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  1. This Florida transplant is going to have to do that this year. I had planned to make the Dragon, but not going to be able to. I'll do it solo on one of my FL-DC-FL trips this summer, or the Fall dragon. I need to check into Mickey and MINI! Not too far from me now
  2. Those of us who motor top down might be needing to look for old school leather helmets and goggles. The 17 year Cicadas may be in full 'bloom' during the Dragon! Lots of undisturbed ground there. I wonder how thick they get around there? :willy:
  3. There's a caliper painting kit from Duplicolor. It's pretty cheap as I recall. Maybe arond $30? Only a few colors. But it is ceramic paint, and it's not two part with a cataylst or anything. So you can just open the can and do touch ups unlike the epoxy ones. I assumed even the epoxy ones would need touch up so opted for the ceramic paint that allowed me to save and reuse the unused portion. Did mine in 2005 and I do quick touch ups once a year.
  4. In addition to the the Alta intake, 15% pulley, and Magnaflow exhaust already mentioned my next fav's are MUCH lighter wheels, better tires, and my Texas Speed Works chassis brace. Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight and improve handling and ride a bit, even accelaration and braking a bit. Very open wheels like the defunct K1's my car wears half the year are under 17 lbs for a 17 x 7 and are so open it even helps brake temps. Ceramic pads make a huge difference in reducing brake dust, especially important in a cabrio as it comes in all over the back seat!
  5. I will be back to DC for 5 days over that weekend, and bringing the MINI on the Autotrain! So I might be able to do this! If y'all would a past member.
  6. I COULD nit pick and say he should not be hooking his thumbs like that. Good way to get major hand damage if he has a boo-boo. Most people don't think about the possibility of a accident but if you take a performance driving class you'll be taught to keep your thumbs up on the rim. :motor:
  7. I'm driving up Wed. Can't wait! :top: expatriate DCMM'er Mark
  8. I'll be driving UP to the Dragon for the first time! Weather here all winter has been mid 70's to mid 80's, amazing and running MINI top down at all times. It's going to be weird doing a completely different route, the old drive to the Dragon from VA I did 7 times, plus two at times other than MOTD to the 'sleeping dragon'. I will only sign up for basic. No time for bingo, beer, poker etc. Last year I drove 10-12 hours every day. :top:
  9. Yup, We've got a taker. And yes, buyer for the boat too. A co worker I who asked what I was doing with it, if it was going to FL with me. We took a test sail and it was nice and windy. Had that boat heeled WAY over. :top: He says it's a done deal and will bring in a check Thur which is the next day we'll be at the same site...
  10. Well, I'm at work now and just saw your respone... I will be a bit late getting home today, I can put it outside tonight for you to pick up or... Will know in a couple hours how late I'll be today. Meeting a guy after work that is buying my boat.
  11. Yes, trash would be a waste. But I don't want to haul it to Florida either. So I need it to be gone by Sept 4... You want me to 'hold' it for you, or you just want if it's destined for trash if no one else asks for it?
  12. Someone please come take this for free... Getting down to the wire and at this point if someone does not pick it up it's going to go in the trash!
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