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  1. I ended up getting a lot of it from Killallchrome as well. The shipping really is surprising for being so far away! I ended up removing the front light trim and then applying the cover but the rear went on so easily! While looking at the bottom of my trim and removing it though i noticed a few of my clips had broken off already! Gotta figure out an easy fix for that since ive already applied the blackout covers...
  2. Hey Everyone! Im interested in getting some of the rally lights on my F56. Does anyone have a recommendation for 3rd party ones/a place to get the work done or should I just get the OEM from the dealership? I know I cant really use them in the city but Ill be moving back to Michigan soon where Ive always thought "I need more light!" when visiting home. Appreciate any input!
  3. So I just put a cover over them since it is cheaper. But the cover snapped in place so well I dont think i even needed to use the 3m double sided tape that came with it. If they start to come off or look bad i'll definitely just replace the full handles. You should let us know how easy/difficult it is when you get around to it.
  4. Looks fantastic! Ive always loved my black rims and just did my beltline and door handles myself and im currently waiting on some more pieces to blackout the rest of mine. Those center caps really make them pop as well!
  5. These pics are perfect for me, gives me such a good idea of what mine could look like! I noticed when going over my chrome points one of my headlight trims has a bit of deformation so im tempted to just get the clip on replacement part for both of them and then go with the vinyl/plastidip for just about everything else save the handles.
  6. Thanks so much! My first looks pointed me to full on replacement pieces like the headlights and the price made me a bit skeptical at first if I even wanted to tackle this. For now I am just shooting for the common points. The beltline was the first on the list as I found something im sure I can do myself with ease and it will turn out great. Same place also has door handle covers im looking at (Shop name is killallchrome on Etsy and their website). Now that i have a decent direction to go ill do some more research and hopefully I can post an update soon!
  7. So i've been thinking of starting the process to de-chrome my F56 and replace it all with glossy black. Has anyone de-chromed before? Ive found a couple of places for some simple changes but im not sure where to start. Also what kind of preferences do you guys have on chrome replacements? Ive seen there is glossy and matte black as well as the carbon look!
  8. Thank you! I went out searching for cool displays around Alexandria the other week but didnt find anything super exciting.
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