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  1. Trying to decide if that "hint" in the video meant a different format in 2022, or if it meant that in 2021 there were going to be some smaller / local events across the county. I could see something like the MINIs at the Glen day happening at multiple tracks across the country -- a MINI "fix" until the next MTTS. Still disappointed about this year, but what can you do?
  2. Not planning on MOTD this year since I don't go every year and I'd rather go when it's in "full swing" since it's been a few years. With MTTS also canceled this year, I'm mulling MINI summer / fall vacation plans. (I still believe with all of the driving we do, it can be done safely) That said - and this might not be the correct forum - if anyone hears of organized MINI events being held, please post. I haven't checked to see if MINIs in the Mountains is going to be held, but that's an event I've never attended (due to designated vacation time and $$ to MTTS or MOTM) that could be ju
  3. I'm a "Maybe" - so far no Co-pilot but that could change. Also not on FB or social media so if that's a requirement to participate, I'm likely out. Sounds like fun!
  4. RSVP = Yes, but I will be weather permitting. Thx!
  5. That's funny ... after 2018 for the feedback survey, since I sensed it was going to be pared back this year, I suggested the Mississippi River Road ... then both sides of the country would have to spend a few days getting "to" and "from" but many people do that anyway, at least it felt like it was more "in the middle" .. oh, I had a personal bias, I really want to drive that one of these days! (I also suggested they forego breakfast - since most stay in hotels that provide breakfast - and go back to doing the dinner / social / fun activities in the PM instead ... I'm not on the MINI USA M
  6. I'm so excited the event is coming through Frederick! Curious if there will be an organized event here since the closest dealer is in Montgomery County ... I do feel sorry for the MINIs west of the Mississippi who for their own reasons won't be able to participate this year - and missing the friends I met on the "west" route to Keystone in 2018. Tho I suppose that will be us in 2 years ...
  7. Will update / confirm RSVP a little closer to the date, but definitely need a MINI run fix!
  8. 2018 was my 10th year with a MINI, I committed to do the whole thing - whereever/whenever - and that was supposed to be my "fix" .. needless to say, I've already requested the 2020 dates for vacation this year .. no such thing as too much MTTS no matter how far I have to go to participate!
  9. Thought this was Sunday, conflicting plans, unable to attend. Sorry
  10. Would love to join you but will be headed to The Great Ice Cream Run to MINI on the MAC on Saturday (7/27) .. next year :-) (didn't I have to say that last year for some reason??) .. Have fun, will miss you!
  11. I have uploaded some photos, bid sheets with details for the MFAC California raffle and silent auction to the C3M Meetup event: C3M MFAC Click on any photo in that event to see the rest of the photos.
  12. For those who will be at MINI of Montgomery Meet and Greet but are not able to make the drive/lunch/ice cream event, I will have the "local" 50/50 raffle tickets with me at the dealership. I will be wearing a MINIs for a Cause Tshirt. As long as there is contact information on the back of the ticket, you do not need to be present to win. You may also donate directly through Golden Valley Bank (scroll down to MINIs for a Cause) here: MINIs For A Cause
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