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  1. I see. Looking them over I would be as well. Going to look at the dates vs. the SCCA dates I am already on. More then likely I could attend both. I would be S2 as well. F 56S with a rear sway bar change, aftermarket rims with 215/45R17 RE 71Rs, Would be good to see you out there. I have some friends who are interested in AutoX as well, so might drag them along.
  2. I have signed up for the SCCA runs this year at Summit Point. I see the NCC is a BMW club. Do that have any issues with Mini's in their group (I realize its a BMW but some people are purists)? Do they run off the SCCA rules? They seem a bit lower cost then the SCCA, I might be tempted to run both SCCA and NCC.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3193901777296480&id=100000300670813 My last run in El Paso before I moved here.
  4. I did AutoX last year in El Paso with both the SCCA and Boderlands racing. I also had a track day at ASR in New Mexico. Did helmets to heros at Summit Point after moving here. Hoping for more AutoX and possibly track in the future. This year I have volunteered to work with VETMotorsports as well. Hopefully we can have some fun this year. Tomorrow I am switching out my rear sway bar to a 25mm thanks to the $600 stimulus.
  5. Hey all, Hopefully I am posting this in the right spot. I just saw a post on the Central Maryland MINI Motorist page on FB. There is a Toy Drive and Rally to see the Merriweather Symphony of Lights hosted by MINI of Baltimore & Porsche of Townson next Wednesday, the 9th, at 5 p.m. The meetup is at MINI of Baltimore at 5 p.m. with a 5:30 departure to Merriweather. Its a socially distant event, so you stay in your vehicle and hand them a toy (or pop the boot for them to get it) and they hand you a prepaid ticked to the Light show. They are asking for unwrapped gifts for the Mt. Wash
  6. Thank you for the advice @MarkDDrew, yours matched up with my instructors advice (I emailed him the same day I wrote the post). I started with OEM tire pressures and would check and adjust back to 38F/35R after each session. After the first session, the fronts had jumped to 55 psi. The track was great fun and an amazing time. My video is up on FB and its public, so anyone can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/100000300670813/videos/3593579167328737/ . Pics can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/100000300670813/videos/3593579167328737/ On my last session I used the H
  7. Hello all, The SCCA was nice enough to grant me a spot for their "Helmets off to Heroes" Veterans day event this Sunday. It is an HPDE event. I am super excited about this. If anyone has ran this track, please advise me about it. I will be on Bridgestone Potenza 215/45/R17 RE71Rs that I normally autocross on. The tires are new, only used for one event so far (and that was in the rain). My concerns are tire pressure for track (I am thinking higher then autocross, near stock values due to heat), brake fade due to boiling of the brake fluid, and inexperience on this track. Any advice
  8. So i just switched from 205/45R17 to 215/45R17 for autox (RE71Rs). I ran low pressure in my front tires, about 26 psi, previously for grip. I ran 35 in my rears. This allowed me to brake before a courner, shift weight to the front, gas through the corner and kinda "bounce" my.rear around it. Issues being melting the front tires. Wondering what PSI anyone else runs? I will be taking a mister to cool tires between runs (have a SCCA run on Sun). Pic is of my old tires after track time.
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