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  1. Sunday forecast ..... Partly Cloudy High 85°F Precip 10% Perfect for motoring, pickin' cherry & crack pie !!!! See the teaser from last year's route ........
  2. Tara Thai is cool !!! We plan to be at the one in Rockville in April.
  3. 1:33.630........Wow, that was awesome !!! :rock: I will have to work hard this coming weekend.
  4. Stay tuned for "MINI @ Top Gear", time attack party. Coming soon.
  5. On top on the list, as of 1/11/11: Stefano: 1:33.810
  6. Front grill is from the earlier year, I'd guess.
  7. Good time indeed !!!! :top: MINI Power Laps on Top Gear Test Track
  8. If you already have Gran Turismo 5. Lets have some fun. -Acquire a stock '05 MCS from the GT5 dealerships. The only modification that's allowed is aftermarket wheels. -Goto practice / World Circuits / Top Gear Test Track / A-Spec Free Run. -Tires = Comfort:Soft or lower / other options, within the driver options page, no restriction. -Move the car to starting point, "The Line" (right after the second turn, "completely stop" right in front of the starting line (exactly like te picture above),then take a deep breath and GO !!! Timer will start to count immediately after your MINI cross "the line". -Finish the lap and mark your time. Have fun !!!
  9. If you don't mind driving up here, I have a small garage (and Gran Turismo5 plus hot chocolate).
  10. Best wishes to all. Happy New Year !!!
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