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  1. We have arrived! Made it before sundown
  2. Kiernan and I are in. I just rsvp’d on FB.
  3. My new position does not have the flexibility I had in January, so we have to pull out. So bummed to miss it. I cancelled all the hotel reservations this weekend, I was dragging my feet, but there is no way I can be gone from work that long.
  4. Current schedule: Wednesday- Sunrise Drive Thru the Smokies Thursday - Highlands Lunch Run Friday - Apple Pie Run Saturday - Ice Cream Run
  5. We have signed up for one run a day, keeping it light. Really looking forward to this trip!
  6. Maybe I can find friends and get a group rate, but that isn’t too bad really. I think I paid $1500 to ship across country in 2017.
  7. Does anybody have ballpark cost on shipping car to New Mexico and starting from there? Since we got lucky with lodging for Dragon, saving a few vacation days in July might come in handy. Would you just have the car sent to the dealer to hold? I have never shipped without someone waiting on the other end for me. So many questions!
  8. Saw the post on Instagram about rooms opening up at Fontana Village, just called and managed to grab one! I did not think we would be able to participate this year, so feeling very lucky right now!
  9. We will drive out, which definitely adds the miles. Trying to decide how many days hours behind the wheel per day makes sense... not in my 20's anymore
  10. Just to be safe we gave the Marriott app a full workout last night and locked in hotels everywhere, except SLC and Seattle since those have lots of options. Thanks for the update! Stress level is down now. Time to start stretching- 2 weeks in the convertible is not the same as if we took the Countryman! The convertible is just too fun not to take it.
  11. Do they cap registrations? Is this one of those things where I have to set an alarm for the second registration goes live? Love this route, so many places I have wanted to visit… just need to get to the starting point.
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