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  1. Yeah. Definitely getting carried away. Got home today and my wife had a surprise for me - Black Jack door striker covers!
  2. Another "mod" - Black Jack aluminum pedals.
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations on upgrading the stock halogen fogs on the F56? Mine aren't actually fog lights (apparently, I don't have that option), but they come on when the parking lights and/or headlights turn on. I think they look terrible with the LED headlights and LED rings right above them. Looking to go LED, probably yellow. Oh, and it was nice meeting some of you at today's detailing clinic. Thanks, Mike
  4. Yes, just slightly pull up to move into and out of park. It is spring-loaded. Check out the video at the end of the instructions on the Cravenspeed site. Very easy to install and the knob sits at a perfect height if you like to rest your hand on it while driving.
  5. Okay, maybe I'm getting carried away. I even got a Blackjack EZPass holder!
  6. My great wife bought me some more Blackjack accents for the interior...
  7. Next mod...CravenSpeed red shift ball. Simple install - 20 minutes max. I like it.
  8. Thanks. Just a cover. There is a slight hint of the chrome peeking through near the "S" logo, but not noticeable unless you're standing right over it. Even then it just looks like the sun reflecting off the red.
  9. Thanks. All minor mods for now. Just trying to personalize Coopah a bit.
  10. Next "mod" done - Red Grille Slat from OutMotoring. Pretty close to perfect fit.
  11. And just picked up some Black Jack side scuttles from Mini of Alexandria...
  12. Added a Black Jack gas cap and interior Black Jack trim pieces. Very satisfied with the high quality and perfect fit of the pieces. Next up is my red slat on the front grille. Later comes blacking out the chrome. Not sure if I am going to wrap it or replace the pieces.
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