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  1. I think I failed to mention that a few months ago, I finally got a new windshield! Oh what a relief! I can see where I am going again!
  2. Over the past couple weeks, B.A. began smelling really gassy. At least I thought it was him, and after sniffing under the hood and underneath and around the garage and the lawnmower, wasn't really sure until... a few days ago, I had him running in the garage (door open of course) while I was data logging on my OBDII device. My mom says it seriously smells like gas all over the house! That's when I found a puddle of gas under the right side rear (under the gas tank!). So, of course, I started researching, and I removed the rear seat and access cover to the fuel filter to discover that there definitely was a gas leak. I did a bit more research and diagnosis and finally found the cause and solution. The sad thing is that until I got this fixed, B.A. was banished from the garage and had to survive the brutal cold and elements out in the driveway!!! Anyway, What I found was that the o-rings for the gas line connection were gone. I was able to purchase some new ones though and install them. No more leak, problem solved! B.A. is welcome in the garage again! Also, seems to be running much better too since lack of fuel pressure can have terrible effects on an engine! Officially, MINI doesn't sell these and the only option is to replace the entire fuel filter housing, which includes the sending unit and regulator and since it sits in the tank, is a real messy pain in the a** to replace. AND it costs north of $200. I purchased a few cheap tools and new o-rings for slightly less than 10 dollars and was able to replace them without even removing the housing from the tank. Owning a "classic first gen" is becoming quite an adventure!
  3. Quick update, I finished up my work on B.A. back in the Spring. Two things related to cooling system: CSF aluminum radiator Dorman fan control resistor I haven't done a writeup on them yet, but after installing both, coolant temps are staying where they should (~191 F), both fan stages are working as intended. I can use the air conditioning again!!!!!!
  4. I just ordered some parts. SIGH... if you don't know, some first-gens suffer from a problem where the first stage radiator cooling fan fails. Mine had failed and I drove for a long time with it that way, then finally, over the last winter, I tore the front end off my MINI to repair a bunch of stuff, including the failed fan. It worked for a few months, but seems to have failed again. So, I just ordered some parts necessary for the fix. I'm going to hopefully make a more robust repair this time! Has anyone else with a first gen been through this? UPDATE: Well, false alarm. parts returned! The parts I installed were fine, it was just me being over-protective. After monitoring with my scangauge for a while and some voltage and relay tests, I realized all was working fine. So... YAY!
  5. I just finished a 6 month restoration process on my 2006 R53. The sites that were most useful for me were: OUTMOTORING PELICAN PARTS Seattle MINI / Morristown MINI I purchased one item from ebay and some from Amazon, but those ones above were the best MINI-specific sources.
  6. I don't have any video. There are several on Youtube already which were what I went by in making my decision.
  7. This morning I had a mod done! Now my MINI is back together and running nicely, I had the resonator removed. There is some back story on this actually. When B.A. was young, he was upgraded with the DINAN kit for R53's which included an exhaust. The exhaust sounded good and popped a lot which was cool, but pretty soon the tips rusted!! also, it droned quite loudly too. So, because of the rust I had it replaced with an OEM JCW exhaust which is still on it now and works fine. The JCW is very mundane compared to the DINAN. The DINAN was almost ridiculous at times. It had no resonator, only a single muffler. On the other hand, the JCW has one resonator and two mufflers. So, as a compromise solution, I had the resonator removed - leaving the two mufflers. IT SOUNDS GLORIOUS!! The sound is more agressive and the pops are back, but without the obnoxiousness and drone!!
  8. Today, I took my MINI out on a shakedown cruise. The report: NO CODES, NO LEAKS, NO OVERHEATING! I believe all was successful. After getting all the intake related parts I mentioned eariy put back on, I replaced the A/C compressor clutch and installed a new aftermarket radiator from CSF. It has been fun but I'm glad to have this phase of restoration complete and B.A. all put back together.
  9. Today, well yesterday technically since it's after midnight.... I replaced the A/C Compressor Clutch and coil. I will try to update with pictures soon, but the power wire (which activates the AC), had lost all of it's insulation. Once I removed the old coil - it looked like crap! So, I installed a new set. The day before, I installed a BUNCH of new stuff... supercharger intake tube MAP sensor hose Brake booster vacuum hose (with non-return valve) gaskets for all above I was hoping to be farther along by now, but I discovered one of the radiator hoses had a little tear in it, so a new one should arrive on Friday. Of course, tomorrow, I plan to rinse the new radiator and also clean the A/C condenser. I'd hate to put that dirty old thing back onto a brand new radiator! So, Friday, when the hose gets here, I can finally reassemble the front end... AND... give B.A. a start! I wouldn't be surprised if he needs a jump since he hasn't run for a few weeks! more to come....
  10. It looks like you should find a power socket on the passenger side in the rear.
  11. Today, I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor o-ring seal. It is a common oil leak point on R53s. I also started reassembling the front end radiator support with the new radiator to check fitment.
  12. Today I received my new radiator support. So, I transferred the fog lights, horns, and bonnet seal from the old broken one. Oh yeah, I previously mentioned that I would re-seat some vacuum lines... well, that didn't go well. They were seized and the connections to the supercharger inlet pipe broke. There's a theme here! plastic parts suck! Anyway, I ordered a new supercharger inlet pipe, MAP sensor vacuum line, and brake booster vacuum supply line. So, once all of that arrives, I'll get it installed, and hopefully by that time, the new radiator will have arrived and I can install it, fill it with coolant and get back on the road! Oh, there is one more small item... I noticed that the power wire to the AC compressor clutch has lost all of its insulation. This isn't good, technically, it still works though. I put some heat shrink tube over it, but I didn't like how that came out. So, it turns out, that the clutch can be replaced without having to replace the entire compressor. ergo, I ordered a new compressor clutch. This is a good thing to know as the clutch is less that $100 whereas compressors can run close to $500!!!
  13. Today, I'm planning to clean up and re-seat the supercharger input tube. Now that I have it in service mode, I got a closer look and it appears that the vacuum line to the MAP sensor is not securely connected. I hope this explains the intermittent P1498. So, I'll clean everything and reinstall, making sure everything is tight and seated properly. I really hope this is it as it beats throwing expensive parts at a problem. P.S. You can see the new passenger side engine mount, looks nice! I'm waiting on the replacement radiator support AND a new radiator. The OEM radiator seems OK, but it's very dirty and 16 yrs old. So, I bought an aftermarket radiator (CSF) that I hope will handle the NC heat better, along with having both fan stages functioning again!
  14. Today, I removed the entire front of B.A.. I found that the radiator support was broken in several places, so I ordered a new one. So, I went ahead and pulled the old one. I needed to replace the fan control resistor device anyway, so I also did that. When to go OEM and when not to... I think I posted earlier about this, but, for the radiator support, again I stuck to OEM. The reason is that this is an essential structural support. While there are aftermarket units much cheaper, most reviews state that they are using thinner/cheaper plastic and are flimsy. It needs to hold the radiator, fan, front bumper, fog lights, and a few other things, so don't skimp here!
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