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  1. You can purchase a membership though the store.
  2. Radar looks like it should lighten up by the time we start
  3. My wipers work, I'm still in!
  4. Quite a few of us use GTPeace in Chantilly and PTuning in Manassas. They are both Official Vendors.
  5. Added an album to the event. Feel free to add your own photos you took to it!
  6. @Superluminal sure thing! Please sign the e waiver before the event: https://ews.bmwcca.org/sign/01gp3hjkvvrqhyd9rbesr7m7y8
  7. The Pre-Event Email that was sent out had a link to a drivers meeting guide but even though the link was set correctly when clicked it takes you to our front page here on the forums. This PDF is what is being linked to: 2023 Drivers meeting NCC AX Covid (Revised January 9, 2023).pdf
  8. The album is now open for all to upload to
  9. Since the last forum software update a few weeks ago I haven't seen this error come back up for me so I'm hoping that it should have fixed itself. If you run into this, please let me know.
  10. I've opened up your album so anyone can upload to it.
  11. Likely on OSC's side since it's their site or a browser setting on mobile that is flagging it at times.
  12. One of our vendors @Odds and Ends does a great job. He's in Sterling, VA
  13. @tpomalley You're now listed as going.
  14. I can get her added when I get to work.
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