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  1. JAB 67

    Post Holiday Party

    Haven't decided yet what we will bring. Probably a Costco party platter. Shrimp perhaps? Open to suggestions.
  2. JAB 67

    17" OE S-lite Wheels

    Winter tires? Why? It never snows anymore. LOL.
  3. JAB 67

    17" OE S-lite Wheels

    4 lug.
  4. JAB 67

    17" OE S-lite Wheels

    Bump. One set free to a good home. Minimal curb rash.
  5. JAB 67

    17" OE S-lite Wheels

    I have eight (8) naked OE 17" s-lite wheels taking up space in my garage. Some, but not much, curb rash. Make me an offer and they're all yours.
  6. JAB 67

    WTB: Gen1 left front steering knuckle

    Thanks. I got one off eBay. Arrived today. Looks like from a very low mileage car.
  7. I need a driver's side steering knuckle. Thanks!
  8. JAB 67

    Tigger's at Passport

    How many miles on Tigger? In any event, those prices are obscene. The low speed fan resistor can be bought for $50 and replaced in less than 2 hours max of labor.
  9. How much you want for it?
  10. JAB 67

    WTB- stock mini suspension

    How soon do you need them?
  11. JAB 67

    Open House Dulles Car Concierge (formerly Odds and Ends)

    Argh! Was there a recent reminder about this event? I wanted to go but forgot about it.
  12. JAB 67


    Carl: Sorry but I will be in NYC next weekend. I could help anytime this week Tues-Thurs, or the following week Wed-Fri and perhaps that weekend.
  13. JAB 67


    Carl: I might be able to help; let me know what you have in mind.
  14. JAB 67

    DIY Tech day

    Laura: I have something that matches your description. I will bring it tomorrow morning; however, I will be there promptly at 9:00 and leave as soon as I finish using the spring compressor, as I have other commitments that morning. If I don't see you I'll leave it with someone.