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MOTD7 - who's going?

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I'm going, but not sure when I'm leaving or exactly where I will stay (anyone have a open floor in a cabin?).


Is there a caravan with a bunch of cars going?


Look in this thread on NAM. MOTD accommodations

You may be able to find a place.. or at least post your need and maybe someone will respond. That's how Jay and I went the first year

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Got my room at fontana booked, my brother is coming on friday and I will be going down on Wednesday. Do the club go to any of the events together? Not sure if I'm going to do the welcome dinner, was going to do Beer swap, farewell dinner. Some midnight runs and not sure what else.



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Roxanne and I are going again. Looking forward to it BIG time ! :rock:


Hope to see some of you there. A couple of you, I know I'll see (you know who your are).


We'll be heading down on Thursday morning. Too late for most of you, I know. We have 3 MINIs caravaning so far. If anyone else wants to join up, let me know. :motor:

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Dave (hopefully) and I will be heading out sometime on Tuesday. We have a room at the Hampton Inn in Abingdon VA on Tuesday night and then we'll continue to the Dragon on Wednesday.
I'm driving down on Tuesday too, only I'm doing the whole drive in 1 day. It's 8 hours - not too bad. I'm going solo... unless someone else wants to go a day early too? It's nice getting there before the crowd.
We're getting excited!!:rock:
Me too! :motor:
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I am going, and thinking about going a day early.

if you come on Tuesday, you could come to the spaghetti dinner at my cabin...it's free.

It starts at 6:30, tho' the pasta and sauce go fast...

Hope to see you there.:smile:

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Just got my MOTD metal badges, but they are veteran one's. Considering this is my first year not sure if I want to put them on.


Put them on !


As soon as you get there, you're a veteran. You have to :motor: up the Dragon to arrive at Fontana.

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