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  1. That was a nice place for a HH
  2. 5 am??? Lol - happens when you set it up at 12:35am. I haven't been to the new Caboose location. Sounds like a plan.
  3. The vinyl wrap looks good. How much extra $$$ is the replacement trim versus vinyl?
  4. The existing mirror caps are black and in decent shape. I was just bored with them. It sounds like I should consider something other than covering with the cheap Chinese-made stick on caps. Basically looking for a design. Peeling the old - I'm not looking forward to it.
  5. I've been doing minor maintenance and repair of the trim on my old 2009 Hatchback. 1. Purchased a new stubby antenna because the rubber on the original tall stack completely decomposed. 4 inch stub antenna looks good and I wish I had done it earlier. 2. The chrome grill strip (upper) came off during a recent trip up to Philly. I ordered a new one from PartsGeek and it arrived today broken in two pieces. I am not impressed with the customer service at that place and I may be out $80 bucks for a piece of plastic. If the claim isn't honored I am going to go to the dealer part shop and use my 10% parts discount. 3. Finally removed the electrical tape I had applied to the chrome strip around the window base. Cheapest mod ever and it lasted for years. I am going to leave it chrome for awhile since the original look is now new to me. 4. Has anyone had any experience with the cheap mirror covers that you can buy off of ebay? They sit on top of the existing mirror cap using 3M adhesive tape. I know it's a cheap way to do it but it's not worth it to me to get the actual replacement caps. 5. Next on the to-do list is to peel off the racing stripes on the bonnet (way past time).
  6. Always a good time even if it's for "business". Hope to see everyone there.
  7. Not sure what I will bring yet. Please have the club buy extra drinks especially if it's hot outside - I think we ran short last year.
  8. Bummer. I'm flying back that day. Sounds like a fun run.
  9. Dealerships OMG. On older cars it's often a good idea to rub toothpaste onto the headlights - it's slightly abrasive and can clean them up enough that the issue isn't immediately obvious during the car inspection. But a power cleaning will do the job properly and last for at least two years.
  10. A great way to spend a winter day. Kudos to the organizers.
  11. Does anyone have a radio I could borrow? I misplaced all of mine during my last move.
  12. A brand new car from the dealer could have 43 miles on it. Let's say it only had 15 miles. You drive it home. No one ever drives it but the husband performs maintenance. Then twelve years later you drive it for the first time to PTuning and now you have 43. Voila.
  13. 43 miles is impossible especially in light of the scuff marks. 43K would be possible but if the odometer says 43 then I would stay away. Your AC compressor fails in 43 miles? I think not.
  14. No. I'm in Italy but I posted the income statement information.
  15. OK - it's yours. I'll get it to you as soon as possible.
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