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Maintenance (non-dealership)

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Hi everyone! New to the forum (just found it) and owner of a lovely 2021 S in Solaris Orange.


It's time to do the first maintenance (and I am new to Mini) and just called the dealership and almost fell of my chair $550 for engine oil and air filter. Wow.


So was wondering if anyone can recommend another place to do the maintenance that is not the dealership?




Photo of "Nemo" below :)


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Thanks for all the replies. I am in DC (Foggy Bottom). I saw another thread yesterday recommending GT Peace so I booked an appointment with them. It's half what the stealership quoted so that seems reasonable.


One more question. My Mini is a 2021 Cooper S with 20k. I've only driven it 3000 miles since I got it (and it's 95% highway miles) too. I am a photographer and mostly use it to go to the places I am taking pictures at. The guy at GT Peace said that they recommend changing the oil every 5000 miles or one year, though Mini clearly (and loudly) recommends a change every 6000 miles or 6 months. So I am due based on the latter. Do you guys follow the Mini recommendations or does the GT Peace recommendation make more sense (in which case I could probably wait another 2-3 months).


BTW, it's not really about the cost but more about what makes the most logical sense.



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I also only use GT Peace, and can't recommend them enough! They know their stuff and will treat you right! 


Change your oil every 5,000 miles! Just be sure to book at least a couple weeks in advance as GT Peace gets pretty busy during prime driving months.

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