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  1. During the necessary replacement of my rear main oil seal I electively replaced my OE clutch with Valeo. The OE was working fine, has never been abused, but the throw-out bearing was occasionally making noise. I'll sell the OE flywheel, pressure plate, and driven disc (which still has lots of life left) to anyone local for $100.
  2. HI: I just picked up the OE installation kit for Gen 1 roof racks. It did not come with either the test arbor or the special drill bit. Anyone in DCMM have either or both of these to borrow or, better yet, to buy? TIA.
  3. Haven't decided yet what we will bring. Probably a Costco party platter. Shrimp perhaps? Open to suggestions.
  4. Winter tires? Why? It never snows anymore. LOL.
  5. Bump. One set free to a good home. Minimal curb rash.
  6. I have eight (8) naked OE 17" s-lite wheels taking up space in my garage. Some, but not much, curb rash. Make me an offer and they're all yours.
  7. Thanks. I got one off eBay. Arrived today. Looks like from a very low mileage car.
  8. I need a driver's side steering knuckle. Thanks!
  9. How many miles on Tigger? In any event, those prices are obscene. The low speed fan resistor can be bought for $50 and replaced in less than 2 hours max of labor.
  10. Argh! Was there a recent reminder about this event? I wanted to go but forgot about it.
  11. Carl: Sorry but I will be in NYC next weekend. I could help anytime this week Tues-Thurs, or the following week Wed-Fri and perhaps that weekend.
  12. Carl: I might be able to help; let me know what you have in mind.
  13. Laura: I have something that matches your description. I will bring it tomorrow morning; however, I will be there promptly at 9:00 and leave as soon as I finish using the spring compressor, as I have other commitments that morning. If I don't see you I'll leave it with someone.
  14. I assembled my rear struts today and came to realize that the '16 mm strut nut socket' is not necessary, which probably explains why nobody makes one! The front requires one because of the deep recess in the mount, but the rear is not recessed and so a simple box wrench (plus Allen wrench) is sufficient.
  15. Slight correction to my earlier post: I need a 16 mm strut nut socket, not 17. I have a 21 mm for the front on order, but no one stocks the 16 for the rear. How do people disassemble and reassemble the rear struts? Will an offset box wrench work? TIA.
  16. Don Elkins used to do that but they have closed.
  17. Fantastic! Thanks! See you then.
  18. And it is no longer available, at least at that Amazon site.
  19. I will probably be there but will NOT need a lift. I am assembling a complete duplicate suspension and have all the parts; however, my spring compressor does not work with the MINI front springs; will someone have (or can you bring) one that does? And, I also need the use of the special sockets (17 and 21 mm) with slotted side that permits an Allen wrench to hold the strut shaft while torquing the top nut. TIA.
  20. Costco currently has the BatteryTender in stock for $40.
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