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  1. Edge

    New cabin

    Nice! I thought you guys would end up keeping the member cabin you were moved to (it was 1052, right?), but hey, way to go! They’re both Hemlocks, so I’m sure it’s just as nice. Bonus, we’ll be walking distance to visit!
  2. Edge

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    The thing is - the cabin I got is one I have driven by every year and said to myself “I want that cabin! Maybe one day.” ... and this morning they called me and offered it to me. <play chorus of Handel’s Messiah>
  3. Edge

    Need a lodge room for 2019?

    Yep! I’ve been on the waiting list for a Maple 1-bedroom (the nicer one, vs. a Willow) for YEARS. It finally paid off!
  4. Fellow MOTD veterans - if you are looking for a good inn room in the Fontana Village lodge, the best one (Room 220), just became available. King room, closest one to the lobby. Call them quick!
  5. I’ll have a bunch of extra ones with me, Alex!
  6. That's great! I'm glad you are both coming - we love meeting new members! Bummer - sorry you guys can't make it.
  7. Hey folks - if you are still a Maybe, or you have not responded to this thread but you are interested in joining us, please update/post here today, so I can call in to Griffin Tavern with our headcount for Saturday. Thanks!
  8. Edge

    Pre-Dragon Happy Hour at Ted's Bulletin

    90% sure that I’ll be there, and Susan and Noelle are a “maybe”. I just hope there is adequate seating!
  9. It sounds like everyone has it straight. I'll be arriving on Sunday. Susan, Betty & Noelle will arrive on Monday (they'll probably depart with me on Sunday but will stay with family in southern VA on Sunday night). They will all head home on Thursday. Betty will stay in Mark & Ali's cabin on Monday night, then move to Carl's lodge room for Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Susan and Noelle will stay with me in my lodge room all 3 nights. Thank you all for your help with these arrangements!
  10. Hey folks - the event is 2 weeks from today! If you haven't RSVPed, please don't forget to check your calendars and then do so! Susan, Noelle and I are doing the practice run today, just to make sure there are no unexpected problems with the route, such as construction, detours, etc. Mind you, for the smoother, quieter and more comfortable ride, the practice run will be in Susan's car, not Mr. OEM. On the day itself though, I'll be solo in Mr. OEM, and the family will meet us at the restaurant for lunch.
  11. It took longer than expected to have all of the right conversations (including with Betty), but... we'll take it! A huge thank you to Carl for your sacrifice to make it comfortable for Betty, and to Mark and Ali for facilitating this via your cabin! Mark & Ali - please let us know what we will owe you for Betty's use of the cabin bedroom on Monday night. Carl - same - for use of your inn/lodge room on Tuesday & Wednesday nights! YAY! I wasn't even sure I'd be allowed able to come to MOTD this year... so happy!
  12. Ya know... when I first read this, I read it as shown above (without the words that are struck through)... and thought you were trying to be funny.
  13. I haven't circled up with Susan and Betty on this yet (it's been a nutty week at work). I will try to do so tomorrow evening, and let you guys know if that will work. Either way, thank you all for your help!
  14. Wow, you guys are amazing! Carl - any chance you could extend your reservation to start on Monday, instead of Tuesday? Or have they told you that Tuesday is the earliest it is available?