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  1. Haven't decided yet what we will bring. Probably a Costco party platter. Shrimp perhaps? Open to suggestions.
  2. Winter tires? Why? It never snows anymore. LOL.
  3. Bump. One set free to a good home. Minimal curb rash.
  4. I have eight (8) naked OE 17" s-lite wheels taking up space in my garage. Some, but not much, curb rash. Make me an offer and they're all yours.
  5. Thanks. I got one off eBay. Arrived today. Looks like from a very low mileage car.
  6. I need a driver's side steering knuckle. Thanks!
  7. How many miles on Tigger? In any event, those prices are obscene. The low speed fan resistor can be bought for $50 and replaced in less than 2 hours max of labor.
  8. How soon do you need them?
  9. Argh! Was there a recent reminder about this event? I wanted to go but forgot about it.
  10. Carl: Sorry but I will be in NYC next weekend. I could help anytime this week Tues-Thurs, or the following week Wed-Fri and perhaps that weekend.
  11. Carl: I might be able to help; let me know what you have in mind.
  12. JAB 67

    DIY Tech day

    Laura: I have something that matches your description. I will bring it tomorrow morning; however, I will be there promptly at 9:00 and leave as soon as I finish using the spring compressor, as I have other commitments that morning. If I don't see you I'll leave it with someone.
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