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  1. I'm coming (just me, not the family), but due to the late RSVP, I understand if I do not get food due to catering already being arranged.
  2. Susan, Noelle and I will be there! I am not sure what we will be bringing yet - we had thought a veggie platter, but it seems Sierra may have that covered already. UPDATE: We're bringing a salami, cheese, crackers & olives tray.
  3. Susan, Noelle and I will be there! It's nice that it's close to our house, too. I looked up the info on the Fairfax County website, and it seems that pets are allowed, as long as they are leashed. If nobody has a major objection, we'll be bringing Lily too! As for a food contribution, we'll bring mini(ature) brownies.
  4. I'd like to come on the run but we have a lot to get done tomorrow before the picnic, so I suspect I won't be able to make it. I RSVPed "Maybe", but it's less likely than more so. We'll be at the picnic though!
  5. Susan, Noelle and I will be there! We probably can't stay to the end though... Noelle is likely to peter out well before everyone else, although she has been known to be a night owl sometimes (takes after her old man). We'll bring a dessert. (oh, and unfortunately we probably won't be in my MINI... )
  6. We’ll be there! It will be only me for the run itself, but Susan and Noelle will be meeting us directly at Dinosaur Land. We talked about all going in the MINI but with the walking around that we are doing, we really need the stroller, and it won’t fit in the car with the baby seat also installed.
  7. Very generous of you guys, but if we make it (not definite yet but we’re trying! The early start in Purcelville is a little tough for us), we’ll leave the pup at home. To be honest, I’m not sure how well she would fare on windy roads anyway.
  8. I just read on their website that no pets (besides service animals) are allowed at Dinosaur Land, so that counts pets out unless they skip that venue.
  9. Unfortunately we have to miss this - and I hate missing the annual picnic! This is my parents last weekend in town, and we have so much to try to get done before they leave... it’s just impossible to make it to the picnic. ? I hope everyone has a wonderful time, and we’ll hopefully see you all at another event soon... we’ll try hard to make it to the Family and Pet Run in a couple of weeks!
  10. I asked Shawn Peace about that a little while ago - you’re right! They actually have 4 loaners now, to also include a BMW X1 (which is basically like a BMW Countryman) and a BMW 318ti. I happily stand corrected - and good to know for next time. They never mentioned loaners in the lead-up to scheduling this appointment, and I didn’t ask - because most independent shops don’t have loaners. I’m impressed that they do. Had I known this, I could have scheduled my appointment much sooner, without having to wait or get a ride.
  11. I haven’t had it done yet - it’s been difficult to coordinate a date to come in, because they aren’t normally open on weekends, and they don’t have loaner cars. I’m really wishing I had made it into that special Saturday group! I finally have an appointment tomorrow morning - I’ll let you know how it goes.
  12. I still would have paid the extra to have it done, but Freddy was pretty insistent that it would not be necessary on an R53.
  13. Update on 1st Gens - I was told very clearly by Freddy that it is not appropriate/necessary to do the walnut blasting on the 1st Gen engines, even if they are very old and high miles, like mine. Instead, they will do an induction service using BG 44K. So yeah... I guess I’ll be doing the induction service instead.
  14. Susan, Noelle and I are interested and will try to make it... we have RSVPed “Maybe” for now but we should have a better idea in early August after my parents visit (from Australia) is over. We would like to bring Lily (our sweet pup), but due to her size, and still needing a baby seat (Noelle will be exactly 9 months old on the day of the event!), it will be exceedingly difficult to bring her, especially in my R53. It’s awesome that you’ve planned a family-centric event, Devin - especially for pets, too! ?
  15. Mo- Nope - never mind then! I just didn’t want to be forgotten.
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