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  1. Scavenger

    Scavenger's Memory Lane

    The gallery is updated with lots of picks, hope you enjoy!
  2. Scavenger

    Gallery Updated

    Just wanted to let you all know I updated my Gallery "Scavenger's Memory Lane", I hope you enjoy the photos!
  3. Scavenger

    Scavenger's Memory Lane

    Generally, from L to R, there's the Fast Lane, Sandwich Lane, and the Granny Lane, although I suspect most of you prefer the Fast Lane! From time to time, we should take a trip down Memory Lane. This Album is a selection of photos from my personal collection of a decade of Motoring with DCMM. Enjoy!
  4. Scavenger

    Sunday Morning Dragon run

    dang, if only R53's could run on pee :rofl::laugh:
  5. Scavenger

    Walnut Blasting MCS

    I have never heard of this being done on the first-gen. Only second-gen. Check with one of the reputable vendors.
  6. Scavenger

    MOTD Shirts

    I kinda thought so, but I thought I'd just throw it out there anyway
  7. Scavenger

    MOTD Shirts

    Ordered at midnight tonight!! I hope you make the target! :top: P.S. You could order the remainder as spares and most likely sell them at MOTD with no problems.
  8. Scavenger

    April Fools!

  9. Scavenger

    Springs or Coilovers?

    This has been a hotly debated topic over the years, so it'll be fun to watch
  10. Scavenger

    BMWCCA cars and coffee! 04/02

    I heard they'll have new Tesla FiatFiatFiatel 3 there also! So excited!
  11. I'm so excited.... My MINI has been fixed up thanks to G3 Automotive here in NC. (G3 will be a vendor this year also). I got a box on the porch today with some more stuff in it I was just thinking about all the different MINIs that will be there this year, including new Clubman. I remember my first MOTD when first gens were the only thing that existed. Then, later the R56 came out and we were tryng to decide if we liked it or not..... them came Clubman, Paceman, F56..... OMG
  12. Scavenger

    Dragon Mods

    So, I have a 10 year old R53... what does that mean? Today I got my car back after getting the following done: 1. ALL fluids/filters replaced 2. New lower control arm bushings (Powerflex) 3. Supercharger service 4. New belt and belt tensioner 5. New waterpump 6. Rebuilt Axle 7. New sunroof seal 8. A few other small fixes that should prevent boost leaks Also, last year, I had my suspension sorted since I now have Coil-overs. Primary goal was to achieve nice stance, but maintain tire wear and proper driving feel. :motor: (unlike the dopes with the crooked tires) :laugh: .... I'm rambling again...
  13. Scavenger

    Foggy Headlights

    No, it's not a kit, I bought everything separately, basically following the list in the tutorial. After sanding, I sprayed it with Clear paint.
  14. Scavenger

    Foggy Headlights

    You should... or Mark should :laugh: Once the clearcoat has had plenty of time to set and I make any final touch ups, I'll post a full picture that'll better show the results. Yep, I tried toothpaste first, but the amount of elbow grease you'll need and the final result really just isn't worth the time. I wanted a result that would last a while, I hope several years! This seems to be it, but time will tell. Thanks for the compliments! :top: Now it is time for some :motor:
  15. Scavenger

    Foggy Headlights

    UPDATE:::: This evening, I got around to finishing my project by completing the passenger side. Here is a pic. I think it looks great! I'm very happy with the results and affordability of this process, and I recommend it to those not wanting to spend over thousand for new parts.