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  1. Got my dash cam set up. I bought a Thinkware Q800 and hardwired it using their available OBD II adaptor. The video is amazing. Has night vision, parking mode to monitor the car while it is parked, lane departure warning, etc. Great camera. Easy set-up. See attached video. REC_2020_06_27_17_02_36_F.MP4
  2. I actually decided to buy the Thinkware OBD II adaptor. It plugs directly into the port while still keeping a second port open for regular diagnostics and what not. Thanks for the response though.
  3. Has anyone hardwired a Dashcam to an F56? I just bought a Thinkware Q800 and have it plugged in, but would like to hardwire it so I can use motion detection while it is parked. Looks pretty simple to do, but I have no idea what fuses to connect to. Apparently, one wire goes to an ACC fuse, while the other goes to a constant power fuse. Does anyone know which specific fuses I should connect to? Thanks. Mike
  4. Don't tell my wife. I may use a similar tactic to get my black rims.
  5. I used D&V Auto Body in Sterling with a previous car and was happy. I think they have two shops in Sterling now. Very professional, family-owned / family-run shop.
  6. I think the latch is so sensitive that if you are holding it as you close the hatch, you actually open it as it latches...if that makes sense.
  7. Happens to me all the time. I'll close the hatch and get in to drive away and get the warning that it is open.
  8. Coopah got a GoBadges license plate bar.
  9. I cracked my hood scoop when I took it off to add my bonnet stripe, so I picked up a black, notched scoop from Out Motoring and put it on last weekend.
  10. Picked up the gloss black grille cover from Out Motoring. Perfect fit. Five-minute install. No chrome showing at all.
  11. Thanks. The vinyl wrap was about $30 (which was 2' x 5', enough to do 2 sets of headlight trim). I think the replacement pieces are close to $150 for the set. They're probably nicer, but I figured I'd try the less expensive option first and I think they actually came out pretty good. We'll see how the vinyl holds up. It's supposed to be good for 7+ years on a vehicle.
  12. Wrapped my headlight trim last night. 3M 1080 gloss black vinyl wrap. Took less than an hour. Next up is the grille surround. Not sure if I want to try to wrap it, replace it, or get the stick-on cover.
  13. I actually live in that very neighborhood; walking distance...but it wouldn't be right to walk to a MINI meet.
  14. Thanks! I got the vinyl and stripes from 1060graphics. 3M 1080 is good stuff. Easy to use and reapply if you mess up. I just finished my bonnet stripes (see pics). 99% happy. Minor wrinkle in one of them that I just could't get out. I'll be ordering more vinyl to wrap my headlight trim soon. I think I am done...for now. And yes, that's a crack in the scoop . I pried up at the wrong place. I'll replace it at some point.
  15. Thanks guys. It was a lot easier than I thought. Today I'm going to attempt the hood stripes.
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