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  1. The newest Dinan tune is a complete flash of the ECU. I was looking at doing this to mine, but have been looking at Bootmod3 lately. It is also a reflash of the ECU but I could do it myself in my garage. I am hopeful to get it next week.
  2. By all means let me know. I believe it is near the battery, but not sure.
  3. I have not done it yet, but I was planning on doing it this year. It will probably be May before I can go through with it though.
  4. Egadd, They are double sided taped to the existing ones. I was a bit hesitant on this at first, thinking it would not really be functional with just tape. However, I cleaned up the old ones and applied them and held for about 20 secs. I haven't had any issues so far and they feel solid. Time will tell. Got them from here: https://store.ijdmtoy.com/pages/search-results-page?q=mini+cooper
  5. So I have been a bit busy in the last year. Pictured are my: Dinan Air Intake, Forge hardpipe (from air intake to turbo), my Chassis Bones frame brace replacements, my side marker replacements, my blue aluminum shift paddles, and if the video works you will see my side turn signal replacements. Previous mods include: 25mm rear sway bar, NM engineering lowering springs, Megan Racing Adjustable rear upper control arms (if you switch these out make your life easy and buy the lower ones), SP Performance Peak Series slotted rotors and street plus semi-metallic pads, switching to 215/45R17 tires (getting 225/45R17 with 5mm spacers and 30 mm lug bolts next round). I use a different set of rims/tires when autocross/track time. Hopeful future mods (budget willing) include: Dinan tune/flash of the ECM for 93 octane (https://www.dinancars.com/products/software-tuning/engine-tuning/engine-software/stage-1-engine-software/parts/D900-B46-B48-M-S1) to move up to 309 hp/ 357 tq (at the crank). NM engineering exhaust (https://nm-eng.com/collections/mini-f56-hardtop-s-2-0t/products/nm-eng-downpipe-back-exhaust-system-nm308846). I am hopeful that between all these mods I will run about 330 hp at the crank, or the high 200 hp at the wheels. I will have to get it dyno'd at that time to check. side marker.mp4
  6. @Egadd, I am sorry I didn't make the last event. I took a motorcycle trip in WV the week before and was originally coming home on Friday. Due to some issues, I ended up coming home on Saturday and riding my motorcycle in rain for the first 140 miles, 1/10 - would not recommend. I will be there for the next event. P.S. looking at the new Dinan tune for my Christmas present to myself: https://www.dinancars.com/products/software-tuning/engine-tuning/engine-software/stage-1-engine-software/parts/D900-B46-B48-M-S1
  7. https://www.facebook.com/100000300670813/videos/pcb.4079168395436476/4079166295436686 https://www.facebook.com/100000300670813/videos/pcb.4079168395436476/4079166378770011 My two best runs with the BMWNCC club last Saturday. https://www.facebook.com/garrett.poole1/videos/4081772048509444/ My best run on Sunday with the SCCA. Overall I did well, but would like to be smoother on the courses. Was the first time I was able to turn on 3 wheels (which was pretty awesome). Mods: Enkie RP51 rims with 215/45R17 RE71R tires Replacement of all sway bar end-links with adjustable metal end-links (the stock have plastic ends) Rear sway bar (NM engineering 25mm) Metal belly pan (which was tested out on Sunday, no problems) SP Performance Peak series slotted rotors / Street Plus semi-metallic pads Mods to come soon: Lowering Springs to be put on next weekend
  8. Hello all, Does anyone have experience installing lowering springs? I have the springs. The rear end is easy and I can do it alone. The front concerns me due to 1) resetting alignment specs as close as possible till I get it professionally done and 2) compressing the spring on the strut to remove and replace (safety concerns). I am debating on having the front end just done professionally, but before I bite that bullet of money, was wondering if anyone here has experience. Long story short, I am popping slotted rotors on my car due to brake fade under heavy braking (tracktime), and that is switching my class of racing. My new class allows me to put the springs I want on. Thanks, Garrett.
  9. Ok, I am no expert but looking at the systems (pics) this is what I see. The 2nd cat is at the very beginning of the factory system (the first cat is in the bend that looks like a J that connects to all of this), right behind the 2nd cat is a resonator and of course the muffler is at the end near the back of the car. The SCMD might delete the 2nd cat, resonator and muffler, you can tell by the length of the system and its all just pipe - if it does this is will be excessively loud. It also might be connecting up right behind the 2nd cat and resonator, so then it would be a muffler delete with just all the piping (this would explain why its not bolt in and has to be welded). Considering the write-up on the DP, the SCMD probably leaves the 2nd cat. The DP says it bolts up, so it definitely deletes the 2nd cat and resonator, but has 2 small mufflers/resonators in it. So its going to be loud, hopefully not overbearing on long drives. The SC replaces the muffler. It is so short that it will have to be welded in. The best answer would be to write or call them about what is deleted in each version and what the decibel range coming out is. From what I am seeing, the DP would be the one I lean towards.
  10. Do you have a link to the exhaust? I am not sure what those mean off the top of my head either. I would love a full exhaust but due to money concerns I was looking into having the 2nd cat and resonator removed by a local shop. I can't right now as it puts me in a different class when I run autocross, but keeping it on my list of plans.
  11. @Egadd, Just want to let you know that while I will be at Summit Point on April 10th, I will not be at the BMW CCA's test and tune. I am doing the Trackcross Series that day, on the Jefferson circuit (1st time there, should be interesting). I will be at the next event on May 1st.
  12. @Egadd, I had to wait till this month to sign up for the NCC (money/bills and all that). Anyway I am now signed up for all the runs this year. I am also in all the runs with the SCCA and aiming for 3 trackcross runs as well. Looks like I should just rent a room in Summit Point. Anyway, look forward to this year, should be good fun.
  13. I see. Looking them over I would be as well. Going to look at the dates vs. the SCCA dates I am already on. More then likely I could attend both. I would be S2 as well. F 56S with a rear sway bar change, aftermarket rims with 215/45R17 RE 71Rs, Would be good to see you out there. I have some friends who are interested in AutoX as well, so might drag them along.
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