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  1. I'll buy one or two.
  2. Tinted my side markers. $6.99 for the film, 20 minutes of my time, and a hair dryer.
  3. Thanks, Corey. I got these on Amazon for $9.99: BRISHINE 300LM Extremely Bright Canbus Error Free 194 168 2825 192 W5W T10 LED Bulbs Amber Yellow 9-SMD 2835 LED Chipsets for Side Marker Turn Signal Blinker Map Door Parking Lights (Pack of 4) I noticed today that I do get a short "Parking Light Malfunction" at start-up, but it quickly goes away.
  4. Replaced the boring halogen parking lamps with amber LEDs. No codes.
  5. Thanks! I just finished blacking everything out with OEM parts, including the belt line. Waiting for the pollen to subside so I can detail the car and take some pics.
  6. Thanks. Did you actually replace the door handles or wrap/cover them? If you replaced them, is it as easy as it looks in various videos? I'm probably ordering my handles soon and will attempt to replace them myself. Looks like the toughest part is making sure the retaining screw does not fall into the door panel.
  7. The wheels were the stock silver color. They removed the tires and sensors, did a complete chemical strip followed by a sandblast, bringing the whole rim to bare metal, repaired some minor curb rash (no extra charge), powder-coated (not paint) the entire rim (barrel and all), and remounted and rebalanced all 4 tires. Total cost with tax was right about $700. The powder coat is flawless. I dropped the car off on a Monday and it was ready before noon on Wednesday. I’m totally pleased with the job, the cost, and with NV Coatings.
  8. Here's Coopah on Day 1 (April 2019)and today. Lots of simple mods.
  9. Got Coopah's stock 17" Tentacle rims powder-coated at NV Coatings in Chantilly (great service, great price; highly recommended). I also added the red center caps to break up the black. Next up: gloss black door handles and OEM gloss black belt-line trim. A couple of additional pics...
  10. At some point, I’m going to order the black door handles. They go for about $180. I’d also like to get the complete OEM gloss black belt line (as opposed to the tape/vinyl), but that goes for about $500. A little steep. My wheels are getting powder coated gloss black in January. Good luck with your project. Post pics as it progresses.
  11. I bought some 3M gloss black vinyl and did the headlight and taillight trim in about 30 minutes for less than $30. A hair dryer and an Exacto knife are all you need. For the grill surround, I went to "outmotoring" and ordered the gloss black stick-on plastic trim for about $100. Goes right over the existing trim surround. Very happy with it. Looks original.
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