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  1. Bean


    When I was a reporter in Wilmington I was constantly meeting people I had no idea I was related to. It became a big joke in the newsroom. I tell people that's why I had to marry a "Yankee." lol (I also graduated from UNCW in 1998!) BTW, we saw your car on YouTube. The Mini Vlog -- Mini Takes The States Day 2 You're famous!
  2. Bean


    I'm from Wilmington. Family home is just this side of the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge.
  3. Will see you at the track.
  4. Bean


    Took Elvis back to my hometown for a trip on the Fort Fisher-to-Southport ferry. Good times. 20220710_112614.mp4
  5. Put me down for sodas and chips! (I will try to get mini ones.....(joking))
  6. I'm super excited about this! Let me know if you guys need any help with anything.
  7. Nope. It's a sunroof with just the big stripe running down the middle. I think I'm going to get blackjack center caps and then call it a day on the blackjack accents. Trying to keep it subtle. That's the idea right now, anyway.
  8. Elvis not only got his official DC Metro Mini sticker today, he also got a new set of side scuttles! Blackjack.
  9. The sport stripe on my Mini has seen better days. It has what looks like dark tree sap in several noticeable places. I gave it a good wash today and it had no effect on the appearance. Still splotchy. I am looking to invest in new stripes. (It also bothers me that I have gray stripes on the hood and black stripes on the roof. eh.) Trying to decide between the full-length sport stripe again or bonnet stripes. Not sure regular bonnet stripes would look good with all the roof and rear-end real estate my car has (F55). I'd also like to keep the subdued blackjack theme going on. Any recommendations for design ideas and places to get stripes is greatly appreciated. Husband used to own a vehicle wrap business in NC, so we could design it ourselves if someone has a creative idea, but we no longer have the vinyl or large format printer, of course. (You can't see it in this photo.)
  10. I finally signed all the paperwork! It's mine. Coincidentally, it was also Elvis Presley's birthday so . . . meet Elvis, y'all. Hope to meet everyone soon.
  11. Thank you! I got an email yesterday saying the car will not arrive now until the 11th. First they told me the 2nd, then the 7th, and now the 11th. I'm going out of my mind with impatience.
  12. Thank you for the welcome! This sounds like great fun. As soon as we get it, I'll post some photos. We look forward to the events and to meeting everyone. I'll keep my eyes on the Facebook and Instagram pages.
  13. Hi all! After a couple of years of thinking about it and doing some research, I took the leap and went to CarMax to test drive a Mini. I LOVED IT! They didn't have a model on the lot that checked all my boxes, so they are trucking one from Ohio for me - a 2019 Cooper S hardtop four-door (F55). I'm in Alexandria, VA. They say it will be here on January 2 and I'm going a little stir crazy waiting for it. It was a previously leased vehicle and only has 26,000 miles on it. Meanwhile, I thought I would introduce myself to your club and see if you have any events coming up where I could meet some of you and see if my husband and I would like to join. I think the car could easily become an addiction, so this sounded like a good first step.
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