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  1. CarlB

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Lunch

    It looks like I am not the only one but I need to ask if I can bring someone. I am only signed up for one and Faith and I would like to come.
  2. CarlB

    First Time Mini Owner

    The one that will leave you on the side of the road is the belt. I would do that first.
  3. CarlB

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    We want to thank everyone who helped put the picnic together. Especially Ray for grilling. No one would want to eat something I cooked. We had 22 MINIs in the driveway!! Great party - Faith and I had a good time and we hope everyone else did. We need to plan a party around our fire pit this fall.
  4. CarlB

    DCMM Annual Club Picnic

    Hopefully it will stop raining and I can get the yard cleaned up. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
  5. CarlB

    Going down Sunday?

    Is anyone going to the Dragon on Sunday? I would like to meet up and caravan down.
  6. CarlB

    Pre-Dragon Happy Hour at Ted's Bulletin

    Just seeing this. Yes Faith and I will be there
  7. Hillary - I wouldn't do that to you. The room is yours. I will stay on the sofa. I am noisy. I will show you why when we get there.
  8. I just want to clarify what we are doing. I am glad you guys can come! When will Susan and Betty arrive? I assume they are leaving on Thursday, is that correct? I know I am in Ali's cabin starting Sunday, and back in my room starting Thursday afternoon. I am sure we all have someplace to sleep, I just want to nail down the schedule between sofas, beds, and rooms.
  9. My room in the lodge is booked starting Tuesday and going home Sunday morning. I assume if Betty is coming to help Susan and Edge they are coming Monday and leaving Thursday. Being a Chivalrous guy I will sleep on the bed or couch depending on availability until Betty and Susan leave.
  10. I will move to the couch earlier if that works for everyone.
  11. I tried - I wanted to extend my normal room from Tuesday to Sunday but was told Simone else had it. That is why I got with Ally.
  12. I do not mind going to the sofa. Edge let me know what you want to do.
  13. You guys can have my room if we can find some place for me. I tried to get my room from Sunday on but couldn't. I have it from Tuesday on. I do not know if this is any help. But some one might have a room in a cabin. My room is down the hall from you.
  14. CarlB

    MOTD Shirts

    Me too - Let me know
  15. CarlB

    Coilover Installation

    I have done a lot of this type of work and my MINI has coil overs. I would highly recommend PT tuning for the alignment. If your goal is to autocross or track the car, I would recommend camber plates. The stock camber settings might be good for tire life, but they limit the amount of cornering force. I have and use my wheels scales to corner balance my car. If you are not autocrossing or driving on a track, I would spend the money on something else. You can change the way the car handles by adjusting the static weight on each wheel. The way the magazines describe corner balancing they are trying to get the cars handling balance in both left and right turns equal. A Mini of any other production car is going to have more weight on one side or the other and therefore it will corner in one direction better than the other even after you set the wheel weights. What you achieve is the same understeer oversteer balance right to left turn because you eliminated cross weight. Think of cross weight as a tables four legs being the four tires on your car. If one leg is slightly longer the table will distribute more weight on that leg and less weigh on the leg on the opposite end and opposite side. It is important that the ride heights be set very carefully. If you do that, most of the bias the wheels scales would dial out will be eliminated and you will be close enough. Wheel scales are a very good tuning device, and there is no one way to set the wheel weights on a race car. Lots of front wheel drive race cars set the wheel weights equal with the driver in the car because late braking (and having both wheels doing equal work) is critical to lap times. They sacrifice the corner balance in right and left turns for better braking. I balance my autocross car with me in it so I do not have any cross weight but I tune the understeer oversteer balance by raising and lowering the rear ride height. The wheel weights give me a more precise measure of my set up than ride height. If you want to corner weight your car you will need adjustable sway bar end links. To do the job correctly you set the wheel weight with you or equally distributed weight in the car and the sway bars disconnected. Then you hook up the sway bars with out changing the wheel weights. Doing that without adjustable end links is almost imposable. If the front sway bar pushes down on the right front, when it is attached, it changes the corner balance.