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  1. More options before I list elsewhere: If anyone wants the wheels and tires alone, $750 for: 4 R90s, 4 new center caps, 4 Alpin tires. If anyone wants me to get the Alpin's mounted and balanced on the old S-lites, how about $450 for 4 Slites, 4 old center caps, 4 Alpin tires? I'm not sure, but I think the wireless TPMS sensors can be moved and fresh batteries installed in the process. I'm just brainstorming ideas.
  2. I bought these in November 2019 and put them on my mini before I knew that I would only be driving to work for another 4 months. Most of the time between March 2020 and May 2021 they sat in the garage on my mini, and since May, they have been stored on the Jegs 'tire caddy'. I barely put any wear on the tires and when I measured today, the tread depth was about .25 inches. I had GT Peace do a realignment before I drove on them. Here is a link to NAM for the original owner's posting for the wheels/tires/caddy. https://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/mini-parts-for-sale/343791-fresh-refinish-bbs-r90-cross-spoke-rims-charcoal-and-michelin-alpin-snow-set.html I paid $975 for the package and he threw in brand new center caps. I hate to part with these wheels because they are really pretty and I think they look great with space blue/silver. But I need the money more than the wheels right now. Here are the pictures I took today (except for one pic from last year of the front driver side of the car): https://photos.app.goo.gl/r95s21iYL6P3h1QDA I'll wait a couple of weeks before I post on NAM or Facebook. In appreciation of the great deals I got through DCMM, I'm giving members the first shot. I'd like to get maybe $875 for: 4 tires 4 R90s Jegs caddy 4 center caps. check is OK if you are a DCMM member, otherwise cash or paypal only. I may be able to deliver them if you live close by. full disclosure: the original owner hit a DC pothole and posted about it in NAM. I think a slight flat spot on one of the wheels is the cause of a slow air leak. When I was driving on these wheels, it wasn't a problem. After sitting in the garage for a few months, my first-gen TPMS gave me plenty of warning one tire was low and I only had to add about 6 psi. That only happened once after the car was not driven for a while. The wheels were run on a clubman with the wireless TPMS system so I was told that the 2nd gen TPMS sensors were inside. I have had no way to use or test them. They might need new batteries. The photo album also shows 4 S-lites that were given to me by another DCMM member. two of them are missing valve stems, I always thought it would make more sense to put winter tires on the S-lites, but I don't think I'll be doing that now. I can include them with the deal if you wanted to use the R90s with different tires. I wouldn't feel right taking money for them though.
  3. It took a few hours but google photos synched the 24 minute video my phone captured while mounted on the dash for the 8 (I think) laps. before I upload it, I feel like I should ask @GreenCactus to sign a release or something.
  4. agreed. loved seeing familiar and new faces there, too.
  5. I'll probably catch the caravan at point of rocks. Would love to get back to summit point.
  6. yeah, the visors. I bought a used pair from someone thinking I could somehow stiffen the springs and get enough parts together for one good pair. They aren't really designed to be serviced. Thanks for the links. It's good to hear you got the sunroof drains running properly. That'll save you a lot of problems.
  7. I hope this isn't a stupid question. How does one plastidip the rims only? I'll google but does anyone have experience trying that? Asking for a friend with similar wheels.
  8. Does anybody have a single wheel or partial set of BBS R90 17" Cross Spoke Composite 4x100 wheels? I need a spare or replacement or maybe just one good barrel to attach to an anthracite center piece if I can't get a local vendor to fix a bent one. I currently have a set of silver 17" S lites gifted to me by JAB 67. I'm not sure if the best plan is to use those for the winter until I sort out the R90 situation or stick with my old ASA wheels.
  9. I might finally be able to do this.*** fingers crossed. ***although on bad traffic days, my morning and evening commutes end up making a complete outer loop circuit.
  10. my car is in the body shop until Wednesday so I'm going to miss the rescheduled date...
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