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  1. I ask that myself quite a lot. :rofl::rofl:
  2. Hey everyone just wanted to stop in and say hello. now that i got a "normal" job I can come out and hang with people. Hopefully you all don't mind having a foST in the the mix hehe.
  3. sad new I can't get off work
  4. hey strangers lol. I'll take off work to come out from under my rock to see you all, i miss my MINI friends
  5. Thanks got to do my taxes first then buy stuff
  6. hey strangers :rofl: I am looking for a go pro hero 3 that someone might be willing to sell. I don't need all the extras stuff just the camera, usb cable , charger, and battery. If you have one or know someone who is selling please let me know. thanks
  7. Thanks you had like 4 people back out
  8. I might have someone who wants them. But I'd be down if you ask your friends. Thanks
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