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  1. I hope this isn't a stupid question. How does one plastidip the rims only? I'll google but does anyone have experience trying that? Asking for a friend with similar wheels.
  2. Does anybody have a single wheel or partial set of BBS R90 17" Cross Spoke Composite 4x100 wheels? I need a spare or replacement or maybe just one good barrel to attach to an anthracite center piece if I can't get a local vendor to fix a bent one. I currently have a set of silver 17" S lites gifted to me by JAB 67. I'm not sure if the best plan is to use those for the winter until I sort out the R90 situation or stick with my old ASA wheels.
  3. I might finally be able to do this.*** fingers crossed. ***although on bad traffic days, my morning and evening commutes end up making a complete outer loop circuit.
  4. my car is in the body shop until Wednesday so I'm going to miss the rescheduled date...
  5. sorry, those wheels are in my garage now. (no tires though)
  6. No problem. Since I got there late, I just looked around for a bit near will call and then started looking for minis. No minis, but I still enjoyed sitting in a few cars I won't be able to buy. I love the toggle switches in the Bullit.
  7. I am a block away from the convention center and will be wearing dcmm hat and t-shirt. PM me for my cell
  8. The 7th looks good for me. I am planning on going at least once this year. The 2006 show was where I decided I had to get a checkmate S. I hope mini brings a new GP.
  9. I had a burned out fog lamp and I've been trying different LED color bulbs. Found a cheap pair of yellow H11 bulbs but they didn't look right. I'm very happy with a pair of dual-mode H11 bulbs from ebay. They are bright white but if you turn them off and back on again, they are "ice" blue. I'm trying to figure out how to take a good picture or video. LINK
  10. somebody has been parking a space blue/silver R53 in my garage at work and I have twice now started walking up to their car instead of mine clicking my key and wondering "why isn't my car unlocking". When I get closer, I see the interior and realize it's not a checkmate. I need to find where I packed my remaining DCMM cards or find out how to get more.
  11. After driving for a week on the new engine mount and re-torquing all the bolts, I added a VIP engine stabilizer to keep the engine mount company.
  12. I replaced the upper engine mount all by myself today. You know, that oil-filled tin can that springs leaks. That. I thought I was being clever when I jacked the mini up, slid my donut spare under the oil pan, and then let the jack down. The donut held the weight of the engine fine and didn't damage the oil pan. However, the width of the donut plus 3/4" of cardboard and paperboard as a shim was only enough to hold the engine up to the height of the old, collapsed engine mount. I should have added more shims to push up the engine a little higher so that the new engine mount would allow
  13. I wasn't sure. I would guess second generation because of the molding in the rear bumper. But it's been a while since I saw one. The GP number on the driver's side looked like it was peeling. I tried a wave, but the couple inside didn't seem to notice.
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