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  1. I didn't receive the start location, can you resend to me?
  2. Where is the starting place in Frederick for the Ice cream run?
  3. I will join the run, but I will meet all the MINI's on the MD side of White's ferry, What time does the group plan to arrive at the ferry?
  4. If the ferry is shut down on Sunday and you cross the river at Point of Rocks bridge and take MD route 28 to get back on track I will meet the group at the Rocky Point Creamery parking lot which is 1.5 miles from the bridge on route MD route 28. If the ferry is running I'll be at the MD side of the ferry. Let us know Sunday A.M.
  5. I also will meet on the MD side of White’s ferry, if it in operation. The last couple of times we tried to cross the ferry it was not in operational due to all the current rain fall. Best to call to check before the crossing
  6. My first time at the Dragon and looking forward to spent the week doing that thing over and over.
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