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  1. The only thing that would keep me from going to a pumpkin/pork/and pie run (3 of life's favorite things) would be if the All Blacks came to Fed Ex field to play Team USA. Not that that would ever happen... oh, wait.... RUGBY TIME! Sorry we'll miss this one friends.
  2. Weird, at some point a place called the Ladder House in WV was listed as the lunch stop but now it's gone from the detail post. Mike and I are grabbing some sandwich stuff at the Brunswick Weis stop for a picnic at the lunch stop since it's going to be such a nice day.
  3. Lorri & Mike will be going to Breaux
  4. I love the way this came out. Great tribute to our fallen heroes.
  5. Niiiiice! As a fellow (Fairly) new MINI mid life crisis owner myself, I bid you a fond welcome! We hope you can make it out to some of the runs to learn what the MINI lifestyle is all about. Fun with your fellow MINI friends and lots of outstanding driving in the most fun car in the World!
  6. You've done so many amazing things to your MINI! It's looking great! (My favorite is the roof graphic)
  7. Hmmm, I thought I posted this video last week. Let me try it again. It's my first attempt at making a GoPro video so... MINIS_TAKE__THE_TRACK.mp4
  8. Ugh, we're supposed to be at a wedding on that day. SAD FACE!!
  9. My video seems to be a little fuzzy, I'm new to the GoPro world and not sure if I downloaded it properly, but it's fun to watch anyway! MINIS_TAKE__THE_TRACK.mp4
  10. Mike and I are pretty excited about this, definitely something different for us!

    MINI Together

    We are signed up for the 10 Am at Mini of Montgomery County
  12. The Saintcross' will meet everyone at Point of Rocks
  13. I'd buy one for sure!
  14. We've only been with the group for 1.5 years, so didn't know you all previously, but we're looking forward to meeting you soon!
  15. As of now, Mike and I (Lorri) are going down for a few days. With MTTS being cancelled again, and me still being a fairly (1 year) new Mini owner, I'm still dying to experience all of the big runs. Fingers crossed that we'll be vaccinated by then as well.
  16. I had my roof wrapped by Exotic Vehicle Wraps in Sterling VA. Amazing group of people to work with and I LOVED how my roof came out. I also had them remove my roof rack to make the look cleaner.
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