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  1. Even if you haven't ever had the lights? Mine doesnt have the entertainment package but my research into retrofitting hasnt given me much info on it.
  2. How hard was it to install the puddle lights? Ive been wanting them on mine for a while. Im totally down to pop open my door and try it myself too!
  3. Is anyone looking to sell, or happen to have a spare S spoiler they'd be willing to part with? Im looking to upgrade my base model with one, its so much better looking!
  4. Im enjoying this thread in particular. Ive been into home audio systems for a while but have been afraid to bust my car open and get in there. My girlfriend has let me toy with her old 2002 Neon and I definitely want to be getting new Mids sometime soon. Even if mine is an F56 this is super helpful for me!
  5. I hate when the forces of nature try to prevent me from having fun like that! Ive got my own little collection of emergency tools for each time its hit
  6. Today I got in my smoked black side indicators and replaced them! These ones are LED and animated, im very happy with how they look.
  7. I tend to agree. I've about had it with the cost of run-flats as well. I really think next time im just going to pick up a regular tire and keep fix-a-flat in my car. I know better than to let fix-a-flat sit for too long but a new tire is still cheaper than a new run-flat.
  8. In my experiences run flats are considered compromised once you've had to use them without tire pressure (or the appropriate pressure). Im sure someone could speak much more on it than myself as im not that experienced with run-flats so take this with a grain of salt. I definitely feel that pain, ive gone through a handful of tires early in their life and its painful that I have to drop the cash for another when i barely used my current one. If you had that kind of wear i'd opt to get it replaced entirely myself but I like to play it safe. Hopefully you'll have a good outcome regardless!
  9. So I finally got my Hella 500s on and I could not be any happier! I got the work done at GT Peace Auto in Chantilly and they were fantastic. Thanks to everyone who helped me make my decisions on it all!
  10. I really appreciate your help on this. I found their listings on ebay as well which seem to explain more? the SC and SCMD both are cat-back exhausts and require some cutting but otherwise "slip over the factory front section" while the DP looks almost like its just a straight pipe? (Again im super new to most this stuff) If anyone would like to take a look and let me know ill leave links for all three systems! (SC) https://www.ebay.com/itm/VCP-2014-F56-Second-cat-back-Exhaust-System-for-Mini-Cooper-NON-S-90915-SC/192019058340?hash=item2cb53a4ea4:g:VkEAAOSwx2dYHg0S (SCMD) https://www.
  11. Here's the link! https://www.vipcustomparts.com/F56 parts page.htm So it's the NON S exhaust I'm looking at. From what I can tell it's a cat back or second cat. And the SCMD is the same but muffler delete. I'm bringing myself up to speed as fast as I can so I'm not so clueless
  12. So im back with yet another question about parts! So I really dont know much about car parts in any form or fashion and usually just rely on my buddies to help me out. Im looking at getting the VPN 909 exhaust from VIPCustoms (and maybe their downpipe as well) My questions are what the SC/SCMD and Full DP mean and what I should be getting. Emissions wise my inspection is good for 2 years and Im moving to a state that doesn't require it. But im basically at a total loss on what I should be getting. Im really only looking for a minor performance increase for a bit of a cheaper price (
  13. Ive decided on the smoke lense hella 5.3 inch. I think i want to get the quad light bar as well even though im only starting with two lights. This leaves some room for additional if I decide later! I originally hit up PMoA and asking them for an estimate on OEM lights (quoted at ~1200 total and they dont do the DCMM discount anymore) and the reviews for the hella convinced me to go with that instead. My buddy mentioned an idea I kind of like, but want some input on from ya'll if youd like. He said to have two driving lights on the outer edges of the bar and get two of the 3 inch LED dayti
  14. Thanks so much, idk how i kept missing the PINNED post lol
  15. So ive been searching the forums and for the LIFE of me cannot find the master list that I once saw for vendors that participate in a small discount. Im shopping around to see where I want to get my rally lights done and Mini of Alexandria says they no longer participate. Thanks for the help in advance!
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