what the material is, but no issues with cold or heat and it has a great feel in your hand.
  8. Donross. Did you get those brakes set up in time for the Dragon?
  9. 1975_mini, Thanks to your tutelage, I'm feeling confident moving forward.
  10. $700-FIRM-CASH ONLY PLEASE Like new, Megan Racing Euro II Coilovers for 07-13 MINI Cooper. Adjustable spring preload, dampening/rebound (32 settings), & ride height. Complete with spanner wrenches & dampner extensions. Driven about 4000 miles. These are in excellent shape and I really enjoyed them, however I'm planning to upgrade to something new so they need to go. They are currently on my car, but will be removed soon and will be driven very minimally until removed as my car is not a daily driver. I plan to remove them the first part of May. Message me here, or on my cell with a text: 301-651-1656 -STEVE Product details from Megan Racing: Megan Racing Coil-Over Dampers are the ultimate upgrade to your track or street car. Featuring 32 levels of damper force adjustment, separate spring perch height and shock length adjustment allowing you to retain full suspension stroke and to fine tune your suspension characteristics. These damper kits are then perfectly matched with front and rear Pillow Ball upper mounts, including camber plates integrated with the upper Pillow Ball mounts on strut-type suspension applications. Compression and rebound settings are easily adjusted through a single damper adjustment knob which is built-in at the top of the damper mount for easy access. Adjustments are simple to tune according to your style of driving and desired comfort level whether you are a professional certified mechanic or an automotive enthusiast with amateur mechanical skills. All of our dampers are capable of handling a +2kg/mm or -2kg/mm change in spring rates to further tune your suspension to your desired handling characteristics. Height adjustments are made with separate CNC-Machined locking spring perches for accuracy and smooth adjustment with separate damper shock length adjustment to retain full-stroke and allows for precision suspension tuning. The wide range of allowable ride-height adjustment allows for a conservative drop to more aggressive ride heights for an aggressive stance, or to fine tune your suspension for the circuit to gain full potential of your vehicle's handling capabilities. On applications utilizing strut-type suspension designs, the Megan Racing Damper Kits come with fully adjustable Pillow-Ball upper mount camber plates to easily tune and adjust your camber, giving you a competitive edge over other suspension setups. This allows you to tune your car for any ride height and still adjust camber to improve handling, vehicle predictability and tire wear, which is a great benefit both on the race-track and on the street. The quality and durability of the Megan Racing Damper kits are unmatched. Made of extremely durable Steel and featuring springs that are constructed of SAE-9254 Cold-Wound Steel which are then tested over 500,000 times by compression inspection. With deformation less than 5% and high strength sophisticated surface coating, we stand by our product with our strong warranty. SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES: SPRING RATES: F: 6 kg/mm R: 6 kg/mm NOTE: 2-3mm spacers may be needed for clearance against the lower locking ring-- necessity is based on wheel width/offset and tire size. - 32 Levels of Damper Force Adjustment - Pillow Ball Upper Mounts w/ Front Adjustable Camber Plates - Rubber Dust Boots - Adjustable Ride Height - Aggressive Spring Rates - Single-Cylinder Design - Aluminum Brackets 32 Levels of Adjustment: 1-8: Suggested for track use. 9-16: Suggested for mountain/aggressive use. 17-32: Suggested for common street use.
  11. Sale is pending. If it falls through, I will notify here. -STEVE
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