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  1. Mav

    DCMM Shirts

    I'd definitely buy a pair!
  2. Today I installed the cravenspeed phone mount! I decided to use my previous holder as I cant do magnetic but its amazing! Going to get the extended arm for my own personal preference but I finally have the phone right where I need it.
  3. I absolutely loved your star wars themed decals! The way its integrated with the checkers really is something else! Was it all one custom decal? Or did you add the star wars bits afterwards? Also Im dying to know, where did you get the custom badges! It made me really want to get ones myself!
  4. Ive kept my eyes open but havent seen one yet. Thinking of moving my window cling to the rear since my back sides are tinted pretty dark! Im also surprised no one has seen me, pretty sure im the only mini this side of the country with a skeleton attached to the antenna!
  5. Thats just it, they havent washed it before since I put the lights on! No idea why they did it this time. Especially since these lights have an OEM equivalent that im sure has the same issue if installed. Either way I contacted Hella who gave me the local distributor info, passed that on to my guy handling this at Mini of Alexandria. Hopefully they will get it ordered soon.
  6. Not necessarily a modification by normal means. But while visiting Mini of Alexandria to get something looked at they busted one of my rally lights! They ran it through their car wash and the bolt sheered right off the mount. (mount is totally fine, that thing is SOLID). They are replacing it and even getting me more of the hex film I put over the lens to help protect it so im not SUPER upset. Itll be easy to bolt on and reconnect the new light but for now Cricket is just going to be looking a bit funny with lopsided rally lights.
  7. I love your hood emblem so much, Now I want to get a custom one like that! So recently while rooting around in my trunk I realized how sick I was of the one little light and how bright it was (or lack thereof) Using my knowledge of electronics and tools at hand I built some connectors, put on some crimp splicers on the existing light wires, plugged spade terminals into said splicers and tada, I have a super simple way to power some 12v LED strips. I made sure to leave the connection to the splice as a connector itself if I desire to change the white lights for RGB or even programmable ones. I couldnt be happier with how bright it is now! Best part: Because its spliced into the existing light wire, these function exactly the same! Off when the hatch is closed, on when its open!
  8. Man do I wish I had some disposable income right now. Your classic looks amazing and I would pick it up in a heartbeat if I could!
  9. Yesterday I installed the smart pulsar for my third brake light! Its got a few settings controlled by jumpers which are included and is super tiny! https://youtube.com/shorts/CG-OCFQn_qM?feature=share
  10. Man, I'd love to go to this one, but its during the Pokemon GoFest 2021! I'll be in D.C. enjoying the shenanigans
  11. I found the part number on it! Its the hood latch/release? Before I could see the part number on it I was just confused as to the unlabeled part, but not so much anymore haha
  12. Over the weekend I decided to have some clear vinyl applied to my headlights! (It proved too difficult to do myself). Most people tint lights to match a darkened sporty theme but I went with a totally different future hex approach! What is everyone's thoughts? I plan on doing my taillights soon and possibly the DRL and Rally. And if you're wondering there is no change in my brightness when driving at night.
  13. I can also vouch for GTPeace! I've worked with Galen there quite a bit and make a 45 minute drive but its all worth it!
  14. Any chance you got some video of it? I had the VCP exhaust put on my base mini and the low tones it has now are amazing. Not overly loud but when I punch it, it just sings!
  15. My first thought was maybe a dealership gps? For people who skip out on car payments. But usually those are pretty well hidden and just deactivated when cars are paid off. I dont even know if Mini would bother too.
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