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  1. Decided I missed the bonnet stripes. Ordered these from House of Graphix and applied them after work today. These are a bit wider -10".
  2. Washed, de-striped, stripped, decontaminated with IronX, clayed, buffed, cleaned and treated the tires and trim, and put on two coats of McKee's Graphene Ceramic coating. A lot of work, but it looks the best it ever has. The iPhone pics really don't do it justice.
  3. Let us know how well it works. Smudges driven me nuts.
  4. +1 for NV coatings! I had some minor rash when I had my rims powder coated. Perfect job and very nice group to work with.
  5. Hey, at least all the snow may be melted by then, so you won't have to worry about getting it dirty.
  6. Welcome. Yes, you will become addicted!
  7. Have any other F5x drivers experienced an unusual amount of pitting on their windshield? Coopah has about 30k miles, many of them highway miles, and the windshield is horribly pitted. Do these cars have soft glass? It doesn't appear to be fixable and I may look to have it replaced. Is this common?
  8. Thanks. I just sent you a message. Mike
  9. Hi, Michael. I'll take it (and your help whenever is convenient for you). I'm up for a road trip.
  10. Replaced the stock run-flats with non-run-flat Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06's. Big difference in ride quality and road noise. Have't checked out the performance yet. Ordered them online from Tire Rack on Thursday and they installed them right in my driveway this afternoon.
  11. Nice car. At 56 my MINI was my mid-life crisis car too.
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