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  1. BendersMINI

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    Will bring fruit and veggie tray
  2. BendersMINI


    So who’s still planning to start from Orlando? - BendersMINI - Nutty - Tiger’s_Mom - Donross ? - 1975_mini?
  3. BendersMINI


    I'm only doing the first leg and a half. Heading down earlier in the week for family plans with the mouse, then breaking off for MTTS. I'm stopping in Pensacola on Day 2 to spend a few days with old friends before returning to the DMV via a day at the Dragon... Won't be able to do MINIs Take Florida prior to the start, but hope I can link up with other DCMMers at the start and through Tallahassee...
  4. BendersMINI


    Hmmm... I've been toying with the idea of selling my 2015 R60 to get one of the newer BMW-powered F-cars. I'll send you a PM...
  5. BendersMINI

    Motoring to Magnolia's at the Mill

    Had a great time at the Meet and Greet at MINI of Sterling and the drive and dine at Magnolia! Enjoyed seeing the folks I haven't seen in awhile, and meeting new faces. The food at Magnolia was great... I'll find my way to their tables again. Thanks for setting this up Devin!
  6. BendersMINI

    Wednesday caravan

    And 'thank you' in advance, if anyone is able to do this. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Now cross your fingers that the rain holds off...
  7. BendersMINI

    Wednesday caravan

  8. BendersMINI

    Wednesday caravan

    Agreed about rough timing and getting there in time to join other DCMM at the Hub. I wouldn't mind getting there a little early to find my lodging and get checked-in, but that's not a priority. How about going west to I-81 before turning south? 95S always seems like such a mess, regardless of day or time of day. We could meet somewhere along -66, west of Centerville. Would that be workable for you, coming from in the District?
  9. BendersMINI

    Wednesday caravan

    Chris, I'm headed out on Wed, too. Haven't picked a time or anything, but I'm flexible. Going as a group would certainly be more fun!
  10. BendersMINI

    Happy Hour Ted's Bulletin

    No worries Ali... totally my lack of attention. It's been a busy winter/spring, but I'll get back in the habit.
  11. BendersMINI

    Happy Hour Ted's Bulletin

    Grrrr!! I've got to get back in the habit of checking the bulletin board more often!! I keep seeing these AFTER they've occurred (or when it's too late to modify my sched). :banghead:
  12. BendersMINI

    Club Photo

  13. BendersMINI

    R60 wheels and tires on 1.5" drop?

    Shipped from Ireland. http://www.performancealloys.com They promptly answered my email questions, as did the ATS rep in Germany. They were listing 16", 17", 18", and 19"... now only the 17s and 18s. Kinda wish I'd bought 16s because of the greater selection of tires available, but... I do like the look of the 18s. Send me a PM if you're seriously considering buying them - TPMS fitment isn't straightforward (I used Huf sensors). Good luck sorting out the tire size/suspension drop details. Maybe you'll have to break some new ground for the community of R60 owners?
  14. BendersMINI

    R60 wheels and tires on 1.5" drop?

    You're going with a bit wider tire, so that also complicates how much offset you can use and how many people are using the tire and the drop your specifically want to know about. At risk of being flamed, I'll say this anyway: I'm sure you've searched NAM... you know you'll find a broader userbase to compare notes. If it helps for comparison (which is probably doesn't!), I have the factory sport suspension so I'm ~10mm lower than the normal suspension, and... - I'm running an OEM 19" for my summers with 225/40. - Winters and dirt are 225/50 on ATS Streetrallye 7.5x18 with et48. No rubbing that I know of. I've bounced over some big holes and rocks on forest roads and some big potholes around the DMV. The jarring and uncomfortable sounds seem more like the suspension bottoming out than tire rubbing (and no 'witness marks' that I've noticed in the wells or on the tires). :top:
  15. BendersMINI

    MOTD 15 thread is open

    I'm off Wed through Monday. :rock: