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  1. Looking forward to the new season and great company. That is without mentioning the great bar. Wikens is going to be there. First time in public sense he was injured.
  2. CarlB

    Post Holiday Party

    I am sorry to post this but Faith is very allergic. We love dogs but because of Faith's allergies we can't have any dogs in our house.
  3. CarlB

    Post Holiday Party

    If it is raining I am not going to direct traffic as I have in the past. I have a long skinny driveway. Beyond the house there is parking. Park in front of the garage and in the area to the left of the garage. Leave one place to the left of the garage so people can turn around. If both of these places fill up park down the sides of the drive way, but leave room for people to get past.
  4. CarlB

    Post Holiday Party

    We are kid friendly and have a pack and play and are looking forward to seeing your family Edge.
  5. It looks like I am not the only one but I need to ask if I can bring someone. I am only signed up for one and Faith and I would like to come.
  6. The one that will leave you on the side of the road is the belt. I would do that first.
  7. We want to thank everyone who helped put the picnic together. Especially Ray for grilling. No one would want to eat something I cooked. We had 22 MINIs in the driveway!! Great party - Faith and I had a good time and we hope everyone else did. We need to plan a party around our fire pit this fall.
  8. Hopefully it will stop raining and I can get the yard cleaned up. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
  9. Is anyone going to the Dragon on Sunday? I would like to meet up and caravan down.
  10. Just seeing this. Yes Faith and I will be there
  11. Hillary - I wouldn't do that to you. The room is yours. I will stay on the sofa. I am noisy. I will show you why when we get there.
  12. I just want to clarify what we are doing. I am glad you guys can come! When will Susan and Betty arrive? I assume they are leaving on Thursday, is that correct? I know I am in Ali's cabin starting Sunday, and back in my room starting Thursday afternoon. I am sure we all have someplace to sleep, I just want to nail down the schedule between sofas, beds, and rooms.
  13. My room in the lodge is booked starting Tuesday and going home Sunday morning. I assume if Betty is coming to help Susan and Edge they are coming Monday and leaving Thursday. Being a Chivalrous guy I will sleep on the bed or couch depending on availability until Betty and Susan leave.
  14. I will move to the couch earlier if that works for everyone.
  15. I tried - I wanted to extend my normal room from Tuesday to Sunday but was told Simone else had it. That is why I got with Ally.
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