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  1. What time do you need me there in the morning to direct traffic. 7?
  2. Ah ok...in the land of Gov Cons and other government entities.
  3. Where is your office located?
  4. It seemed to be a root beer color, yes. Possibly darker. They were across the intersection from me and it’s a big intersection so it’s a good chance I have the exact model/trim wrong. Whatever the case, that Mini clearly gets plenty of love.
  5. Saw a beautiful black/dark brown, what looked to be, Morris Mini at the intersection of West Ox and Fair Lakes Pkwy today around 2:00pm today. They waved enthusiastically. Anyone here?
  6. Thank you for everyone coming out to make this a successful run. Crab was good also!
  7. Tomorrow is looking like it’s going to be perfect weather wise. Keep in mind that there are going to some narrow parts to this run and there will likely be plenty of bikers out and about. So, I will do the best I can to alert everyone to oncoming hazards, but please, keep your eyes peeled. Also don’t forget your two-way radios and cash for the ferry. I look forward to seeing everyone in Leesburg at 8:00 tomorrow.
  8. Interesting...I'm looking at switching up products.
  9. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to drive necessarily but would be up for the navigator position? Remember, there is crab and other goodness at the end of this run...ha.
  10. No dirt or gravel roads. There are some roads that are quite narrow so it will be best to be vigilant in looking out for oncoming traffic and bikes. Thanks, I knew I was forgetting something. I edited the description, also.
  11. Route now available (See link below): Cantler's Run - 2019
  12. Quite a bit of construction, particularly through Clarksburg and the top part of Germantown...but hopefully at the time we are going, we will be just fine. Since, so far, there aren't a ton of MINIs signed up, I'm not worried about the exact time we get to Cantler's
  13. No worries... I heard through the grapevine that you are allergic. Thanks, Sierra.
  14. Pre-run to happen this weekend, I’ll post more detail once complete.
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