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  1. Verdict: success and recommended. Definitely doesn't show any smudges or fingerprints. If you've used these types of "paper feel" add-ons then you know it feels slightly different to touch and swipe. Adaptation takes about 0.87 seconds. I did notice some muted glare after a day or two. I couldn't remember if the un-covered screen had glare like that, or if I was just being hyper-sensitive because of the change. Well, it was the latter. I took the screen protector off and it was crazy how much more I noticed the glare on the uncovered screen. Back on with the matte screen!
  2. I used screen cleaner... I think it was marketed as computer screen, but I believe all the hand held screen device stuff is roughly the same.
  3. No more nav screen smudges... Trimmed down an iPad "paperlike" matte screen protector to put on the MINI's screen. Not a perfect first attempt, as you can see in the pic, but will use this one for awhile to see how it works out before I cut another. The before: The after (and having touched all over the screen): (I was holding a bright LED toward it... besides lack of smudges, I think I may have less glare when driving. Time will tell.) When on: The supplies:
  4. I'll pile on... another NV Coatings fan. Plus I am mildly ashamed to admit that the road rash was a bit more than what I would call mild on one wheel. But you can't tell now...
  5. Congratulations!! That is gorgeous!
  6. Like I said above... I'm flexible and just ask that a person DMs a reasonable offer. I have no set number in my head. A low-ball offer with something like $10 is not reasonable... and of course, neither is $1000. There are plenty of market places for MINI parts to get a rough idea... but of course selling on those sites means more effort and/or costs to the seller. Seems logical to me that selling in the DMV to a fellow club member is good for both seller and buyer...
  7. Replaced my steering wheel a few months ago... pretty sure I'm not going to need this anymore. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours. JCW factory steering wheel, with paddle shifters. NO WIRING HARNESS (I moved it to the new steering wheel) NOR TRIM PIECES. I'm gonna presume that if you're thinking of buying this, then you have an F-series with auto and paddles, but not the JCW-trim steering wheel. So if that's the case, you'll just need to do the simple swap of your existing harness into this steering wheel. Easy, peasy, 10 min job, not counting the fiddly process of removing your airbag... Original car was F54 JCW.
  8. Welcome to the area! It does have a lot to offer... GREAT looking MINI with some very nice mods. Looking forward to meeting you...
  9. Been a couple of weeks now, but added the NM-Engineering Power Module. Tucked in behind the air box. There’s a surprisingly noticeable (and welcome) difference measured on the butt-dynometer… Also, the de-chrome mentioned a while back continues to move along. Various trim bits, belt line, and smoked the stock side marker lights… though LED replacements are inbound. Count me as another very happy customer of NV Coatings. (EVO Gray powder coating)
  10. Latest update... cancelled for 2021. MINIUSA seems to be planning a new version of MTTS for 2022 (rather than simply postponing “MINI Takes the Colonies”), but not quite sure. The website is showing the same route and implies postponement... again... but the embedded video seemed to imply a different route or event format.
  11. I've recently caught the de-chroming bug, too. Ordered directly from killallchrome and was impressed with the speed of shipping from the UK, especially with current shipping delays. Only took about a week to arrive. All 6 door handle covers, front/rear light surrounds, and a couple of rolls of different belt line tape. (I have a ton of matte black vinyl leftover from my current stripes, but saving that at the moment for a future update.) Already had the grill surround from OutMotoring and installed a few years ago. I've only test fit all the pieces so far, but I really like the fit and quality. As posted elsewhere, the handle covers snap on really tightly. Waiting until weather warms up and clears up to put all this on. Planning to remove current stripes and give it a good cleaning, then may put a different stripe design on. May depend on the amount of paint shadowing/discoloration left from the old stripes... And then it'll be time for NV Coatings and the wheels!
  12. Wow, that's a lot of work and impresses me (cost vs benefit)! Thanks for sharing the details. Your MINI does look fantastic, too. Definitely gonna file this NV Coating info away for future thought...
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